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New Year is a fairy tale, the expectation of a miracle and the nascent hope that life will definitely go down the white lane. I dreamed about this in my childhood, I dream about it now, but with one difference - before, all responsibility was assigned to Santa Claus, now it will come in handy to take the rap yourself. So maybe instead of waiting, jump into action and plan some nice changes for the upcoming long weekend. Rather than plying between a refrigerator and a sofa, arrange for yourself a real trip. The question of where to go for the New Year holidays will not come up as an edge if you remember that in our vast Russia there are more than enough beauty and amazing places. Let warm countries rest without you. After all, tourism is not a beach holiday at all, but new experiences, emotions and unexpected discoveries.

Christmas trip with kids

If you have children who already or still believe in miracles, give them a fairy tale in reality. The boys will surely want to go to visit Santa Claus, and the girls will want to visit the fairy-tale princess Snegurochka, an independent granddaughter and living separately from her grandfather. Find out where it is now.

Veliky Ustyug

Deda's city residence awaits you in Veliky UstyugFrost and his suburban patrimony. The property is vast, and you can plunge into the New Year's atmosphere with your head. After walking along the alley of fairy tales, go to the Post Office, where you can send congratulations to your loved ones or leave a letter with a personal request. But the most important miracles await in the apartment.

The house is not just a museum, it seems that he lives an ordinary life, and a new fabulous page opens in every room. The country palace is no less magnificent. The throne room, a workshop where you can learn folk crafts and buy a souvenir, an ice room - it's simply impossible to list everything. The animation team will not let anyone get bored. They do their job so professionally that they seem like characters from fairy tales come to life.


The birthplace of the Snow Maiden is Kostroma, and her habitat is a carved wooden tower. In the courtyard there is a belfry where you can ring the bells, and in the house you will be met by magical inhabitants - Cat Bayun, the Domovoi family and, of course, the hostess herself - Snegurochka. Guests will be offered to watch a puppet theater performance and dine in an ice room. There are not only walls and furniture, but also cups and spoons are made of ice.

They receive visitors and surprise them with fabulous performances in the Snegurochka's tower all year round, but during the New Year holidays there can be a large influx of tourists, so it's better to sign up for excursions and events in advance. In addition, it is interesting to go to Kostroma for the reason thatthis city is part of the Golden Ring of Russia.

St. Petersburg

The northern capital is another place to travel with children. Of course, kids will not be interested there, but teenagers can and should be introduced to culture and eternal values. Winter weather will not allow you to take a boat trip along the rivers and canals, admire the fountains of Peterhof, but you will be able to enjoy museums, theaters, original architecture and the mysterious aura of this extraordinary city.

World treasury The Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Palace Square, Nevsky Prospekt, out-of-town excursions to Kronstadt and Tsarskoe Selo - you should not talk about this, but go and see. Famous theatres, the Mariinsky Theater, the Youth Theater on the Fontanka, the Bolshoi Puppet Theater and the Music Hall, will delight you with premieres and performances that have been running for more than a hundred years. And visiting the shop of merchants Eliseevs, you will simply find yourself at the very beginning of the last century.

Vacations without kids

Of course, you can take the tomboys to these places, but for active rest to be complete, it is better to leave them in the care of grandparents. For reference, consider one north direction and one south direction. And you yourself choose where to go or, by analogy, create your own route.

Lake Baikal

Would you say it's far and cold? Dress warmly and don't be afraid of the cold, and fly no longer than to Egypt, dearly loved by our tourists. Baikalwinter is a thing. The ice road allows you to get to the most inaccessible reserved places - Barguzinsky Nature Reserve, Olkhon Island, Zabaikalsky National Park.

Immediately decide which Baikal you prefer. The eastern coast will allow you to enjoy the unity with nature, amaze with the majesty of the Barguzinsky ridge, thermal springs. There will be an opportunity to visit the Ivolginsky Datsan - the main center of Russian Buddhists, the village of Old Believers, to get acquainted with the Buryat way of life and traditions. If you want to get to a European-class ski resort, choose the west coast.


If you prefer warmth - gather in Sochi. Here, too, you can go skiing and at the same time cover yourself with a magnificent winter tan. Have you never skied? Experienced instructors will solve this problem with ease. Mountain carousel, Krasnaya Polyana, the magnificent Rosa Khutor resort will provide the most comfortable conditions, excellent food, spa services.

Don't be friends with skiing, choose fishing, hunting, paragliding or horseback riding. You will like to feel like a centaur or a swift Amazon, and off-road horse transport will take you to any place and allow you to admire the beauty of the Shahe river valley, Baranovsky and Boxwood waterfalls, visit the Witches Gorge and the northernmost tea plantation.

Well, are we going to rest? Russia is an amazing country, and just think how many interesting places you have not seen yet.

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