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It would seem that even the smallest child will answer such a simple question. But we should forget that many Western and Eastern traditions have appeared in our lives, confusing the calendar. Surprisingly, some Russians believe that New Year's Eve is December 25th. Moreover, not all foreigners, of whom there are many in our country, know what date the New Year is. Some also celebrate the onset of the New Year according to the Chinese calendar.

The long-awaited first of January

In most countries, including Russia, the New Year is celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1. Of course, looking at the weekend schedule, you might think that we celebrate this holiday for two weeks. On New Year's Eve, a decorated Christmas tree is lit, champagne is drunk, gifts are given, fireworks are called out, and wishes are made. Many New Year's traditions are embodied in one night, giving joyful emotions and good mood.

When is Old New Year?

Foreigners better not to translate this phrase :) The fact is that during the Revolution a different calendar was introduced, differing from the current one by 14 days. Therefore, earlier NewThe year came at night from 13 to 14 January. Although a whole century has passed, our people still celebrate this day, even if not on such a grand scale as on the first of January. On this day, they tell fortunes on dumplings and arrange old New Year's carols and festive feasts. After this day, it is considered that the holidays are over and you can go to work.

Chinese New Year

For twenty years, Eastern traditions have captured many areas of our lives. In the office and at home, many have various Feng Shui symbols, as well as arrange furniture and entire rooms in accordance with this art. As for the New Year, according to the Chinese calendar, on this day one or another animal becomes the patron of the year: a dragon, a snake, a dog, a horse, a goat, etc.

What date the New Year comes according to the Chinese calendar, astrologers tell us. Usually, the date of the Chinese New Year is a date from the end of January to the middle of March. But even on January 1, according to tradition, dishes are put on the table that will please the owner of the year. In addition, many dress in outfits of certain colors and decorate the house with the appropriate color scheme. All this in order to win over the symbol of the year, which will bring good luck, luck, good he alth and happiness.

New Year around the world

Thai Holiday - April 13, 2023

On this day, people douse themselves with water to cleanse themselves of sins and bad energy. Buddha figurines are displayed everywhere. The symbol of the holiday is water (sometimes with ice).

Jewish New Year

BIsrael celebrates four New Years. This tradition is associated with Jewish beliefs.

  • April 9 is the first New Year. This is the official countdown date for the reign of kings. It is not popularly celebrated.
  • September 4 - Traditionally the tithe is separated for the Temple.
  • January 25 - distribute food and fruits to the poor, the tithe of the church.
  • October 2-4 is the main New Year. From this date the reckoning is conducted. On this day, festivities are held, gifts are given, good wishes and prosperity.


February 9, 2023. The holiday is called Tet. The Vietnamese decorate their houses with flowering trees (apricot, peach, tangerine). They give gifts, arrange fireworks, walk until the morning.


9 February. Determined by the lunar calendar. Traditionally, spring comes from this moment. The new year itself comes to earth according to Buddhist beliefs at dawn.


On March 22, the ancient Slavs celebrated the New Year. This holiday corresponded to the New Year. Noisy festivities were arranged for the farewell to winter with the lighting of large bonfires and rich tables.

In the USA, England, Australia, the New Year is celebrated from December 31 to January 1, as in modern Russia.

Muslim New Year

2 October. The holiday is called: the night of Hijar. During this period, they fast and pray. It is forbidden to fight or think about revenge. The first ten days are prosperous for various undertakings.

The story doesn't end here…

The Celts, for example, New Yearsymbolized the onset of cold weather and harvesting. This holiday falls on the last day of October. Many recognized the famous Halloween in it.

In ancient times, there was another calendar that has come down to our days. This is the Avestan calendar, which preceded the time of the great prophet Zarathushtra. In it, as in our calendar, there are 12 months, they are only called differently, but they correspond to the astrological signs of the zodiac (Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, etc.). According to the Avestan calendar, the New Year comes after March 21st. Many astrologers give information according to the Avestan horoscope.

In general, it's not so important when to celebrate, the main thing to remember is that the coming year is always new opportunities, beginnings and achievements that any of us can do. And you can make wishes even throughout January.

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