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Everyone wants to decorate their home for the New Year. In a family with small children, there may be little time for preparation, but you want to please the children and the parents themselves to plunge into the magical festive atmosphere. A way out that will allow you to dress up an apartment quickly and in an original way is to use ready-made templates for cutting! The New Year's deer, which Santa Claus harnesses to his sleigh to deliver gifts and warm wishes to everyone without exception, will quickly rush to your hospitable home on his graceful swift legs!

How to use the stencil?

The Christmas deer stencil can be used in several ways:

  • cut and paste directly on the surface;
  • circle a deer pattern and color it in;
  • cut out the figurine, fill the hole with paint of a suitable color. You can apply the stamping method through a stencil: with a piece of sponge, pick up a small amount of paint and apply it to the template hole to get an imprint;
  • sprinkle spray paint around the stencil. Or spray paint with a brush.

Deer pattern can be applied:

  • on windows. For this method, by the way, you can take a transparent color film,to get stained glass effect;
  • on the wall of the house outside;
  • on the door, walls in the apartment;
  • small deer motifs can be used to decorate pieces of furniture through a stencil;
  • deer figurines cut out of cardboard can be attached to curtains, lamps.

Try to make a New Year's garland from identical deer figurines, or dilute it with other New Year's silhouettes: gifts, balls, candles.

Young children may enjoy tracing silhouettes with crayons, felt-tip pens.


How to cut a Christmas deer stencil

You will need:

  • thick paper like Whatman paper, you can cardboard;
  • dummy (stationery) knife;
  • sharp scissors;
  • substrate for cutting. A self-tightening mat for prototyping and needlework is best suited. If not available, use a clean, flat cutting board, preferably one made of smooth plastic.

Instructions on how to cut out the silhouette:

  1. Stencil can be downloaded online or use ours.
  2. Print the Christmas deer stencil onfull size paper. If it doesn't work, glue it neatly from several parts. Thick paper is best suited for cutting, for example, for scrapbooking, or whatman paper "Goznak". Office (for the printer) is also good. Thin paper such as writing is not suitable - it is soft, it will not work to cut an even silhouette from it.
  3. Place the template on the mat. Carefully trace the figure with the blade of the knife, without taking your hand off. Finish small details with scissors. You can use manicure. Done!

Advice! Print out and entrust children of preschool and primary school age to cut deer stencils in a simpler way, without an abundance of small details. In no case do not let us work with a knife - this requires a firm hand and excellent coordination of movements, which the kids do not yet possess. The child will definitely cope with small scissors, and you will not worry that the silhouette is crooked.

Print, cut out stencils of New Year's deer. May Santa Claus bring you and your family happiness and fun in the New Year 2023!


Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!