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New Year is the favorite holiday of mischievous children, and the New Year's party can be its culmination. To make a fairy tale in kindergarten a success, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail, take into account the age, preferences of the kids, and choose a good script.

With children, you need to learn poems, songs, dances in advance, discuss fancy dresses, but you don’t need to dedicate them to the plot of a magical action. The New Year's scenario of the matinee should turn young viewers into participants in the amazing adventures of Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and, of course, negative characters, without which not a single fairy tale can do. Here is one option.

Scenario of the matinee "Baba Yaga and Goblin against…"


Snow Maiden, Santa Claus (DM), Snowman, Baba Yaga (BYA), Goblin

A cheerful melody sounds. The little participants, accompanied by the teacher, walk in a chain into the hall where parents and other invited guests are waiting and stand in a semicircle near the Christmas tree. A snowman appears, who will be the host of this holiday.

I tried, I was in a hurry to you,
I covered everything with snow,
To make the Christmas tree sparkle,
Decorate with lights
Our magical New Year.
Santa Claus is here -herewill come. In the meantime, we are waiting for him, Let's start the round dance.

To the New Year's song, children do two or three circles of a round dance, adults can also join. The host offers to consider the Christmas tree, admire the beautiful toys, tinsel. The music stops, the children take their seats.


Everyone enjoys our beautiful green Christmas tree. But, no matter how I tried, the lights on it do not burn. Apparently, I can't do it alone. Let's call the Snow Maiden for help.

All together several times:


Snowman encourages to be loud, fun. If it's quiet, have adults join in.

The Snow Maiden appears:

Hello my little friends! You are all dressed up, the tree is so beautiful. And the fact that the lights do not burn is not a problem. Let's say the magic words together: "One, two, three, Christmas tree, burn!"

Everyone repeats the phrase loudly in chorus, the garland turns on. Snow girl continues:

So the Christmas tree sparkles,
Santa Claus rushes to us on a sled. Who will read poetry to us Or will the dance deftly dance?

Children go out in turn or stand in a line and read poems prepared in advance. The host praises them and invites them to dance. The song "Ice Palms" or another of your choice sounds. We must try to involve all children and willing adults in the dance.


What do you think, friends, is Santa Claus getting lost? Let's call him together.

Everyone calls Santa Claus.

To the melody of ditties "Babok-Ezhek" from the cartoon "Flying Ship" a colorful couple appears: Baba Yaga and Leshy.They are dragging a huge bag of gifts. In fact, it is filled with small air or other light balls of white color. Baba Yaga has a kokoshnik on her head. Her companion has a white beard, a red cap, and a staff in his hands.

Snow Maiden:

Who are you?


I am the Snow Maiden, and this is my Grandfather. Here we have a bag with gifts and we know how to amuse the kids. To the song “Tell me, Snow Maiden, where have you been” from the cartoon “Well, wait a minute”, they begin to dance and actively invite children to take part in the general fun.

Suddenly the music stops. At this time, the Snowman approaches the bag, unties it and pours out the contents.

In a bag of snowballs instead of gifts! They deceived us and their staff is not real.


No, the real one! Grandpa gave it to us himself when he decided to take a nap in the forest under the tree.

Snow Maiden:

So you bewitched my grandfather, and he confused our Christmas tree with a forest beauty? Children, help the wizard! Let's have a snowball fight, he will feel how much fun we have and will soon find his way.

Snow battle.

Two assistants in costumes of hares or buffoons by this time have collected scattered balls and divided into two equal parts. Children are also divided into two teams. The playing field is divided by a rope, ribbon, any stripe. Teams are randomly positioned on both sides of the line and try to throw the maximum number of “snowballs” onto the enemy’s territory.

The Snowman and the Snow Maiden encourage the players. After 3-5 minutes, the winner is determined, awarded with sweets or small prizes.The losing team also receives incentive prizes. Children take their seats.

At this time, any New Year's melody starts to sound softly and Santa Claus appears with the words:

I hurried to the Christmas tree to the children,
But I accidentally got lost.

He is without a bag, in his hands instead of a staff a broom with a long handle. Goblin and Baba Yaga show concern, whispering. Trying to hide the sack and staff.


Indeed, Goblin is here, and even with his girlfriend Baba Yaga. Well, give me, robbers, my magic staff, which was fraudulently lured out! Take your broomstick, Boneleg, fly to your hut on chicken legs, and take your friend.


We will return the staff if you can solve three riddles.


Scare! Make up your own riddles! My little friends crack them like nuts. Can you guys help me guess?

After an affirmative answer, Baba Yaga makes riddles to the children, the children say the answer in unison, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden thank them and treat them with sweets.

Riddle 1:
Who is prickly, but not a hedgehog?
Tinsel, balls and rain Cheerfully shine in needles. Came to us from the forest … (Christmas tree).
Riddle 2:
He comes only in winter,
In a warm coat with a beard, A sly look, a burgundy nose. This is an old, but cheerful, kind … (Grandfather Frost).
Riddle 3:
Nose-carrot does not freeze,
He is used to the cold. Spring will come - it will melt. Who is this? … (Snowman).

Well, wow, everyone guessed it!


Yes, thank you guys! Rescued grandfathers with their mind and ingenuity. Give, Baba Yaga, magicalstaff, take the broom and fly yourself. (Change staff and broom).

Snow Maiden:

Grandpa, you can't let these deceivers go, they have a bag of gifts.


Return your gifts immediately or Santa Claus will turn you into icicles!


Okay, we will return your gifts if the kids can show how smart and brave they are.


What a challenge! Yes, these girls and boys will shut anyone in the belt. Let's show the forest evil spirits what we are capable of? And for the warm-up - dance. Raise, Snowman, our beauties and heroes and start dancing.

Everyone dances to any cheerful tune and after a while they take their seats. During this time, assistants prepare equipment for competitions. You will need 2 chairs, 2 pairs of small skis, an icicle made of silver foil. The snowman manages the competitions, and Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden reward the participants with sweets, trying not to bypass anyone.

Magic icicle.

To the music, the children stand in a circle and pass an icicle to each other. The music is periodically interrupted, and the one who at that moment had an icicle recites a poem, sings, dances, or at least makes a funny face.

Ski race.

Participants are divided into two teams and receive a pair of short children's skis. Opposite each team, at some distance, a chair is installed. Having put on skis, you need to run around the chair, return and pass the baton to the next one. Toddlers may need adult help.

New Year's garland.

You will need two chairs and the same number of teams. The first membershaving heard the signal, they run, go around the chair, returning to their team, drag the next by the hand and do the same together. Then the third participant is added to the chain, the fourth, so on until the last player. You need to run holding hands, you can’t tear the “garland”

Everyone disperses to their places, assistants clean up inventory.


Well done, tried, amused the old man! Baba Yaga, Goblin, carry the bag. The kids have been waiting for gifts.

Snow Maiden:

Grandfather, they ran away and took the bag of gifts with them.


Don't worry, granddaughter! The magic staff is with me, which means that the matter is fixable. At the same time, I will disenchant this evil spirits. And one, and two, and three! My glorious staff, do wonders! (Strikes the floor with the staff three times.)

Baba Yaga, Goblin appear and return the bag to Santa Claus. Their appearance has changed. Goblin in a forester's uniform cap. Baba Yaga with makeup, in a coquettishly tied handkerchief.


I'm no longer Goblin, but a forester. I will protect nature, teach mushroom pickers, plant new trees.


I also thought about it and decided to open a restaurant in my hut. I will treat tired travelers with tea and buns.


That's nice! And we invite guests to spin around our beautiful Christmas tree and receive gifts from Grandfather Frost.

During the round dance, the heroes of the performance say goodbye to the little participants in the New Year's fairy tale and present them with gifts.

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