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Christmas is another great occasion to heartily congratulate loved ones, relatives and friends, give them small gifts. And if long distances or other reasons do not leave the opportunity to say warm words in a personal meeting, you can send beautiful SMS congratulations on Christmas to those who are close and dear to you so that a sincere smile appears on their faces on this day.

Christmas greetings in verse

May your wishes come true
Happiness will instantly fill the house.
Life is beautiful!
Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas!

Holy faith at Christmas
May it open all doors for you!
Let it light a candle of hope,
Everything will be the same as before.For faith to resurrect!
Joy will come at Christmas!
Sing a good song!
May peace of mind,
Protect from evil, from lies.
love to your home!

Merry Christmas,
With a wonderful New Year's fairy tale, And I wish that life Pleased every hour!
At the Christmas table,
Let it be in huge circulation!
Miracle holiday rewards, What is in the air!

Happiness, fidelity, good luck!
Childish joy, childish!
Sincerity of motives! And Divine accomplishments!

My dear little man!
Light candles soon!
Peace, love and understanding! Accept without hesitation!

Because it's Christmas,
Closely related to a miracle!
Always has!
Magic is about to waft!
Generous breeze,Happy birth!

Let love and faith in a miracle,
Undoubtedly, they will be nearby!
To always protect! Warm up in the evenings!

So that in difficult times,
I could wrap the world with care!
Christmas of the holy miracle,The whole planet will not forget!

In the New Year - unprecedented luck.
In Christmas - fulfillment of desires,And let the black and white life Become an endless white stripe!
Santa Claus is in a hurry with a bag,
Happy New Year, Merry Christmas!
Plus swing any balance.
May Christmas give you
Good and absolute happiness,A calm look at problems,Gold and foreign exchange reserves.

Christmas bestows good!
Practicing the miracle of life!
Inspires success! Blesses with love!

For good deeds!
And for confrontation!
Evil deeds and deeds! Good deeds come true, so that dreams!

SMS congratulations in prose

For parents

"Mommy dear! May our house always be illuminated by the light of your smile, faith in good and good never leaves your soul, but settle in your big and loving heartpeace and grace. Merry Christmas!”

“My dears, I hasten to wish you a Merry Christmas and wish you he alth and long life! Let all bad weather bypass your house, and your son (your daughter) delivers fewer worries, but as many reasons for joy as possible.“Magical night before Christmas! We light candles. The girls are guessing and waiting for the betrothed, And the mummers go from house to house, wishing the owners good luck. And I want only one thing - that you are always he althy and happy!”

Girl, wife or girlfriend

"Honey, let the light of this Great Christmas holiday illuminate your soul, drive away all anxieties and doubts from it and fill it with peace and anticipation of the nearness of true happiness."

“Let with my SMS congratulations, even in the harshest winter frosts, your soul is warmed by my love, and my heart will rejoice that this feeling is mutual, as bright as the holiday itself!”“As snowflakes quickly melt on your eyelashes, so let boredom, sadness and bad mood leave your soul instantly. And I will definitely be there to catch your perky look and sweet smile. Merry Christmas, my love!"

SMS for boyfriend, husband, friend

“Let luck and prosperity become your faithful patrons on this Bright holiday of Christmas, and a charming spark of enthusiasm will still burn in your eyes. Love!”

“Let your eyes shine with zest for life, and our love helps you accomplish new feats and conquer heights that seemed unattainable to you yesterday! Merry Christmas!"“I am a Christmas text message for the most beloved and lovingmen in the world! Your soulmate asked me to warm you on this winter day with a wish of happiness and good luck and the promise of many reasons for joy, smiles and just a good mood.

SMS to boss and colleagues

"With the advent of a wonderful Christmas holiday, may luck come to you, and all your cherished wishes will magically come true before you think about them."

“On the day of the Nativity of Christ, I wish you he alth and happiness, kindness and warmth, success and prosperity. May all the innermost things that you dream of come true. Peace in the family and harmony with yourself!“Let good luck accompany you not only on Christmas, but throughout the year, and let life bring only pleasant surprises, give unforgettable moments and bright moments.”

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