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Exchanging greeting cards and emails is an important element of business etiquette. Such a symbolic sign of attention will become an unconditional expression of your respect and will certainly be pleasant to the boss. Brief, but capacious, sincere, but business-like restrained. This is how a competent congratulation for the leader on the New Year should look like.

Congratulations from the team in verse

Strict but fair boss
Serious but positive man
Happy New Year to the team! We wish the whole company great weather.

Your personal happiness is great and lasting.
So that money flows like water from a source.
Enough of both strength and he alth in abundance, The family warmed with warmth and love .

We congratulate you on the New Year
You, our constant director.
Let the work not lose Heat and positive vector.

Let luck pursue
And the insidious crisis runs away.
Let there be happiness in your personal life Business grows and prospers.

Happy New Year, the friendly team congratulates the boss.
Let the team spirit, positive, be present in the work.prosperity is forged, as a guarantee of stability,Santa Claus, jokingly, will give a bag of abundance.
Our leader is able to
Always find contact with the people. We congratulate you on new happiness And, with all my heart, Happy New Year!
Guilty of all, all deeds,
Our bright mind, our boss!
He brought the sum of all our salaries, With a light hand brought!

You rallied our team,
And your fighting positive
Always invigorated our team, The working atmosphere of the gang.

Our boss, our brave captain!
Sincerely Happy New Year to you!
Only with you we will conquer the ocean, The weather will not get in our way.

Let your well-being not bother you,
Let the atmosphere of the world warm you!
Any future deals are worth it: To keep our office bogged down in money!

Our beloved boss, congratulations
Happy New Year to you all!
Your temperamental enthusiasm does not dry out, We are inspired every day in all its glory.

The only thing we need to do is get into a dead end at work,
To help, a stick and a carrot is right there,
Our office, like a powerful armored car, Laying a business route.

We wish you amazing events,
Good he alth and loyal friends!
In all matters the most interesting developments, Meet the people you need in life!

Boss, chief - aerobatics!
Our main character is at work!
Thanks to your iron grip We buried the crisis in Kamchatka.

With the help of the same shovel
Magic, we row so much money.
We are rich in kind words to you, And everyone inI am glad to congratulate you.

From the bottom of our hearts we congratulate you on the New Year!
We sincerely wish you love and magic!

Let there be a warm atmosphere in the house,
Beautiful, interesting, exciting!
And bright colors in the life album Settle forever thoroughly!

Our dear leader,
Our native guide!
You are a multiplier of finances, Well, the crisis is a destroyer.

Because the clash
Two years is just around the cornerIt will happen for all of us!

Let this New Year,
Come to you with gifts.
Pound of he alth and fun, Bring without delay!

We wish you a friend,
To become unforgettable,
The upcoming new year, To take off.

Joy, money and a career!
Just the right size
No limitNo matter what.

So that you will be surprised more than once,
Let there be something to strive for!
May you be lucky in life In the coming new year!

Universal New Year greetings for the boss

“The team of our company is in a hurry to congratulate you on the New Year, a new stage in your activity, which must become a significant period for all of us - a time of change for the better. Please accept our warmest wishes for good, he alth, love and peace of mind. May you, as if by a wave of a magic wand, succeed in turning all your plans into reality, and may new victories bring ourcompanies prosperity and financial well-being. Thank you for your professionalism and reliability, which gives us invaluable confidence in the future.”

“We hasten to congratulate our beloved boss on the most magical holiday! May luck always accompany you in all plans and projects and help you master qualitatively new business and personal heights. May the coming year bring meetings with reliable, accommodating and supportive business partners.”“The staff of the company “” wants to address this congratulation on the New Year to the wisest, fairest, non-standard-minded leader. May the coming year bring you as many joyful moments as possible both at work and in your personal life, and every day of it gives you a tremendous boost of vital energy, positive and opportunities to turn your plans into reality. Let even the most complex tasks be solved with ease, and only success and prosperity await our company.”“Happy New Year to our beloved director, wise mentor, fair boss and notorious leader! Please accept sincere congratulations from the staff of the company "" on this significant holiday, on which you can make the most cherished wishes that will surely come true. May every day of the coming year promise you attractive opportunities for the development and prosperity of our company, and we will try to give you as many reasons as possible to be proud of your subordinates.”

Congratulations on the Year of the Rabbit 2023 in prose

“With this solemn congratulations, the staff of the company “” expresses its deepestrecognition and sincere human respect for the tasks solved, the heights conquered, corporate and personal successes that you helped us achieve by the coming 2023. We wish you well, good luck in all current projects and implementation of new plans, successful implementation of the most daring projects, new discoveries, inexhaustible optimism and energy that you will charge us with every working day.”

“Dear Ivan Ivanovich! Please accept the most sincere words and warm wishes from our entire team on the eve of this magical winter holiday. May the year of the Tiger really become truly wonderful, giving success in work and well-being in your personal life, bringing with it the fulfillment of all your wishes and planned deeds. Remain the same good boss for us - fair, understanding, diplomatic, responsible, reliable.”“Our department congratulates you on the upcoming Year of the Tiger and wishes your offspring - the company "" sustainable economic growth and prosperity, and you - inexhaustible creative energy. We express our sincere gratitude to you for your high professionalism, invaluable diplomacy and well-developed leadership qualities, which embodied in the ability to “infect” our team with your bold ideas and lead it towards the achievement of one common goal.”“Dear Ivan Ivanovich! On behalf of our entire workforce, let me express our heartfelt congratulations to you on the coming year 2023. Let the Tiger bring with it only favorable changes, help you in the implementation of plans and fulfillment of desires, becoming a faithful patronyour success and prosperity. May your qualities such as determination, correctness, fairness and optimism continue to help us achieve success together. We are glad that under your leadership we are able to successfully overcome difficulties and solve complex problems. Your inexhaustible optimism and will to win every day give us even more strength and desire to try for the common good - the prosperity of our company.

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