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On the eve of the New Year, all parents are puzzled by one question. What outfit to choose for your child, where to buy or order, because there is not so much time for self-production. Dear moms and dads, don't worry. If your daughter dreams of Elsa's dress from the famous cartoon "Frozen", then self-tailoring will not take you much time. And he will look like a real queen, which, no doubt, will make your child very happy.

You will need:

  • Your daughter's white blouse with sleeves to the elbow or long.
  • The threads are white, blue.
  • Jewelry.
  • Silver braid.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Blue snowflake organza or any blue glitter fabric.
  • Sewing pins.

  • If you have little experience in cutting and sewing, we recommend that you make a stencil for a heart-shaped bodice. Transfer it to the fabric and carefully cut it out, attach it to the jacket and see if there are any flaws. If you feel that the fabric is too thin and not bright, try folding it in two layers. You can also make a backingmore saturated blue fabric. Pin the bodice to the top.

  • Using a sewing machine, sew the bodice to the jacket in zigzags, this is necessary in order to avoid fabric dissolution. Remember that this top is sewn on the front side only. Leave the back of the turtleneck untouched. If the fabric is thick enough, you can simply fold the required amount around the edge, turn the T-shirt inside out and sew with simple stitches. For more comfort, you can slightly open the side seams of the T-shirt, of course, only if you are sure that you can return everything to its original position.

  • From the same fabric, open the skirt to the floor. Sew the fabric with a running stitch at the place where the belt will be located. Next, when forming a skirt, do not forget to create folds. When you're done, just sew the side seam of the skirt.

  • Gently connect the top and bottom of the suit, remembering to process all the cuts.

  • In place of the belt, fasten the silver braid, it is better if it is not too thin.

Queen Elsa costume is ready.

It remains only to sew a raincoat, because this is the most important detail. We offer you two cape options:

  • Cut a piece of white tulle in widthand the length of the proposed raincoat. Be sure to finish the edges. Top also sew with silver braid. Decorate the cape with beaded snowflakes or rhinestones and fasten it to the back of the costume. This raincoat is suitable for younger children, as there will be no tangles in the strings.

  • For the second version of the raincoat, take a shiny blue organza and open the raincoat. Finish the edges with a machine. Take a wide braid and carefully sew it to the top of the raincoat, leaving ties on the sides.

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