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Such a cheerful New Year's hat will not only please your children, but also perfect for an adult holiday party. The atmosphere of the holiday is created with the help of details: the smell of tangerines, a chic table, a Christmas tree and … funny caps. We bring to your attention a small master class on making this festive accessory.

For work you will need:

  • colored cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • tinsel, sequins;
  • threads;
  • glue.

Surely everyone has made something similar at least once. Therefore, you should not have any difficulties. This craft is so easy that even kids can do it without help. And in order to make the process as fast and fun as possible, we offer you a master class.

  • Cut out the pattern on the cardstock of the desired color. Roll into a cone and insert the protruding parts into the slots. The cap is almost ready! In order for it not to open at the most inopportune moment, carefully glue it around the edges.

  • Further everything depends only on your imagination.Glue around the base with tinsel, pretty ribbon, or a DIY paper trim for the edge.

  • You can also fix a small piece of tinsel on the cap, making the so-called brush.
  • Decorate the cap with sequins, lettering or shiny rhinestones. You can beautifully write "Happy New Year!" and decorate the letters also with sparkles.

  • You can make them the same style or completely different. Trust your imagination.
  • On the basis of the product from the inside, fasten two threads, for greater reliability, carefully thread them with a needle through the cardboard. So they will not come off, and will tightly press the cap to the head.

If you have enough time to prepare, experiment. Tinsel pompoms can be replaced with fabric ones or create something new and unique. Believe me, even such a simple decorative element as a New Year's cap can make the holiday sparkle with completely unexpected colors for you and your guests.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!