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Every little girl dreams of becoming a fairy princess from her favorite cartoons. And as you all know, the most extraordinary miracles happen on New Year's Eve. We offer you a small master class on making a magic lace crown. Dear mothers, let's help our daughters turn into a real princess for at least one day.

You will need:

  • A sheet of thick paper.
  • Lace (ribbon with round or scalloped edges).
  • Jewelry (rhinestones, jewelry, beads, sequins).
  • Transparent glue.
  • Brush, scissors, needle.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Film.

  1. First, measure the length of the crown, and mark this distance on the lace and paper. This is necessary so that the future accessory is in size, does not fall off and is not large.
  2. From thick paper, make a cylinder of the required size. Secure it with tape or glue the edges with glue. Cover it carefully with cling film. This is necessary so that during further work you do not have to clean the lace from the paper stuck to it.
  3. Pre-lace neatlysew in a circle, just a couple of stitches are enough, then apply glue in two layers and carefully put it on a paper cylinder. Let it dry completely.
  4. If you want to make it shine, apply a generous layer of glitter on a slightly damp crown. Entrust this item to your daughter, believe me, she will be very happy!
  5. When the princess headdress is completely dry, carefully remove it from the base. This is the most important moment in creating an accessory that makes a simple crown royal. Take the prepared paint and with a brush cover the crown with the color you like.
  6. Decorate it with pre-prepared beads, rhinestones and other decorations. You can create a unique pattern or lay out beautiful flowers from "precious" stones. Believe me, any girl will be delighted with such a richly decorated crown.

This decoration is suitable not only for a princess costume, but also for a New Year's snowflake or a real snow maiden. Involve your daughter in the process of creating an accessory, believe me, he will captivate the child no less than games. Another interesting idea is a felt crown. It is even easier to make it, but it turns out - no less beautiful!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!