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One of my favorite hobbies today is decoupage. It allows you to forget about the frantic pace of life, create an unforgettable gift that keeps your heart warm. New Year's decoupage stands out from the general series, first of all, with blanks. Craftswomen are especially fond of decorating balls made of wood, papier-mâché or glass on New Year's Eve. Let's talk about them.

Materials and tools for New Year's decoupage remain the same. May need:

  • Blank.
  • Degreaser.
  • Paints.
  • Tassels.
  • Glass adhesive.
  • Scissors.
  • Napkin or decoupage card.
  • Lacquer (preferably glossy, New Year's after all!).

As additional decorations, you can use sequins, rhinestones. A paper strip or decorative cord is quite suitable for hanging the ball.

To spend New Year's Eve near the Christmas tree decorated with handmade toys, use our master class.

You will need a blank, a napkin or a printout. It is necessary to measure the circumference of the ball, cut off a fragment of a slightly larger size.

Next, cut out triangles of the same size at regular intervals. Doing it on both sidesfragment.

Apply a little glue to the middle so that it does not spread, quickly apply it to the ball. Don't forget to degrease it first.

Begin to glue the rest of the pattern one petal at a time. Here is such a simple New Year's decoupage.

Just don't forget to cover the work with varnish, then it will last more than one year. An elegant Christmas toy made by oneself is ready!

The next original Christmas tree decoration can be made even by a child. The polystyrene balls are covered with pieces of fabric, which turned them into beautiful Christmas decorations.

  • Cover the workpiece with a layer of glue. Cut small pieces of fabric, glue them on the ball. Also apply a layer of glue on top of the dried pieces of fabric.

  • When everything is dry, apply a coat of clear scuba. This is an indispensable assistant when products are created using decoupage technique.

  • Cover ordinary wooden beads with the most New Year's colors: red and white. Acrylic paints are well suited for this purpose.

  • Poke a hole in the Christmas ball. String the dyed beads onto the cord and secure it.

Instead of fabric, you can take plain wrapping paper, a napkin with your favorite pattern.

ForFor inspiration, we have selected photographs that can inspire the imagination of decoupage fans for independent projects!

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