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To create a New Year's mood, many use various techniques: room decoration, garlands, etc., completely forgetting about the bedroom.

How, you ask, to create a festive mood in the bedroom? Everything is very simple. Properly selected bed linen will give you not only a sweet dream, but also a feeling of magic and celebration.

Christmas bedding has a completely different design. These are New Year's motifs, interesting prints, blue-red tones. You can pick it up for any interior and taste.

Children especially like this linen. Santa Claus, snowflakes, magical deer and much more will turn your baby's bed into a fabulous one. Let your child experience this wonderful holiday 100%.

To decorate the bedroom of adults, it is better to choose more classic and restrained motifs on linen. Namely - stripes, snowflakes in various variations, fancy patterns.

Believe me, with such linen your bedroom will sparkle with new tones. The feeling of a holiday will not leave you, even when youget ready for bed. In addition, underwear with New Year's motifs can be a great gift for friends and relatives. Such a gift is not only pleasant to receive, but also pleasant to use in the future.

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    How to choose the right one?

    First of all, let's talk about color. 2023 is the year of the Blue Water Tiger in the Eastern calendar. Therefore, in order for everything to turn out well, you need to buy underwear in blue, white, yellow, pastel colors. But you can approach from the other side and add a twist to the New Year holiday by buying a set of tiger shades or with bright New Year's motifs.

    Now about the fabric. The market is now saturated with different materials (polyester, cotton, silk, linen) for the manufacture of bed sets, but in order for linen to serve for a long time, quality must be taken into account. In addition, it is an important factor in good sleep and rest. Here is a brief specification of bed linen fabrics:


    Natural fabric, breathable. But still, cotton is different and it is advisable to look at the quality of it when buying. If it is well combed, the fabric does not fray, it will wrinkle less and keep a beautiful look. Such fabrics are satin, Egyptian cotton, ranfors, calico, poplin. You can wash at a temperature of 40 to 60 degrees, but you have to be careful with coarse calico, it is at 60degrees may lose color.


    Knitted fabric, soft, warm, hygroscopic. Perfect for the winter season. You need to wash at a temperature of 40 degrees, using liquid gel at low speeds. Iron better with a steam generator.


    Inexpensive synthetic material, which, in combination with cotton, gives the surface of the linen an even and smooth look, does not shed, is strong enough, but it does not "breathe", therefore, it is not a very comfortable option for sleeping. When buying a set of polyester / cotton, be sure to pay attention to the fact that synthetics are at a minimum. Wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.


    Good, eco-friendly fabric that is a bit harsh (becomes softer over time), giving coolness. Washes well at 40 - 60 degrees, dries quickly, ironing is best when not overdried.


    Expensive, rich material, breathable, hypoallergenic, requires delicate washing. It is better to dry in a dark place so that the color is not lost. Some people find silk underwear slippery, but this is a matter of taste and habit. It is believed that silk has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

    You can buy New Year's bedding sets both in Russian stores and at various Internet hypermarkets - Aliexpress, Tabao, etc. They sell underwear at affordable prices. True, in order to be in time for the New Year, you will need to order it in advance, but you can decently save on the price. beautiful to youholiday!

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