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Inviting guests to your home for a festive New Year's Eve, every hostess wants to make the best impression. A beautifully set table is already half the battle. We want to bring to your attention a master class, thanks to which you can not only surprise your friends, but also win the title of a real craftswoman.

Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday. So why not create this miracle on the festive table of vegetables and fruits? After all, they are an integral part of any celebration, and by presenting them in a new way, you can pleasantly surprise your guests.

To decorate the New Year's table you will need:

  • favorite fruits and vegetables;
  • long thin stick;
  • apple.

For the base of your Christmas tree, you can use half a small apple. Thanks to this, your masterpiece will be stable. So, putting half of the fruit on a skewer, put your Christmas tree on a plate. Now we need to make branches. Slice cucumbers, cheese slices, and any other vegetables into oblong shapes. Put them on a skewer in a circle, the higher you go, the smaller the slices. Thus, you should be able toimprovised tree. Don't forget to decorate the top of the head, the tip of a sweet pepper or cucumber is perfect for this.

Make several variations of this New Year's snack. A fruit tree is perfect for children, a vegetable tree is perfect for a party, with the addition of cheeses and sausages, use your imagination and culinary skills. Combine vegetables and fruits, don't be afraid to experiment, because this is a chance to show your creativity.

For kids fruit dessert you can use this:

  • toothpicks;
  • carrot;
  • apple;
  • any berries and fruits.

Cut off a small part of the apple and place it on a plate. As in the previous master class, it will be the base.

Take a carrot and cut it so that it resembles a cone in shape. Secure the carrots to the apple with toothpicks.

Now you need to make twigs from toothpicks. It's simple enough. They should be located around the entire perimeter of the trunk.

That's it. The Christmas tree is ready. It remains only to put berries and fruits on the branches.

Don't forget about the plate on which your masterpiece will be placed. Beautifully decorate it with greenery or create snow by rubbing egg white on a fine grater. Scattered pomegranate seeds are suitable for a fruity composition. Believe me, such a serving of fruits and snacks will look very impressive on your holiday table.

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