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Just sitting at the table on New Year's Eve and eating is boring, and dangerous for the figure. But if you diversify the event with games and competitions for adults, you won’t be bored. Even the most serious uncles and aunts will have fun in earnest!

What do you want?

  • Warm-up contests
  • Let's move a little!
  • Adults only :)
  • Calm relaxation games

Warm-up games

To warm up and laugh, you can hold the New Year's Cocktail contest. It is good because you can start a feast with it. So, you need at least two pairs of players. One is blindfolded.

The second one makes a cocktail using the drinks that are on the table. Of course, you can add whatever comes to mind. But only what the first saw before "losing sight." Well, now he has to drink a sip - two and name the ingredients. The one who guessed more components (or all) is the winner! Such a spectacle is not only fun, but also makes guests thirsty. Give it a try.

After a delicious snack, when you still don’t feel like getting up, you can play songs.

About how all the participants of the holiday are divided into two halves andeach trying to sing the other, everyone knows. And you make it harder. For example, let one begin to sing, and the second continues. Or choose theme songs. Let the people delve into the memory and remember only the winter repertoire. The winner of the competition is the one with the best song memory.

The New Year's Show-off game is also well received during this period.

Probably many people know her. One person comes forward and must show some word or phrase, with gestures, body, but silently. The one who guessed - the next one shows. And the previous player gives him a task. The whole trick is to come up with a word or phrase that is difficult to show. Sometimes people agree to portray lines from songs, proverbs, or something else that is closer to the audience. It turns out fun! Even the most serious adults play and have fun!

Mobile games in the New Year

During the dance, you can arrange a romantic contest called "Titanic".

It takes several pairs to carry it out. They are invited to pretend to be the heroes of the film of the same name, who said goodbye on a sinking ship. A piece of sushi for each pair is recommended to be made from a sheet of paper. After the next “round”, the sheet is folded in half. The winner is the one who will show ingenuity and stand on a small patch together, managing to imitate dance moves.

"Eat an Apple" is also a paired New Year's competition.

Props - apples on a string. They are distributed to adult couples. One (usually a man) must eat the fruit, which his partner holds on a string. She must keep"treat" on an outstretched hand. It turns out that it hangs down approximately to the waist. And he is invited to keep his hands behind his back and bite as it will. Whoever completes the task first is the “hero of the day!”, Or rather New Year's Eve. It can be agreed that the winner is the one who manages to bite off the fruit first.

In companies of different ages, the “Make a Mummy” contest is going great.

He is also a pair. To carry it out, you need toilet paper on a roll for a couple. Give out rolls. Task: one partner must completely wrap the other in a certain time. Who did it, he won.

The most “adult” contests

But when the audience warmed up, cheered up, you can move on to the "adult" contests.

For example, "rolling the egg".

For its implementation, a woman-man pair is formed. He is invited to sit on a chair, she is given a chicken egg (boiled). She has to roll the props over her partner's legs under her pants. Whoever did it first and didn't break the props wins!

Magic ball.

Conducted by the same heterosexual couples. They are given a ball. It is suggested to keep the hands behind the back, and squeeze the props between the bodies. On command, the players must “pop” the balls. Who is the first, well done! For the next group of players, we complicate the task. Let them squeeze the balls with their backs (or whatever is lower) and try to crush the ball! Serious adults like it, even very much!

Games for relaxing New Year's Eve 2023

The question-answer game is one of the most fun board games.

Prepare cards in advance fromthick paper on which you write questions and answers. Lay out on the table separately cards with questions, and separately with answers.

One of the guests first takes a card with a question and asks his neighbor. He, in turn, takes a card with an answer and reads it out. Then the next pair of people present do the same, so that everyone can ask a question and give an answer. By clicking on the button, you can download funny questions and answers to them.

Since very hilarious combinations are often obtained, a portion of he althy laughter and fun is guaranteed after each answer!

For intellectuals, offer the New Year's Rebus.

It is done like this. The connoisseur leaves the room, and everyone else chooses any object in the room. The connoisseur must guess it by asking leading questions. You can only answer “yes” or “no”.

New Year's games and contests, as well as comic fortune-telling, are a very fun topic. There are a lot of them, but it's better to invent your own. Just when coming up with a scenario, keep in mind that the order of the competitions is drawn up according to the rule: from simple to complex. The longer the evening, there should be more active games, otherwise the audience will start to get bored.

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