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The good tradition of making gifts for the New Year makes the brain work feverishly. I would like to please loved ones and not lose face in front of Grandfather Frost. For example, give your sister something necessary, pleasant and original at the same time. New Year's shop windows are full of abundance, eyes run wide, thoughts too, time goes by, but no ideas. It's time to act. The nature of the sister, preferences, secret dreams - we analyze everything. In extreme cases, you can consult with her friends or with her mother. There are many options, and often the best of them lie on the surface.

A useful gift for a practical nature

If your sister is a realistic girl and does not have her head in the clouds, do not buy her mugs, vases, figurines and other "dust collectors". It is better to give something that she will really use, but for some reason she cannot afford. For example:

  • famous brand perfumes,
  • expensive wallet,
  • fashion boots,
  • a set of creams or cosmetics,
  • beautiful lingerie set,
  • camera or e-book,
  • a set of dishes or wine glasses,
  • a useful thing forcuisine.

Sister dreams of losing weight or prefers a he althy lifestyle - present her a subscription to the pool or a fitness club, and if you want to surprise - a bicycle. Animal lovers can be pleased with a gift for their pets. For those who love howling cars and cannot imagine life without wheels - feel free to give car accessories.

If you are afraid of missing the mark in these subtle matters (also applies to cosmetics), purchase a gift certificate in the appropriate store. Alternatively, offer your sister a New Year's Eve shopping together. There will be no surprise, but she will choose a gift according to her taste and needs.

What will you give?

    • Useful present.
    • Handmade.
    • For the soul, not for profit.
    • Cool surprise.
    • Better ask what she wants.

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    Romantic natures like beautiful trinkets and cool little things. They can be presented for the New Year:

    • jewelry boxes,
    • fashion jewelry or real jewelry,
    • mugs and t-shirts with funny slogans,
    • original winter gloves or earmuffs,
    • a cozy robe or pajamas,
    • handmade soap or jewelry;
    • heated slippers.

    Perhaps your sister dreams of becoming a model or is simply photogenic, then a real professional photo session will not leave her indifferent. For those who like to take care of themselves, a certificate would be a good a spa salon, to some exotic type of massage, to an expensive hairdresser or sauna.

    If your sister dreams of going to a concert of her favorite band or artist, attending some kind of training or master class, then give her this pleasure. Another option is a ticket to the opera or ballet, especially if she has never been there. Unforgettable impressions!

    Sister will be delighted!

    Traditional gifts are nice and nice, but nothing more. How about getting your sister something creative? Here are some ideas:

    • piggy bank in the form of a safe or ATM,
    • magic ball or pendulum for predictions,
    • dance mat,
    • a flash drive in the form of jewelry,
    • keyboard vacuum cleaner,
    • portrait or cartoon,
    • clock with photo frames.

    And you can also give an unusual certificate. They offer a great variety. Choose what your sister's fantasy and penchant for adventure and adventure will tell you. Entertainment options:

    • permanent makeup,
    • professional tattoo,
    • master class in fencing or archery,
    • balloon flight,
    • helicopter ride,
    • skydiving,
    • horseback riding or learning to ride.

    Here are more relaxed ideas that even mom would approve of:

    • singing or painting lessons,
    • acting training
    • creating a wardrobe with the help of a stylist,
    • romantic dinner for two incozy restaurant.

    If your sister is an extraordinary and active person, she will definitely like one of these gifts.

    Bad Christmas gifts

    Most likely, the sister will be happy with any gift. But there is still a chance to spoil the mood or “lubricate” the holiday. You should not give something for the New Year that is connected with some of her, albeit small, but problem. For ladies who dream of losing weight, slimming underwear and scales will remind you of extra pounds. If a girl does not have perfect skin, then dandruff shampoo or acne cream is also not the best choice. Situations are different, just be careful and sensitive.

    Living gifts (puppies, kittens, birds, hamsters) on New Year's Eve are also better not to give. There is a risk that the fuss with a new pet and its maintenance will make not only the sister, but also all household members forget about the chiming clock and the holiday. An exception can only be a personal request or a cherished dream about such things.

    Choose a gift with pleasure and give with joy. It doesn't matter if it's expensive or cheap, everyone has their own opportunities. The main thing is to do it with love.

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