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All children love to draw, this process literally immerses them in a meditative state, they are ready to create their little masterpieces with rapture. Why not help your child create an unusual painting using an interesting technique?

Take a thick piece of paper for watercolor painting, evenly seal it around the edges with masking tape, this will be a frame for the future picture. From torn strips of tape, make silhouettes of tree trunks and branches, glue them to paper, also glue the silhouette of the month. The tape can be used in any color, you still have to peel it off and throw it away.

Dark blue watercolor paint over the entire sheet of paper.

While the paint has not yet dried, sprinkle the leaf with coarse s alt, you need to “s alt” the leaf generously. When the painting dries, the s alt must be gently shaken off or brushed off the sheet with a dry brush.

Remove the tape taking care not to damage the paper. Draw the outlines of the trees to give the picture clarity and detail. You can also draw tree shadows or mounds. Paint white snowflakes if you like.

Experiment with this technique, it is suitable even for two-year-old children, of course, with the full help of adults. In a similar way, you can depict the sea or just the starry sky. By the way, a similar effect can be achieved if you just sprinkle a little water on a wet background, you will also get interesting and bizarre patterns. It is interesting that sometimes s alt, reacting with paints, gives a new shade, for example, not white spots of “snow” are obtained, but pink ones. But this does not spoil the picture at all, but makes it fabulous.

Before starting the craft, check how easily the tape peels off the paper. It may be necessary to select other materials. But it's not the result that matters, but the fun creative process of work, so let the young artist enjoy it to the fullest.

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