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The New Year is rushing towards us on a troika with bells! He brings with him a lot of joy, good luck and good mood. The task of every housewife is to organize a wonderful holiday on this occasion - with entertainment, gifts and, of course, a rich table! Mimosa salad is perfect for this. The classic recipe with canned food, beloved by many, will perfectly fit into the New Year's atmosphere.

Quick and easy to prepare salad with saury looks festively elegant. No wonder this dish has such a beautiful name. After all, if you look at it more closely, you can see its similarity with the plant of the same name. Such a salad on a frosty New Year's day will remind you of the bright colors of summer! It will also decorate the New Year's table and delight everyone with its simple, but at the same time excellent taste. Isn't this what every housewife dreams of?

Ingredients for Mimosa:

    • canned food (saury in oil) - 1 can;
    • potatoes - 2-3 pieces;
    • chicken eggs - 2-3 pieces;
    • carrot - 1 piece;
    • cheese - 60-80 g;
    • mayonnaise - 150g

    Cooking recipe

    To prepare Mimosa saladit is necessary to boil vegetables until cooked: carrots and potatoes. Do the same with chicken eggs. After cooking, remove vegetables and eggs from the liquid, cool, and then peel.

    Open canned food in oil, drain the liquid, and mash the fish with a fork and put it in an even layer in a salad bowl. Saury is traditionally used to prepare Mimosa salad. But the dish will turn out delicious with the use of other canned fish - tuna, salmon, sardines, etc. Each option is good in its own way and gives the salad a new sound.

    Next, grease the surface of the canned saury layer with mayonnaise.

    Now, using a coarse grater, you need to chop the boiled potatoes and put them in a salad bowl.

    Spread lightly with mayonnaise. Don't press the potato layer too hard with a spoon or it won't retain its airy texture.

    Now you need to grate the carrots in the same way and put them in a salad bowl in an even layer.

    Sprinkle coarsely grated hard cheese on top. Mimosa salad with cheese has a more delicate taste than without it. But there is also an option without adding cheese.

    Spread again with mayonnaise.

    Now you need to separate the whites from the yolks. Grate the whites and spread over the previous layers.

    Thick missmayonnaise surface.

    Sprinkle salad with grated yolks. In this case, it is better to use a fine grater. So “Mimosa” will look more like the flower of the same name!

    Dish is ready! Bon Appetit and Happy Holidays!

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