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Stuffy nightclub, expensive restaurant or cramped apartment? Not! Snowballs, skates and a live Christmas tree! What could be more fun than celebrating the New Year in a noisy company on the street? But, the girls face a difficult task: how not to freeze in the fresh frosty air and at the same time look stylish and beautiful? We have already decided it for you!

A warm but light wool coat is perfect for outerwear. And what will make the perfect set with him?

  • Knitted sweater dress. Warm and feminine.

  • Cropped knit sweater and loose wool pants.

  • Tight jeans and high boots or over the knee boots.

  • Knee-length cashmere pencil skirt and oversized sweater.

  • The sleeveless coat goes well with a warm knit dress and high flat boots.

  • Stylish parka with bright colored fur will suit bright and fashionable. Complete it with simpleskinny jeans and a T-shirt.

  • Under a light elongated coat, you can wear a white cashmere sweater and matching skinny trousers. The accent will be a stylish fur hat.

  • Don't forget warm scarves and stoles.

  • A light sheepskin coat looks luxurious even in combination with simple things.

  • Fur sleeveless jacket can be worn under a coat. Very stylish and warm!

  • Gone are the days when no one liked hats. Today, a knitted hat is not only warm, but also very fashionable!

  • Pair a short slip dress with an elongated sweater and fur coat.

  • Powder colors aren't just good for spring. They look amazing against the backdrop of snow!

  • Another option with a stylish sheepskin coat.

  • Delicate cashmere suits are made especially for outdoor parties.

  • A fur collar will add chic to any outfit.

  • Do you still not know where to wear white over the knee boots?

  • Short denim shorts and oversized parka. But only if you're lucky with the weather! Otherwise, dress warmlyBring drinks to warm up and celebrate the New Year with a fun company!

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