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Felt crafts are soft and pleasant to the touch, this material is easy and fun to work with. Details can be sewn on a typewriter, by hand or glued together.

Before you start, prepare:

  • patches of colorful felt;
  • material to be used as filler;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • sequins;
  • beads;
  • needle;
  • threads;
  • cardboard;
  • narrow ribbons for eyelets.

To make such cute Christmas toys, you will need to prepare patterns from paper or cardboard, outline the details on them, cut them out and carefully sew them, as in the photo.

As a filler, you can use unnecessary scraps of fabric or foam rubber. Don't forget to sew loops of narrow ribbons on the toys to make them easy to hook on.

Toys in the form of Christmas sweets are real cuties! Please note that in this case, the decoration elements are not sewn on, but glued on.

To sew an asterisk out of felt, cut an even number of identicaldetails, sew them in pairs with a hem seam (photo above), leaving one edge. Fill with filler and sew up completely. Decorate Christmas toys with beads.

To make such beautiful stars with your own hands, you will need to work hard. First, make a cardboard blank in the form of stars and separately in the form of drawings that will decorate them. Take sharp scissors, cut out stars and an ornament (they should be in contrasting colors). Gently sew on a typewriter or sew an ornament to the hearts with your hands, sew on a loop.

You can also make crafts without volume and without filler, like Christmas balls in the photo. In this case, two layers of material can simply be glued or sewn together.

A master class for making a bell is clear even to a child. A toy is made from several layers of felt, cut into strips of 1 cm, the cut is not made completely, a strip of fabric should remain on top, which is attached to a loop-lace. Such a simple craft is also suitable for kindergarten.

The technique of making New Year's houses is similar to making hearts of hearts, smaller details are fixed on the main canvas, it looks like a collage.

The bumps will have to work hard. Cut out some flowers from brown and pistachio flowers. They should go like a pyramid, i.e. cut different sizes: bigger and smaller. String "flowers" on a threadpyramid, alternating colors. Make brown felt ponytails.

Felt Christmas tree is made by applique and embroidery.

These were the basic principles of work. And fantasy and photos will prompt new ideas, by embodying which you can boast of the most elegant Christmas tree and exclusive Christmas toys made of felt.

Free patterns for toys fromfelt

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