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Christmas quilling balls can become a small work of art. It would seem that it could be easier than twisting paper ribbons and gluing them together. If you approach the process creatively, you can turn the house into an illustration for a New Year's fairy tale.

Working principle

Quilling involves twisting strips of paper and gluing the resulting parts together. You can shape them with your fingers to make not only circles, but also petals, hearts, rhombuses, etc.

In the first photo you see an illustration of the idea of updating the old ball. Surely, in a box with Christmas toys, you will find an old New Year's ball that has lost its appeal. It can be updated by pasting paper figures.

If you want to please your loved ones not only with a congratulation SMS, but with a beautiful handmade postcard, then here is an interesting idea for you to complete it.

It is worth trying to make a more complex inlaid balloon from many elements. The presented photos of finished products will surely inspire you to make a beautiful paper ball of your own.hands.

Materials and tools:

  • a set of quilling paper (or colored sheets);
  • transparent glue;
  • wood stick.

Among the additional tools - tweezers, with its help it is convenient to glue the parts together without crushing the paper. You will also need multi-colored rhinestones, beads and sparkles.

When forming a ball, take your time, connect several elements together, wait for them to dry completely, and only then continue.

Strips of paper can be cut by yourself, but pay attention to the quality of the material, the sheets should not be too thin, otherwise they will soak and deform when in contact with the glue. Experiment with colors and their combinations, bright Christmas decorations look the most impressive.

Get to work with a good mood and you will definitely succeed. DIY decorations will decorate your home and help create an atmosphere of New Year's magic.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!