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The festive mood largely depends on how beautifully the house will be decorated. DIY Christmas balls will create a special atmosphere of magic. We have collected some unusual ideas for creating beautiful holiday decor items.

Soft fabric balls

If you have bright scraps of fabric, then it's time to put them into action. First you need to make a base. In extreme cases, it can be a sock cut off and filled with rags, the main thing is that you get a tightly stuffed bun in shape. Or you can use store-bought styrofoam balls. Further decoration is a matter of fantasy. You can make ruffles from patches or, by folding small rectangles of fabric, sew them tightly together, then you will get shaggy products.

Try decorating fabric embellishments with colorful buttons.

Openwork toys

In the next master class, the main idea is to use a balloon as a base.

To create a toy you will need:

  • glue;
  • thick white thread, like iris;
  • sequins;
  • balloon.

Inflate the balloon according to the desired size of the toy. Tie the end of the thread to it. Entangle with threads, as in the photo. Dip in glue (or brush the thread with glue), sprinkle glitter on top. Wait until the frame is completely dry and pierce the ball inside. Carefully remove it through the hole. You will have a light and beautiful Christmas ball in your hands.

In a similar way, you can make a New Year's ball from lace. The manufacturing method is the same, only you need to glue not a thread, but pieces of lace.

Foam decoration

Styrofoam spheres can be used as a basis for creating Christmas crafts. They can be decorated with two-tone felt flowers, bright sequins and paper flowers, beads and threads.

Creative ideas

If you have a big tree, try making balls out of a floral sponge, also called an oasis. You need to cut a sphere out of it and attach the decor in the form of small bright toys and fir branches with wire pins.

Vintage lovers will love this idea. Lace is glued onto the base sphere, then tinted to give it an antique look. (See also the lace crown tutorial.)

Do you have any old CDs? Feel free to use for decoration!

Christmas decoration in the form of a cake looks very appetizing, to make it, roll a foam sphere smeared with glue in glitter, glue a loop and fake cherry on top, and a “skirt” on the bottom.

Glamour Jewelry

New Year involves an abundance of shiny elements in the decor, it is almost impossible to overdo it with them. It is possible that you have unnecessary beads, jewelry that you no longer plan to wear, and a blouse in rhinestones that is out of fashion. Carefully cut them off and boldly decorate the balls with this radiant beauty.

Natural materials

Small buds and twigs can also be a decoration.

Inexpensive and stylish options can be created using paper.

Magic brushes

Glass paints will be a good purchase. With their help, even in the absence of outstanding abilities in drawing, you can create beautiful crafts. Little artists will especially enjoy this process.

Knitted toys

Can you crochet or knit? Then it will not be difficult for you to knit colorful beautiful "caftans" fortoys to decorate your home. Follow the link - schemes and master classes.

Sweet decorations

Sweets will love candy balls. Such a decoration can be eaten during the holiday. You can complement the edible decor with a sweet Christmas tree made from cookies. Good luck with your experiments and a happy New Year!

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