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Lanterns, garlands, snowflakes - well-known paper crafts from childhood - will not cease to be interesting and delight kids in the pre-holiday season. Together with the children, you can plunge into the magical atmosphere of the holiday and take a short break from adult affairs.

Paper is the most accessible and easy-to-use material. We have prepared both traditional crafts and unusual ideas that will allow you to look at creativity in a new way!

For such an asterisk and a Christmas tree, double-sided scrapbooking paper is best: it is dense, beautiful. The little ones will love crafting with it.

A garland of paper strips is a well-forgotten old thing. The more colorful stripes, the better! This craft is suitable for assiduous children, in addition, its manufacture develops other skills. For example, ask your child to continue the sequence of colors on the garland - two blues, two reds, one yellow…

No new year is complete without snowflakes, even colored paperrequired, plain white is enough. We have prepared for you a huge number of templates for cutting.

And here is a large snowflake made of strips of paper, you can decorate the door with it or hang it on the wall.

Unusual patterns of snowflakes will be a great decoration for a New Year's candlestick.

Very young children can simply wrap the glasses in colored paper and then watch the color of the flame change (under adult supervision, of course).

Christmas crafts can be made not only from ordinary paper, but also from toilet paper. That is, from a tube from her :) Paint the tubes in different colors, draw funny faces, glue eyes.

The vintage star and door wreath are made from the same material.

Not only toilet paper can help in creating New Year's decor, you can use juice bags, paper plates, cups.

A beautiful house made of cardboard or paper is a creative option for older children. By clicking on the link, you can download a large number of templates and schemes.

Crafts using the "accordion" technique give a greatroom for creativity and imagination. See what you can create!

Very little needleworkers can be given to paint figures of snowmen, grandfathers, frosts or snow maidens. And then cut them out. The result will be visible immediately, because babies do not like to wait so much!

We hope these photo ideas help you get ready for the holidays as a family. Good creativity and Happy New Year!

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