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Bright flickering lights of candles create a magical atmosphere and help to move into a winter fairy tale. And from the candlesticks made by hand it breathes warmth and comfort. Here we have collected some interesting ideas for making them.

Provence-style candlesticks look unusual. They can be easily made from glass cups, sisal and natural materials: cones, cinnamon and birch bark. When burning a candle, cinnamon will emit a delicate aroma, filling the house with warmth and comfort.

Find some cones and decorate glass jars with them, inside which you will place candles. After spraying with glue, sprinkle all this magic with artificial snow.

The photo below shows a master class on making a candlestick decorated with nuts. Nuts and small Christmas balls are glued onto the base ring with a glue gun. In this case, it is necessary to leave space for candles. The product is covered with silver paint.

It looks very unusual from the birch bark decor.

If you have paints for painting on glass, then decorating a small glass jar with them, you will get a magic candlestick that will not hide the flickering of the candle.

Christmas candlesticks in the form of gingerbread houses will appeal to the kids. Let the little artists decorate the cookies themselves. This decor will be a real decoration of the New Year's table.

Another option is to knit a New Year's outfit for glass jars.

If you fill a small jar of water, partially fill it with decorative elements, you will get an unusual unusual New Year's composition.

Magical and very delicate candlesticks can be made from lace.

You will need:

  • bouncy ball,
  • glue;
  • lace.

Inflate the balloon, cover up to half with lace and leave to dry. When the fabric hardens, pierce the ball with a needle or simply pull it down, the lace will retain its shape. Be careful when placing the candle inside so that the flame does not light the candlestick. From a security point of view, a more acceptable option is to glue a glass glass with lace.

The magic scent of the holiday will scatter around the apartment if you place a lit candle inside an orange peel.

If you can find small logs, they also make great bases for playful lights.

By pasting the jars with colored paper, you will get candlesticks that give different shades of glow.

Use any materials - needles, wood, fabric, paper! Experiment, create decor for your home and let the New Year be joyful!

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