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Expecting a holiday can be no less exciting and joyful than the celebration itself. Fashion for the creation of advent calendars came relatively recently, along with Christmas wreaths and other overseas traditions. The Advent calendar clearly demonstrates how many days are left until the main winter holiday - Christmas, but nowadays it is more often done with indication of the days of December, i.e. counts down the days until the New Year.

The main task of this craft is to create a New Year mood and decorate the interior. By the way, it will do a good job if you teach your child numbers and navigate the calendar.

You can create an unusual interior decor using a slate board. Draw numbers on it with chalk, pull the ropes under them, on which you fasten the Christmas decorations with clothespins. Complete the entourage with a garland or candles. The magical holiday island is ready!

Try making a calendar out of colorful paper cups with numbers. Every day you can leave unexpected “goodies” for the household in them: sweets, funny notes, etc.

A great idea is to count down the days left until the holiday with the help of linen bags with numbers, you can also put small pleasant surprises in them. The photo shows both ideas in two versions.

Make Christmas tree hats and glue a number on each. You can put sweets or small gifts for children inside.

If the house has a fireplace, decorate it on top with multi-colored "coins" made of felt, with day numbers.

The calendar in the form of sweets looks beautiful and appetizing. They can be made from fabric or bright wrapping paper, reinforced inside with a cardboard frame.

And here is a product in the form of a garland of flags.

An interesting gift for kids - a calendar with felt toys (they will be an excellent decoration and educational material).

If you have plastic glasses with lids in your arsenal, wrap them in foil, stick the dates of the holiday month and put them in a pyramid.

If you cut out boots from red thick paper, glue white fur, eyelets and draw numbers on top, you will get a great Santa-style craft.

An edible advent calendar can be made with cookies topped with icing or marzipan.

What surprises can you put in your advent calendar? Yes, the mostdifferent!

For kids:

  • chocolates, sweets;
  • bags with different nuts;
  • small toys;
  • kinder-egg;
  • unusual stationery;
  • small colorful notebooks;
  • stickers.

Expectation of a miracle arises independently only in children, and adults create it themselves! Please your soul mate or loved ones with adult calendars. There you can put:

  • as well as for children - sweets, chocolates, sweets;
  • women - cute stationery (fancy pens, beautiful notebook);
  • bags of dried eco-fruits.
  • delicious tea, coffee;
  • flash drive,
  • useful little gadgets for the home;
  • notes with confessions and wishes;
  • money;
  • certificates of various shops, spas, beauty salons, baby-shops;
  • tickets to movies, concerts, water parks and more.

All the ideas presented in the photo are bright and outstanding, choose the one that you like best and start implementing it!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!