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For adults, the New Year is a bridge to childhood. I want to believe in magic and expect miracles. And yet, you can escape from everyday worries and turn your house into a fabulous tower with the help of New Year's vytynanok - carved figures from ordinary white paper. Small children and older children will be happy to share this interesting activity with you. Remember how paper snowflakes were made. Only there the pattern turned out to be spontaneous, where the hand leads. And here, cutting out on a stencil, you can create the most real winter and fabulous landscapes. Choose simpler templates for kids, more difficult ones for yourself and get down to business.

Where to apply and what to decorate

Christmas cutouts will create a festive atmosphere in any place. They can decorate windows, furniture, attach a mobile mobile made of stars and angels to a chandelier, use them as Christmas decorations. You can make a fabulous New Year's house and illuminate the windows from the inside with a flashlight or a garland.

And in kindergarten, vytynanki will definitely be in their place. Educators just don't have enough hands for everything. And if every mother takes care of the childcreativity, and then the kid takes his craft to the group, then the winter fairy tale on the kindergarten windows will come to life, as if by magic.

Creative tools and process

You can find everything you need for cutouts at home or buy at a stationery store. You will need:

  • plain white paper or whatman paper,
  • dummy or clerical knife,
  • dummy mat,
  • scissors.

The dummy mat can be replaced with a cutting board or a simple piece of plywood, that is, a hard surface that you don’t mind damaging. Scissors are suitable for manicure, but for children it is better to take with blunt ends so as not to get hurt.

How to make vytynanki, shown and described in detail in the video. Watch, learn, choose your favorite pattern and create masterpieces. For convenience, click on the thumbnail of the template you like, then save it to your computer. All stencils are in high resolution.

Successful creativity and a happy New Year!

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