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New Year 2023 is coming. Very soon the streets, houses, shops, offices will be decorated with Christmas trees and sparkle with colorful lights. The air will begin to radiate festive vibes, the smells of pine needles, tangerines and ideas for a New Year's photo shoot. If you have never thought about it before and managed with single scattered shots, then it's time to fill the gap. It is difficult to find a better time, because the festive surroundings are almost ready, it remains to think over minor details and start creating your personal or family New Year's photo chronicle. And a few tips and ideas will help even those who are absolutely sure that they are not photogenic.

In this article:

  • preparing for a photo shoot,
  • seat selection,
  • accessories and decor,
  • advice for lovers and couples.

Getting ready for winter photoshoot

New Year's photo shoot, like any important business, requires preliminary preparation. Are you going to capture yourself personally, with a loved one or the whole family assembled - it is better to think over the details in advance. A huge plus is that the scenery is already ready, but the choice of clothes, accessories and a festive mood must be providedyourself.

So that the photos do not look dark and dull, pay attention to the traditional New Year's palette - red, green and white colors. A winter wardrobe is better: voluminous sweaters, scarves, leg warmers, knitted hats and socks.

Girls can think about options for photos in an evening dress, men are better off choosing trousers without arrows. It's good if the clothes contain elements of New Year's symbols - figurines of deer, fairy-tale characters, Norwegian patterns, red caps "a la Santa Claus".

As an option, you can consider blue-blue or soft beige, the main thing is that the clothes are combined with the external surroundings, but do not merge with it. If the photos are family photos, then the outfit of all members of your small clan should be in the same style.

Children are usually willing to pose and occupy a central place in all the pictures. Let them behave at ease, do not scold or correct the kids, but make sure that the kids are in a good mood, not sick, feed and drink them in advance and prepare a change of clothes just in case.

If you plan to start the photo session at home and continue on the street, then the ladies need to take care of waterproof makeup. And also bring warm clothes, blankets, mittens. Mugs with hot tea or coffee will warm and create a cozy New Year's atmosphere.

Choosing a shooting location

If your own apartment is decorated with love and due care, then a photo session at homeconditions will be on top. Turn on your imagination and click for your own pleasure or invite a photographer.

A photo shoot outside in winter may not seem like the best idea, but not on New Year's Eve. Warm clothes and a good mood will keep you warm, and natural snow can be replaced with artificial snow. If your own house and yard do not appeal, try these options:

  • cafe party
  • skating rink,
  • bowling,
  • mall,
  • country cottage,
  • any landmark or famous place in your city.

If you doubt your design talents, pay attention to shooting in a photo studio with a suitable decor, a beautiful Christmas tree, and bring the missing little things with you. For your little one, be sure to grab a favorite toy to soothe him in unfamiliar surroundings.

Christmas accessories and holiday decor

Actively use elements of New Year's decor and shiny holiday accessories in your photography:

  • garlands,
  • christmas balls and toys,
  • bengal lights,
  • candles,
  • cones and spruce branches,
  • original souvenir Christmas trees,
  • beautifully wrapped gifts,
  • carnival masks and masquerade costumes,
  • fluffy blankets,
  • knitted rugs,
  • glasses of champagne,
  • festive table.

The tree must be in the frame. Participation in the shooting of pets is especially welcome. They canGive it a festive look with reindeer horns, red hats, and other Christmas goodies. Furnish steaming mugs with hot tea with warm “clothes”, and paint everything that can be dyed with acrylic paints.

We pose at ease - we get great

Choosing the right camera angle is not an easy task, even more difficult is to be in the frame and then be delighted with your image. Portrait shots alone can be perfected, but group shots are not always successful.

A few tips for lovers, as a good photo with your significant other means a lot:

  • feel free to express your feelings
  • one blanket for two, like one common life,
  • dress up Christmas trees, play snowballs,
  • hot tea and hot love against the background of cold snow,
  • eating "yummy" in a cozy nest,
  • save your best surprises for this occasion.

Ideas for couples with a baby or children on the most family holiday:

  • good photos are taken on the floor,
  • whole family in one color,
  • use masks, fake beards and paper flags
  • create fun compositions
  • take pictures in the shape of a star, where the heads are the center and the legs are the rays.

The smallest children can be photographed in gift boxes, in baskets. The older kids when they're looking at giftsreach for the Christmas tree, toys. Let adults pose with champagne, forget about importance and fool around like children.

Start your family history with a fun, memorable photo shoot and may all your shots be successful!

Where did you decide to take pictures?

    • In the studio (there is a finished decor).
    • At home (comfortable and convenient).
    • Outdoors (snow, lights and all).
    • Let's look for interesting places: beautiful cafes and parks.

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