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New Year will soon burst into our lives. Many companies will celebrate its coming with celebratory corporate parties for employees and partners. You can notify everyone about the place and time of the event by phone, e-mail or word of mouth. But you want everything to go to the highest level.

Start over - send targeted original invitations to the New Year's corporate party. The text can be poetic, playful or official - it all depends on the status, personal qualities of the guest and your imagination. There is no time and talent for writing - use ready-made options or slightly improve them. You can even peep our script.

Select what you need:

  • Invitation in verse
  • Prose invitations
  • Pictures and invitation templates in Word

Invitations in verse

New Year's poems, by definition, cannot be serious. Such an invitation is unlikely to be suitable for business partners or company management, but for middle managers and ordinary colleagues - that's it.

Attention! Attention! Attention!
Calling for a drunkmeeting!
We have a great message for you!
You need maximum desire!
We look forward to the whole organization!
Receive a telegram!
New Year's program,
Expects you soon, The holiday has miracles in store!

We invite you to meet together!
New Year is not indifferent!
With feeling, with gusto and with fun! With a festive drinking potion!

We invite you not to the dugout,
You to a festive booze!
But to a good restaurant, Make a New Year's plan!

Drink well everyone!
Appetizing refreshment!
Dance on the table, It's fun to meet the Tiger!

Information for you!
The finest hour is coming!
We invite you to meet the Tiger, Brightly celebrate the New Year!

Our friendly team!
A stunning asset!
Finding ourselves in the hall together, Waiting sincerely to get drunk!

Take the work off your shoulders,
Leave a lot of important meetings,
Seriousness, too, behind. Courage and joy ahead!

All because the New Year,
Calls to celebrate soon!
I invite you to a drink, Let the crazy potion be the bait.

Will serve this New Year,
Where the hurricane will take you away,
For three nine lands in courage, Where we will celebrate our holiday!

I propose to forget life,
Let go of work in the sky.
Accept our invitation, Worries for everyone.

To a festive corporate party,
Forgetting about everything in the world,
Fun with youGrab it And come have some fun.

Meet the New Year with us, The sincere team is waiting for you!

Here is the occasion that arose.
You are called by the brave Tiger
Fulfill your duty, Be immediately delighted!

To the invitation to agree
And at the right time to appear like a bayonet!
To our festive outrage,
Where a very, very generous table
You will certainly be wait, To celebrate the New Year with us!

Forgot about work running,
Getting ready to take off soon.
Destination - New Year, The airfield is already waiting for you!

You need to agree immediately
And say goodbye for a while
With everything that bothers you so much And let your sobriety not watch!

We invite you to meet the Tiger, And where necessary, we are waiting!

Every employee is valuable to us!
New Year, as an important holiday,
An excellent corporate party Your colleague is calling you personally.

There will be a bright program,
Santa Claus and Barbos Dog,
Dances, contests and jokes, And a whole load of gifts!

Feast at the festive table -
We look forward to seeing you!
Appearance - at the discretion, Pass - super mood!

Where are we going with a colleague?
There is no secret about this.
We will not let the team down! Oh no, oh no, oh no!

I received an invitation,
I won't break the chain.
My boss invited me, I'm calling you!

Celebrate this time
Have a wonderful New Year!
Soul and body will go dancing Or maybe fly away!

Leave work at work
Throw all your worries away!
You buddyI invite you Where we celebrate the New Year!

We are our brave team:
We are waiting for indomitable courage!
Where dances, laughter, program, potion, We will provide all the fun!

Grab yourself by the neck,
I dare to tell you this.
But because the New Year,Waiting for you, me and all of us!

This is not an army draft
Not a ticket to the cinema!
This time break The boss allocated a budget!

And of course, not a game,
Spartak - Lokomotiv!
Dancing, fire, it's hot, There waiting - corporate party!

In short, in a tuxedo, or in a T-shirt.
Order: don't be on pins and needles!
It's a fun New Year! The whole team is waiting for you there!

Colleague, tirelessly,
We worked together for a whole year!
The road is straight for you and me, Celebrate the temporary flight!

I sincerely invite you,
My friend to the corporate party!
Here, I send an invitation. There is a big gap!

In a good place,
Celebrate the New Year!
Take your mood And positive platoon!

At the end, you can specify the time and place of the party by referring to the employee by name.

Texts of invitations in prose

In invitations to a corporate party for the main specialists of the company and business partners, it is preferable to use a strict, official style, regardless of where you will hold the party: in the office, a country boarding house or a restaurant. But the New Year is a special holiday, which means that the text should not be dry and faceless.

To the restaurant

Dear, _________, on behalf of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden andour company wish you a Happy New Year! We wish you indomitable energy, grandiose plans, stable growth and prosperity. May the coming year be successful, and all past failures become a launching pad for professional take-off.

We invite you to a New Year's dinner, which will be held at the restaurant ______, (name, date, time). We hope that the festive program and warm atmosphere will bring pleasant, positive impressions.

Respectfully, _______.

To a club or other entertainment facility

Dear _______, please accept sincere, heartfelt congratulations on the New Year from all employees of _______ (company name). We wish you he alth, well-being and prosperity. May the coming year be a record year in terms of professional achievements, personal victories and successfully completed projects.

We invite you to become a guest at the festive New Year's program, get a boost of energy, positive and good mood. We are waiting for you ___________ (name, address, date, time).

Respectfully, _______.

For the new year in the office

Dear _______, ______ (name of organization) wishes you a Happy New Year. We wish that the era of change brings only positive changes, and may there be a clear decision, unbending will and true professionalism behind every smile of fortune.

We invite you to a New Year's corporate party in our office ______ (day, time).

Respectfully, ______.

Invitations to a corporate party of a lighter and even playful nature are perfect for colleagues. They arecan be just fun or pretty cool. It all depends on the number of employees, their degree of creativity, relationships and the general mood in the team. We also collected ideas for spending the New Year in the office.

In a cafe

Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and the Blue Water Tiger are already laying a chic table and waiting for you (you) in a cafe (restaurant) ______ (name, date, time) for a reckless, extravagant, incendiary party in honor of the New Year. In the program: dancing until you drop, songs until you are hoarse, fun until you lose your pulse.

We swear that the management of the company will be very upset by your (your) absence - it is not possible to eat and drink everything by yourself. So, attendance is strictly required!


Dear colleague, the management of the company sincerely admires your (your) success and offers to leave all the roles in the past in order to enter the image of a cute Bull at a fun New Year's party, which will take place _______ (place, date, time). Happy New Year and may it bring only joyful events, and all bad things will disappear like champagne bubbles.


Colleague, leave the old year looking tired, last year's Pig - intractability and snooty. Load your bones into a formal suit (dress) and, at the speed of the symbol of the year - the Tiger - rush to the New Year's corporate party, which may not take place without your extraordinary personality. We hope that you will not let you down, and in return we guarantee excellent fun, gourmet gourmet dishes and, perhaps, a personal salad plate for the exhausted drinksfaces.

Do not miss your chance, he is waiting for you _______ (place, date, time).

Invitation templates in pictures and Word

New Year's invitations require colorful design. You can create a sketch yourself or connect a support group, only in the pre-holiday bustle there is often no time for this. As an option - buy ready-made postcards, but they often come with text that does not always match what you want.

The smartest way out is to use a ready-made invitation template. We have prepared the following form for you:

It can be printed on a printer and filled in by hand the missing information. By clicking on the button, you will download the application in Word format (it is safe, without viruses and registrations). There you can simply correct the desired text.

You can print the rest of the pictures on a color printer or in a printing house (if the number of employees is very large, it will be cheaper), and then enter the right time and place by hand.

Don't leave things to the last minute. This is especially important for ladies, because they need to think about what to wear to a corporate party. Therefore, it is advisable to send out invitations at least two weeks before the upcoming event.

Happy New Year! And let your holiday be on top.

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