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2023 is coming soon. How quickly time flies! But not only years are running away, but also hours, minutes, seconds. If you want to feel the approach of the New Year in advance, meet it without fuss and haste - start decorating your home right now.

New Year's decor ideas are already in the air, and many of them can be suggested by children who will gladly take part in this pleasant and exciting process. Moreover, the children do not need to be urged, rushed, and you yourself can safely add something new every day and gradually bring the festive interior to perfection. You may have to buy something, but most of the decorations can be made with your own hands from what you can find in the house.

Color matters: the main tone of Christmas decor

Recommendations for choosing colors cannot serve as the ultimate truth. New Year's decor should harmoniously fit into the existing interior and only give it an elegant, festive look. But some tips may be helpful.

Green, the color of needles, will be present anyway. In order to dilute itto attract not the entire rainbow palette, but only two or three contrasting tones. It is better to give preference to New Year's colors - red, gold, silver. Saturated, bright shades of purple, blue, turquoise also look good.

You can arrange everything in one color scheme - this is a very effective and stylish option. Just don't forget compatibility. If the interior of the apartment is designed in cold colors, choose the appropriate range and silver, add gold and New Year's red to warm shades.

Several Christmas trees in the house - easy and simple

Don't want to hang up the walls with tinsel and garlands, and don't. But the New Year without a Christmas tree is not a holiday, so we will definitely set the forest beauty. Everything is simple here: we prepared a free place, conducted an audit of last year's toys, determined what needs to be bought in addition, and you can decorate the main New Year's attribute.

But, if you approach the issue creatively, the missing toys can not be bought, but made with your own hands. And one more thing - in every room you can find a place for a homemade Christmas tree, and let the holiday be felt throughout the apartment at once.

Additional trees can be:

  • wall - from beads, garlands,photos,
  • from improvised materials - wooden sticks, cones, pasta,
  • paper Christmas trees - tinsel, rain, sweets and whatever comes to mind are pasted on the cone
  • knitted or gathered from small balls,
  • beautifully shaped branches with silver or gold plating,
  • Ordinary houseplants, properly decorated.

Only let the Christmas trees be not of the same type, but different in texture, shape and method of execution.

And now - toys. Made with love and imagination, they will turn your New Year into the warmest, most sincere and cozy holiday. You can wrap simple Christmas balls with shreds of fabric, knit clothes from colored yarn, paint them with acrylic paints, make compositions from cones, funny felt figures. Bake Christmas cookies in the form of stars and trees with a small hole for a ribbon and hang them on the branches - both tasty and beautiful.

Decorate windows and doors

Windows are the eyes of the house, the door is the face. Let your apartment look at the world around and welcome guests with joy.

Start with windows:

  • arrange on the windowsills compositions of their branches, cones and candles,
  • spread out and hang brightChristmas balls,
  • cut out beautiful snowflakes from plastic bottles or thick paper,
  • make garlands with flags, funny figurines, Christmas socks.

If you are fond of creating poultices or are just familiar with this technique, create fabulous illuminated paper houses, magic figurines and winter scenes.

Doors are usually decorated with wreaths. Dream up, create your own wreath or improve an existing one. Everything goes:

  • dried citrus slices,
  • winter berries - rowan, cranberry,
  • cut flower buds,
  • bright candies,
  • corks, beads,
  • cones, coniferous branches, ribbons,
  • bows, tinsel, garlands.

A wreath can decorate not only a door, but also a wall, window, furniture or a chandelier.

Christmas lighting and table setting

New Year is unthinkable without candles. Let there be many of them, make beauty with your own hands. Arrange white and colored candles in glass vases, glasses, ordinary jars, one-third filled with sea s alt or red berries, wrap with cinnamon sticks, cover with green twigs.

Composition with live fire will come in handy anywhere, and especially in the center of a gala dinner. It is better to serve the table in the same colors that prevail in interior decoration. Each plate can be provided with a paper Christmas tree with the name of the guest or a small wish card. Dishes to your taste, but depicting some New Year's symbol on each is very desirable.

Decorate your home with love, connect all the household, and you will have a real pleasure. And also - a nice bonus in the form of quite tangible savings, since you can create all the New Year's beauty with your own hands. Enjoy your winter evenings and Happy New Year!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!