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New Year is a special holiday, you can't argue with that. A whirlpool of pleasant troubles covers with a head. Cheerful children's morning performances and noisy school discos will soon begin. And how often do we remember our esteemed teachers in the New Year's bustle? And they, on the contrary, forget about themselves, performing part-time duties of screenwriters, artists and animators in all school performances. Take some time, connect your children, and let the teacher's New Year's greetings be kind, sincere, joyful.

After all, it is important not only to remember relatives and friends, to please family and friends with gifts, but also not to ignore people who share weekdays and holidays with our children.

Poetic congratulations

What could be better than to congratulate the teacher with poems of his own composition? And if the sense of rhythm is lame and the phrases do not rhyme in any way, use ready-made options. Write them like in school, by hand - it's much better than a banal postcard with printed text.

  • General congratulations
  • From students
  • From parents
  • For teachers
  • For the teacher

Happy New Year,
From the heart of the teachers!
We highlight a lot,
Have fun, bright days for you!
For children, because school is a The second home, as well as for you.

Let luck be an amulet,
Protect every time.
Let children in the Olympiads,
The highest class will be shown to everyone.
First places reward, May they always be for you.

Sincere congratulations to the teachers,
Happy New Year!
Many wonderful people,
Let your weather beautify!
Let the diligence of students,Pleases you every time more!
Of the fives, a festive catch,
It will be a fascinating alley!
We wish you good he alth,
And for everything we say thank you.
There will be inexhaustible positive, And the source of inspiration is invincible!
The parents of the child every time,
Send to school with love!
Huge and substantial supply,
Teachers provide knowledge!
Considerable effort and willpower -
To reach every child!
Teachers deserve this role -
To make dreams come true easily.
We wish this New Year,Emotions of positive income!
Beautiful wonderful salary, Hard work super-results.
Happy New Year, our cool teacher!
Congratulations and wish with all my heart New plans, wonderful discoveries, To be in contact with the reckless kids!

From students (one and more)

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
You opened the way and the door for me.
You taught not to be afraid and believe,
And to measure the strength of spirit and abilities.
Now, I'm like a confident student,
BadI will eschew estimates.
And in the New Year I wish with all my heart,
So that happiness is an indestructible wall. love, kindness and joy together,
For you always, everywhere there was a mountain,
Good luck, the rod to be steel!

Our dear teacher,
We don’t hide our emotions,
We give you for the New Year,
Good words, big flight!
He alth, bright impressions,
To study aspirations from children.
So that the fives knock on the door,
So that they never get upset!
No delays every time.
And we will help you,
Do all the tasks.
We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts,
Happy New Year with the whole crowd.
We wish you good he alth, With all our childish soul.

Let hardships and sorrows
Disperse in all directions.
So that they do not upset, You are nowhere and never.

Finally decided,
Take an example from you, teacher.
You famously inspired us,
Conquer all the peaks.
We wish you very much,
From the heart, and that there is urine.
All dreams come true, And conquer the peaks!

The head of the class is the best, although sometimes obstinate,
We congratulate you on the New Year with the student crowd. "five"!

From parents (single parent and multiple)

Send with love from parents,
To a good and kind teacher.
Congratulations on the New Year,
May good luck always await you in everything.
Under your empatheticleadership,
Patience and nobility reign,
And with a gingerbread man,
Children will be able to unlearn with dignity.
We wish you with all our hearts ,
Happy and cheerful bright life.
Good he alth and mood, Such that there is inspiration.

For your kindness, we send an answer,
Parental New Year's greetings. May happiness always protect you, And never let go anywhere.
May a wonderful mood,
Be always an accompaniment for you.
To find the bird of happiness after all.
To find it and not let it go anywhere,
To make your dreams come true.

Let the New Year come,
All adversity will be safely pulled offStress will put you on a plane,

He will take you to Antarctica.
For children, the second parent,
Undoubtedly, there is a teacher.
I sincerely wish you, Dreams come true in the New Year!

Children do not upset,
You are pleasantly surprised.
Let a huge salary, Will be glad to visit you.

For your efforts, let yours,
Happiness will punish you in full.
Children send you let them in return, Vinaigrette from fives!

Our class teacher!
Accept from your parents Happy New Year! Happiness and inspiration to you!

For teachers

For the New Year to the teacher,
We wish the inhabitant
This planet to be,
Who will live
To the fullest: From heels to the top!

So that happiness fills,
And personifies
Comfort andunderstanding,
Students' efforts! May love keep you,

Let her be like a magnet,
Luck will attract,
And the New Year will come.

Happy New Year,
From the goodness of the global gathering,
Interesting situations,From the five illustrations,

Children's interest in learning,
Negative is in a big snowdrift.
Encouragement from RONO,
Let it be full!
Many, many categories,
We wish you to receive.
Let it be like a sanatorium, Where you are destined to be!

As an educator, I wish you
A little of everything.
And to believe, expect,
Love, laugh and dream.
From nostalgia just be sad,
Let go of the bad into the sky,
Wake up in the morning with a smile, Sometimes do not doubt yourself.

With soul everything you invested,
Let it not be erased for years.
Let the upcoming New Year, Come visit you with a smile!

Teacher, may the New Year bring you
Cheerful positive brings,And Santa Claus will congratulate you like this,What will you put a nickel on!

For the teacher

We wish the teacher,
All the best for this New Year.
We return you with love, Their kind words fly a long way!

Let your colleagues respect you
For being who you are.
Your concern inspires youIt is an honor to know you.

Wish you great success,
Wish you lots and lots of laughter.
Let there be no place for stress,And let no sadness come.

Our teacher, with the upcoming
Let it be colorful andinspiring,
The whole upcoming New Year is for you,
So that the fountain of emotions does not go out! .
Let open lessons be held at the height,
Hurry to meet you towards your dream.
We wish you to please your students,
And let everyone inspire you good luck to them.
We wish you good he alth and luck,
And a festive festive mood.
I sincerely congratulate the teacher,
Happy New Year!
Children's faithful keeper of knowledge,

I wish you great patience!
Good and well-mannered students!
Fast promotion, And happiness to you without edge, shores.

Beautiful congratulations in prose

Sometimes a short poem does not allow to express the whole gamut of feelings and thoughts, and a long one does not fit on a postcard. In this case, shine with eloquence or simply write in your own words everything that you want to say in prose. And to help - several congratulation templates that can be easily adjusted to any parameters.

From parents

Dear (th) ________, parents (class) are happy that in the life of our children there is a talented and sensitive teacher - a Teacher with a capital letter. We congratulate you on the New Year, Merry Christmas, on the successful completion of the first half of the year. Let the joyful brilliance and genuine interest in children's eyes give a powerful incentive to teach, create, find new non-trivial ideas, and the coming year will bring personal happiness and an endless ocean of love.

From students

Dear (oh) ______, students of __ class wish you a Happy New Year 2023. We wish our beloved teacher (teacher) to look like 20 and feel like 16. And let such a young age add enthusiasm, but not become an obstacle to the wisdom, experience, invaluable knowledge that you share with us and encourage you to develop, grow as whole individuals and not succumb to difficulties. Merry New Year holidays, pleasant holidays and interesting lessons, which we are looking forward to!

To the class teacher

(Name, patronymic) - You are a super class teacher, a reliable friend, a sensitive mentor and an indispensable assistant in all school affairs! Please accept congratulations on the New Year 2023 and gratitude for the fact that by personal example you teach to love knowledge, strive for high goals, seek and find your place in life. May the coming year bring inspirational plans, creative ideas, personal happiness, joy from the success of students and unlimited opportunities for self-improvement.


A talented teacher, a teacher from God, let me congratulate you on the New Year and wish you creative burning, unforgettable lessons, easy school days, inquisitive and hardworking students, undying love and interest in your subject. May the coming year be happy, fruitful and lead you to new successes.Happy New Year to the coolest teacher in the school! We love you without hypocrisy and falsehood, and each of your lessons is like a small discovery. Building blocks of knowledge create a solid foundation for a successful and fruitful life. We wish your life to be rich, interesting, filleddreams, plans, happiness, joy.

Don't forget your teachers, because they always remember us.

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