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The main symbol of the New Year celebration in any family is the Christmas tree. Every year, her decoration is carefully thought out, and when the time comes to part, it becomes a little sad. When is the right time to remove the tree? There are different traditions about this. In this Article:

  • when to remove the green beauty;
  • what signs indicate the need to say goodbye to the Christmas tree;
  • how to clean the Christmas tree;
  • where to put the symbol of the holiday.

When is the Christmas tree usually removed?

Guided by their own preferences, citizens begin to remove Christmas trees from the apartment on January 1st. Someone, on the contrary, meets March 8 next to the green beauty. But most often, having celebrated the Old New Year, they try to return the room to its former appearance. By this time, the household had already enjoyed enough the external decoration of the spruce, as well as a long rest on the occasion of the New Year.

In pre-revolutionary Russia, it was customary to always remove the Christmas tree before Epiphany, along with other elements of Christmas time. The church calendar was considered a guide for family celebrations, and therefore by this period:

  • need to remove the Christmas tree;
  • hold a generalhouse or apartment cleaning;
  • to throw away garbage and unnecessary things;
  • take out or hide Christmas symbols (straw, manger, ceremonial bread, etc.)

Well, it happens, what is already there … According to the Feng Shui system, it is believed that it is necessary to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which means that until February the apartment should be with a Christmas tree. A living forest beauty is unlikely to live, so they advise:

  • after dismantling the spruce in the same sector, put a tall flower;
  • additionally from above, attaching to the ceiling, lower some kind of interior decoration.

This compensates for the lack of spruce, and will also keep the positive energy in the house.

Christmas tree signs

There are also New Year's signs that may indicate that the Christmas tree has been dismantled. These include:

  • twigs are turning brown. It is believed that spruce or pine has accumulated negative energy, which could come with a large number of guests;
  • every day toys fall from the tree while no one is in the room. If this is for naughty pets, then most likely the lamb is having fun. But in this case, it is better not to let him disperse in his games.
  • the trunk is stratified.
They just helped sort it out.

So superstitious people can decide when to take the tree out of the apartment, focusing on its appearance.

How easy is it to remove a Christmas tree or a pine tree?

If the symbol of your favorite holiday is an artificial spruce, then there are no special problems with its disassembly. But you need to consider that:

  • decorations should be placed in boxes based on weight (lightest on top);
  • wind the electric garlands carefully, avoiding strong kinks, otherwise next year they will not light up;
  • gather the branches of each level together to make it easier to install the Christmas tree later;
  • Tinsel and rain can be placed in a vacuum bag to take up less storage space.

It is more difficult if the house was decorated with natural spruce or pine. During the removal of toys, needles will crumble. In order not to create additional trouble for yourself, you can:

  • spread newspaper or laminate under the object;
  • remove fabrics and carpets within walking distance;
  • shake the barrel as much as possible, then weak needles will fall;
  • remove toys;
  • get out of the spruce mount;
  • take an unnecessary sheet or a large piece of cloth and wrap it;
  • take it outside.

It is easier to remove the needles with a vacuum cleaner. If not, you can stick double-sided tape on a dishwashing sponge and walk around the perimeter of the room. Usually cleans the floor well.

Some prune branches to pack them up and minimize fallen needles. A good tip is to wrap the forest fairy with cling film or polyethylene. It is reliable, fast and cheap.

How to properly dispose of a Christmas tree: 1. Pack as shown in the photo. 2. You need to throw it away during the day. 3. It is desirable that one of the neighbors or acquaintances observe this. 4. You need to take it out with visible effort,looking around. Difficult to put in the trash can. Say "Fuh".

Where to put the green beauty?

It's sad to see in the garbage dumps the one that pleased all the New Year holidays. This is not always the only way.

Before the New Year or after the forest beauty, which has taken root, can be in demand in nurseries. In southern latitudes, they even risk planting it right away. People who are concerned about the environmental situation transplant the Christmas tree into a large container, and in the spring - into the ground.

If the New Year's symbol was purchased in a pot, then it is simply left to grow further, not forgetting to water and feed it in a timely manner.

Zoo residents will be happy if a Christmas tree comes to them. If there is a zoo, you can call in advance and check with the administrators. Some pets eat needles for food, for someone it is an object for training.

In order not to throw away needles, you can take it to the zoo.

What date the green symbol should be taken out of the house, each family decides for itself. You should listen only to those traditions that have proven to be effective for your family.

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