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New Year, like a holiday, just great! It brings a lot of excitement, pre-training, activities in kindergartens and schools, corporate parties at work. It is in the process of preparing holiday scenarios and events that such an interesting thing as footage will come in handy.

What is New Year's footage and who needs it?

What is footage, videographers and video editors know. These are special video files that contain an unedited raw photo, plain image or animated image. Such an image is processed in the process and a video clip is created with it, just a moving image for a common project or as a separate work.

Such interesting inserts are used to enhance the emotional and artistic impact of the script on the audience. Footage is good in moderation, it should not be used every minute, because it will have the opposite annoying effect.

New Year's footage is very bright and varied. Here you can choose for every taste and director's intention, as well as download for free.

Types of special effects

Footages are divided into several types: simple animated (without the possibilityuse background), with alpha channel (with transparency) or chroma key option:

  • Simple footages are ready-made fragments that are simply edited in videophone mode for titles or intros, or interruptions.
  • With an alpha channel - such options with a transparent changeable background. They are usually used when overlaying your main video to enhance the effect. This type includes titles, overlay masks, transitions.
  • Footages with a chroma key background - very similar to the previous version, but they need to remove and replace the background with the desired one.

How to use footage for New Year 2023

Finished stock videos do not require additional processing. New Year's footage is used in the editing of the script as you see fit. This saves a lot of budget and time.

More complex options will take some work. We present to your attention interesting and beautiful options for New Year's videos that you can download for free and use to prepare for the New Year:

  • Beautiful - the video uses scenes of winter nature, swirling with a whirlwind of snow. A magical airy melody sounds.
  • Congratulatory - the video contains congratulations on the New Year. Words pop up on the screen alternately with different special effects. Be sure to use cheerful New Year's music or famous New Year's songs.
  • Humorous - footages of this direction contain funny funny scenes with the participation of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Such scenes are fun, make you smile and just cheer you up.
  • Children's - New Year's footage for a children's party includes many bright and unusual special effects that amaze the imagination of kids and take them to the world of a New Year's fairy tale.
  • Imitation of precipitation - falling snow, howling blizzard or snowballs flying in the face, breaking into small particles. They will look great in the dramaturgy of the New Year's performance.

Beautiful New Year's footage is an indispensable thing for the modern design of the performance, any other scenario. Video inserts are selected according to the meaning, and they can also be downloaded for free from us.

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