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Ask any child about their favorite holiday and you will hear the unanimous opinion, of course - the New Year. This day, or rather the night, everyone is waiting for as a miracle. After all, Grandfather Frost will come to them and fulfill their most cherished desires.

To prevent young guests from being bored in an adult company, you should consider an event plan for them as well. Games for the New Year for the family can be very different: mobile, calm, intellectual, but this will depend on the age and temperament of those who gather at the festive table. The main thing is to meet the year 2023 with family and loved ones, and not in a working environment.

In this article:

  • Toddler Fun
  • Christmas cloth games
  • Moving contests
  • Quiet entertainment
  • Battles at the New Year's table

Fun for the little ones

In nature, there have long been New Year's family games for the little ones. They are harmless and cheerful, most importantly, do not forget that these games are for children and adults. Babies should never be left alone, so parents play a significant role in the children's feast.

"Guess the Size"

Everyone is lined up in a semicircle and a leader is chosen who thinks of an inanimate or animate object, and the players show its size.

For example:

  • Elephant what? They answer - big and raise their hands up.
  • What kind of fly? They answer - small and sit down.
  • House - what?
  • And what kind of sandal?
  • Balloon - which one?
  • And what is a soccer ball?

After a couple of words (depending on the number of children), the leader should be changed so that everyone can try themselves in this role.


From the parents whose families are present at the festive table, a leader and a person who will be a fox are selected. And the kids will be bunnies. The one who leads says these words:

"Our bunnies jump on the big lawn, stomp their feet, clap their hands."

At this time, the little ones repeat what they are told. The author continues:

"Here comes the fox, the cunning little sister. Come on, the bunnies immediately scattered across the lawn!”.

And the fox catches hares. You can choose a fox from teenagers, if they succeed.

Cloth Games

For this entertainment in the family circle, you will need two parents and a four-meter white cloth that will perform one role or another.


Men, having stretched the matter in length, holding it firmly from 4 ends, raise and lower it, as if shaking it. Everyone gets in line and tries to run under or over the cloth. The one whocaught, will be wrapped in cloth and tickled. Of course, you should be very careful with tickling, because we are talking about fragile kids.


The presenter needs to be told that when there is a strong snowstorm in winter, a person can even be torn off the ground and carried away. Two men hold a piece of material at both ends, catch a baby in it and swing it like in a hammock. They enjoy this adventure immensely.


Inflate at least ten balloons. Children are divided into teams, if there are few of them, you can invite parents or other family members. Two people stretch the fabric like a volleyball net. We launch balls. The condition is this: the balls must always be in the air, the fall of the ball is a minus point. Kids are ready to play this game for at least 20 minutes.

Moving contests for the New Year holiday

Moving children's contests are loved by all kids. If your family gathering is big enough to move around, you'll need a good set of suitable entertainment.


Buckets and snowballs are prepared in advance from cotton wool, synthetic winterizer or fabric, which are pulled with rain or a silver thread for beauty, as well as hardness. Those who participate are divided in half and stand in a line, back of the head to the back of the head. Each is given two or three snowballs. At a distance of several steps, plastic buckets are placed, into which players need to hit with snowballs. At the end there will be a count, the team that got the most snow won.

Rope Walkers

Young and not so young guestsare divided into two groups and stand behind each other, a snake. Large ropes are stretched out in front of them. The competition is held in several stages, each time increasing in complexity.

  1. Relay. The first one goes along the rope without falling to the floor. Then, he returns to the end of the rope, the next one goes.
  2. Snake. Grasping the belt of the person in front, the players must walk along the rope in both directions.
  3. Participants turn their backs and one at a time go back and forth on the ropeway, as in the first case.

Steps should always be small, especially when walking individually, large ones will not be counted. Instead of large teams, you can divide into families, but with an equal number of people.

"Cat and Mice"

You will need an elastic band of at least 3-4 meters, the ends of which must be tied. A cat is selected, the rest stand in a circle inside the elastic band, which they lower on their ankles. The cat sits in the center and sleeps. The music sounds, everyone is dancing, they walk clockwise (other times you need to change direction), as soon as it turns off, the cat wakes up, and the mice should jump out of the rubber band. The last one left will be the cat.

Everyone returns to the circle again, we put on an elastic band under our knees, the music sounds in the same way until the cat wakes up and the children jump out. The next time we place the rubber band on the belt, then on the back, then on the neck and last of all on the arms raised up. You can change the cat yourself every time or not change at all.


Participants are divided into two halves and given out along a long rope. Everyone must bind himself torope and pass it to another player in your group. It must be tied in loops or holes, but not by the hand or by the belt. And all the more it is necessary to ensure that no one has tied his neck. When the team is tied, they must call out the code word: "Family".

Quiet New Year games for kids

If the size of the apartment does not allow you to run fast and noisily, you can take the young contingent with quieter entertainment.


The one who will look for the ring is selected and goes out the door. The players stand in a circle, someone hides a ring for himself, everyone has their hands behind their backs. The exiting participant is invited, stands in the center of the circle and determines by the eyes which of them has a ring. In fact, it's easier than it looks, because the kids immediately give themselves away with their eyes and facial expressions.

"Height gauge"

We take any oblong objects and start measuring all the heroes. How tall will someone be in cucumbers? How big will it be in pillows? And how much will be the growth in the arms? Here are some examples for this family game:

  • in bananas;
  • in apples;
  • in soap bubbles;
  • in balloons;
  • in glasses;
  • in spoons;
  • in cars.

To make them more fun, they can figure out how to measure themselves. For completeness, everyone needs to issue a metric. Prepare beautiful postcards in advance, where to write: “My height” and list some items, and then enter the numbers. Just need to do it right away so as not to forget who has what size.

"It's me!"

The elders will ask questions, and the children must answer - "I"! Trick questions, but they won't expect it, at least not at first.

Who planted flowers? Who helped grandma? Who got bad marks?
Who cleaned the kitchen? Who walked the dog? Who didn't help mom?
Who was neat? Thank you? Did you forget your briefcase at home?
Did you clean up after yourself in the forest? Did you pull the girl's braid? Who picks his nose?
Who helped the parents? Cleaned up after themselves? Who painted on the wallpaper?
Who said hello?
Did the glass break? Who walked through the puddles? And who has dirty ears?

After the game, the participants must be praised.

Board games for the New Year holiday

For a calm and small company, calm New Year's games at the family table are offered.

At the table, too, as it turned out, people have fun. This can happen virtually without interrupting the holiday treat. New Year's games at the family table, of course, will be more intellectual in nature, but no less exciting.


Without warning of the target, children are blindfolded and asked questions:

  • How is the New Year's table set? That is, they must remember what is on it, what dishes, what plates, glasses, glasses, etc.
  • How many boys and girls are at the table?
  • What are the names of those at the table?
  • What the boys are wearing (each).
  • What the girls are wearing (each).
  • Who got what Christmas gifts?
  • What games for kids andadults were today (or what do you know)?
  • Who came in a ball gown?
  • Who's in Christmas costume?
  • How many parents are in the house?
  • What are they wearing?
  • Who is whose family?

The older generation can also be connected to the game, many will really like this entertainment. Only at the table with the family should be more careful with the kids.

Lottery with predictions

The lottery can be held at the table. On small pieces of paper, write the names of the participants several times and put them in capsules from under kinder surprises. Place in a large box or, if available, in a drum. The facilitator then asks a question and takes out a name. Sample questions:

Who this year:

  • Reveal a big secret?
  • Find money?
  • Fight with a friend?
  • Meet a friend?
  • Go on a trip?
  • Will be deprived of the gadget?
  • Will only get 5's?
  • Be famous?
  • Will he bully everyone?
  • Who will get a wish?
  • Who's in danger of slipping at school?
  • Who will have a lucky year?
  • Who will have a year of finds?
  • Who will be showered with gifts?

Funny and funny predictions for 2023 can be invented endlessly, the main thing is that none of them be offensive. In such games, the younger generation is always excited and suspicious, even in the family circle. And here is the children's New Year's lottery in verse.

Family workshops

Also, for little people, you can come up with various creative workshops. For example, this could beworkshop:

  • sculpting;
  • applications;
  • little cooks: you can make a salad or pizza together (of course, all products will need to be prepared in advance).
  • Christmas toys;
  • noise band.
  • Christmas poster.

All props must be secure and ready for the arrival of guests at the family celebration.

In conclusion

Both table family games and outdoor games are prepared in advance. All adults can be involved in the preparation by giving them tasks. Since we are dealing with children, do not forget about the prizes. We should not forget that children overwork in the process of fun and get tired quickly. 40-60 minutes of active action will be enough for them. Then you can feed them and move on to intellectual or creative games for children and adults.

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