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We always look forward to the New Year with great impatience, because this is a favorite holiday for both adults and children. Each family carefully prepares for it: they plan the New Year's menu, invite guests, buy outfits, think over the course of the event so that it does not turn into a simple overeating. New Year's table games for adults are the best option for those who have invited guests and want to have fun. If you yourself are embarrassed to act as a leader, it can also be determined at the table. Therefore, boldly and without hesitation, we appoint the most active of the guests as the person in charge of adult games. Well, preparing them will not be any problem.

Table of Contents

  • Games for a small company;
  • Competitions for a large company;
  • Christmas games at the corporate table;
  • Fun for unshy adults.

Christmas games for a small company

Table fun contests for the New Year holiday are easy to find, the main thing is to be able to adapt them to your company. If it is small, then entertainment should be selected accordingly.


You will need RC cars, twopieces. Two contestants prepare cars and a “track” to any point in the room, put a shot of vodka on their cars. Then, gently, without splashing, they try to roll it to their destination, where they can drink it. The game can be continued by bringing also a snack. You can also make it in the form of a relay race, for this you will have to split into teams, the first one must bring it to the point and back, pass the baton to another neighbor, the last player drinks a glass or what is left in it.

Cheerful artist

The host thinks something to the first player, he gets into a pose that characterizes what they thought without voicing it. For example: a person screwing a lamp. In turn, each participant must adapt to the previous one so that a picture emerges. The latter stands up like an artist with a brush and an easel for painting. He is also trying to tell what exactly he “depicted”. Then, everyone talks about their posture.

"I never" (or "I never")

This is a joke confession. Each of the guests invited to the corporate party begins to confess with the phrase: "I never …". For example: "I never drank tequila." But the answers should go up. That is, those who have already confessed to trifles should continue to talk about something deeper. Table confessions can be very funny, the main thing is not to get carried away, otherwise you can give out the most secret secrets.

Board games for a big fun company of adults

If a large party has gathered to celebrate the New Year, it is best to hold group, team competitions.

Let'slet's drink

The company is divided into two groups and stands in a row against each other. Each has a disposable glass of wine in their hands (it is better not to take champagne and strong drinks, as you can choke). Place the glasses in everyone's right hand. On command, they must drink their neighbor in turn: first, the last person drinks the penultimate one, the next one, and so on. As soon as the first has received his dose, he runs to the last and treats him. Whoever finishes first will be the winner.


A merry New Year's holiday is sure to have a lot of decorations. The company is divided into two halves, they are given a box of the same size. Also, each team receives a certain number of different things: Christmas decorations, candy wrappers, sweets, napkins, souvenirs, etc. It is necessary for a while and carefully put everything in the boxes, so that they close evenly without bulges. After a certain amount of alcohol, this is not so easy to do.

Which team folds things neater and faster, that one will be the winner. Quality should not suffer, if so, a vote should be organized from people not participating in the competition.


Guests at the New Year's table are divided equally and sit on chairs opposite each other. An apple is placed on the first player's lap, they must roll the apple over the lap from the first player to the last player without hands. If the fruit falls, the group loses, but they can redeem themselves by picking it up without hands and returning it to the beginning.


This will be a relay race.We install two stools, on the stools there are plastic glasses with an alcoholic drink. There should be as many as there are players. We divide the guests in half, it is possible by gender, and put one after the other, in front of each stool at some distance from it. Everyone's hands are behind their backs. Next to them we place a trash can. One by one, they run up to the chair, drink any of the glasses without hands, then run back, throwing the empty container into the trash and return to the tail of the queue. Only then can the next person run.

Games at the table for the New Year party

Entertainment program can be of the table type. This scenario is chosen for a more shy group of people.

Funny singers

For this game, you should prepare cards in advance with any words related to the holiday, alcohol, New Year's heroes, etc. For example: Christmas tree, Snow Maiden, snow, vodka, wine, sparks, candles, frost, Santa Claus, gifts. Then a presenter is selected who will appoint a player, pull out a card and voice the word itself. The selected person must sing a verse or chorus featuring that word in the song. No more than 10 seconds are given for reflection. This game can also be played by splitting into teams, the result will be more songs performed.


All the guests at the table stand in a circle. The leader has cards with the words "uh", "ah", "eh" and "oh". The player draws a card, and the rest make a wish to him. For example, he drew out: "oh." The team says "Hug three" or "Kiss three" or "Catchthree." Here is an example of multiple wishes:

  • Ah

"Walk on your hands";
"stand on your hands";
"share the news";
"dance in front of guests"; " sing in front of guests";

  • Wow

"Say compliments to everyone out loud";
"Scream that you are a mug";
"Kiss two at once";
"Crawl between two legs";
"tell your desires out loud"; "learn with your eyes closed";

  • Eh

"make everyone laugh";
"hug everyone";
"get everyone drunk";"feed everyone".

You can come up with cool answers indefinitely, the main thing is that the rhyme is observed.

Tell me about the host(s)

It's very simple here. Prepare questions for guests in advance, such as:

  • "What color are the mistress's eyes."
  • "Where did you meet her."
  • "The hostess's favorite dish."
  • "Natural hair color".
  • "Favorite word-parasite".

If this is a couple then:

  • "Where these people met."
  • "How many years have they lived together."
  • "Favorite vacation spot."


The first participant is given a pen and a piece of paper. He writes briefly his great desire: "I want that …". The rest enter only adjectives like: let it be fluffy, it should be iron, or just smelly, meaningless, and so on.

Very mature, funny and cool entertainment

Adult games at the New Year's table are not suitable for every company - this should be taken into account.But after a certain amount of time, you can try to offer them something from the repertoire below and further navigate the situation. Answers can be both serious and funny.

Christmas tree

For the competition, you need to stock up on Christmas tree decorations (preferably those that do not break) and clothespins. First, attach all the toys by strings to clothespins. Several couples of the opposite sex are called, the men are blindfolded, for a certain period of time they must hook as many toys as possible on women's clothes. The game can be “diluted” by changing pairs and removing clothespins from other women. You can also change their roles - women will dress up men. And do not forget to evaluate each Christmas tree, because the one who has the most elegant one will win, and only then, to the stormy applause of the company, take off the toys.

Fairy tale

Any short fairy tale is selected, All participants of the New Year's table become in a circle, leaving the center free. An author is appointed who reads a fairy tale, for example, "The Three Little Pigs", it is not very short, but can easily be reduced to a page. Then everyone, in a circle, chooses a role for himself. And not only animated characters, but also natural phenomena or objects. Wood, grass, even the phrase "they lived - were" can be beaten.

The story begins: Once upon a time - there were (went or went "lived - were") three piglets (went piglets). The sun was shining in the sky (the sky is shining, holding the sun in its arms). The piglets were lying on the grass (the “grass” lay down, or rather three grasses, on itpigs fell down), etc. If there are few people, the released heroes in the form of grass can take on the following roles to continue the game.

You can act out not only a fairy tale, but also a song or a poem, or you can come up with your own funny stories.

Sweet Tooth

Several couples of the opposite sex are selected for the game. Men are blindfolded, women are placed on pre-prepared tables or chairs (sports mats). Napkins are placed over their body, on which chocolates without wrappers are left. Then a man is brought up to them, and he must find all the sweets without hands (respectively, without eyes). It is not necessary to eat them. To avoid embarrassment, it is best to call spouses or a real couple. But adults, especially at the New Year's table, with a good sense of humor, which is seasoned with a glass of champagne, usually have no problems.

Eat a banana

Multiple pairs are called. Men sit on chairs, squeeze a banana between their knees, women approach their couples and, hiding their hands behind their backs, must peel and eat it. Adults are given a certain amount of time for the procedure. Cucumbers can also be used instead of bananas.

In conclusion

New Year's games for a fun company should be prepared in advance. Especially if there will be a lot of guests and among them there will be unfamiliar people about whom you need to learn as much as possible. Entertaining competitions at the New Year's table for adults are diluted with dancing or singing karaoke for a change.

Table games 2023 can be held both for interest and forincentive prizes. If you choose team adult games, then the counting of votes is done for each group. If the participants compete alone, encourage them with chips, and then according to the count of chips, the prize goes to the winner. The rest of the adults at the New Year's table will be content with consoling gifts.

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