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Corporate parties at work are a pleasant dilution of the labor process. And to make the banquet fun, you can prepare comic predictions for the New Year 2023 for employees. Since the company is an adult, predictions can also be adults.


  • Predictions for colleagues and colleagues
  • Predictions for friends
  • Funny predictions by zodiac signs

Predictions for colleagues and colleagues

To make the New Year's corporate party leave pleasant memories, prepare pleasant predictions for the coming year for each colleague and, of course, for the boss.

My dear colleague,
You are the most groovy here. The new year is waiting for you Large fish in the pond.
Loy alty in love and friendship, Life without sadness and troubles The coming year will bring.
Salary increase,
Gaining penates,
Meeting your destiny -
For you, my dear, The coming year has prepared, So that you would not be upset.
Yachts and cars
So that we drive in the new year,
We need to work together at the same time
Make a wish at once. And without unnecessary sentimentality Everything will be fulfilled instantly.
tool letwill be needed,
And the client is always obedient
Waiting for you in the coming year.It will be a successful new year.

Colleagues will obey,
Offer a lot of strategies,Business will go up the hill - This is the alignment that awaits you.
The service will be very easy,
Each of the orders is accurate. Both in the water and above the ground There will be peace for you and me.
Defeat the competition
We are not too sentimental.
The department will break ahead,
The big award is waiting. This year will be successful, We will hit the jackpot very tasty !
Vacation awaits you in the Maldives,
There are ebb and flow there. And more customers This new year brought.
You will curb your luck,
It will be like this, and not otherwise:
For work and patience
The boss will give you a raise. You are a very nice person, As a boss, you will be in charge.
Let's have fun,
Sing songs, whistle, dress up.New people with a task.
We will give them happiness,
Get high from this.

It will be smooth at work,
The coffee will be delicious, sweet.
And the client is always satisfied
And you are set to pay for everything. In general, you wait, friend, miracles - An angel will descend from heaven.
New cars will come,
There will be new showcases,
Expansion is coming -
In the coming year.
Chef, it's a prediction for you,
Guess- ka desire,So that everything goes well,Brought a lot of money.
There will be a new office.
Chairs, shelves, internet.
This year is coming.
Be ready, friend, for everything,
This is what I need for you: You will be the main one with us,Request a report once an hour.
This coming year
Will be greedy for troubles,
Failures and troubles,
If you are not a parasite. Profit is waiting for us all big, Here such a story.
Directions, transfers,
Documents, flight -
This is all waiting for the military,
In the coming year. shoulder straps again marks -
This will also bring
For the military the new year.
We pay attention,
What is charm,
As it is here,
Hardly exists anywhere else.
So we want to say, it
There will be no one left.
Love will come in the new year,
And young blood will boil. We will celebrate the wedding and Congratulate our colleague.
Disperse, by God,
Predictions way!
You will be happy in the new year,
Well, you are very beautiful.
In an Armani wallet
There will be money in your pocket.
And to you in the coming year
Replenishment is coming. We will have a rich boss And raise everyone's salary.
Loy alty in love and friendship,
Money full of money,
And a bit of luck - Bring with him here This coming year.
We bring the good news -
In the new year we will not be able to count
We orders and customers,
We will throw competitors behind.
We will overtake them in everything,
We will enter the top three. And for this we will immediately The salary will increase three times.
Better not mess with the boss,
You look at him -
He sits very seriously,
He is sad and veryformidable.
To cheer him up,
We need to pour him a drink. And say that the new year - Bring a lot of money.
Get rid of your thoughts,
Buy a suit soon -
You will be our new boss.
Why? What's the question? Because Santa Claus brought a raise.
There will be customers in the new year,
Competitors will go bankrupt,
Profits will flow like water,
Rake as soon as possible. Therefore, in the new year We are very lucky waiting.
Year 20 is coming to us,
This is what he brings with him:
Lonely - all the love,
So that the blood boils.
PromotionTo those who are very friendly with the boss.
Full purse of dough, To make life easy.
The New Year brings you
A lot of joyful troubles.
There will be a departure soon,
Moving to a new office. apparatus.
You will be our new boss -
But do not turn up your nose.
Boss, you are a very brave guy,
Very dexterous and skillful.
Customers love you very much,
And competitors are afraid.
Coming this year
Many will bring money,Deals, meetings, flights - All pleasant worries.
Cabinet renovation,
Banquet celebration,
New key from the apartment,
And good luck warm ray - This brings you everything This coming year.
Non-working Saturdays,
Easy reports at all,
For all willing clients,
Weakening competitors - Yes, this is coming soon for all of us - In the coming this year.
Waiting for you and me in the new year
A sea of joyful worries. clientsinspire
We are on new achievements,
To come to us for a solution.

The New Year brought with it
A lot of money, and the boss
I didn’t immediately believe in happiness,
I checked everything three times,
And then he immediately
Raised the premium five times. Let it be so in the new year, Let the profit come to us.

Predictions for friends

Give your friends a festive atmosphere by preparing bright and unusual predictions for them. And do not forget to wish them that everything said will come true.

In the new year you will be
Joy, happiness will not decrease.
There will be a full house of guests,
Catch the prediction.
In the new year, we will
We will bring you to cleanliness:
Profit will flow like a river,
You will be forever young. all five!
I know you will have a
A cool family of your own.
There will be a wife and a daughter,
And two little sons. this year.
I see it will be in the new year
Many joyful worries -
Home and vacation, and car,
Conquered peaks. Let there be a big income And beautiful ship.
Dear friend, I’ll tell you:
I value friendship very much.
The year is preparing for you
Your long-awaited campaign.
to meet.
May you succeed in everything, The main thing, brother, is not to be shy.
I want to tell you,
You will be waiting soon
Happiness, joy and love,
And the blood will boil in the veins. You will be happy, my friend,The world around will be a fairy tale.
ATnew year your wish
It will exceed all expectations.
Everything will come true in full -
All dreams, not just one. Happiness will come to your house And take love with you.
Friend, do you know what
Has been waiting for you for a long time?
You will buy a car soon,
Conquer your peak.
And you will find your love,
With her you will be happy again. You will have joy, You will live, loving the whole world.
I will give a prediction,
What a wish will come true,
What has been in the heart for a long time,
Where it is very dark.
There will be a happy new year,Joyful, a little fussy.
But luck will be there And love will be your reward.
Friend, I'll tell you a secret:
There is no better friend in the world.
And success in all matters.
There will be a new car,
Conquered peak.
A lot of money in the wallet,
House key on the keychain.
I'll tell you your fate:
You will drive a Porsche.
You will be perfect in sex,
Only Calvin Klein clothes. In general, you will be cool,Stylish, fashionable, young.
In the coming year
I will tell your fate:
Loy alty and good luck in friendship. Money is a full wallet, You will be happy you, friend!
That's what I'll say, my friend,
The circle of the night will open,
And it will be in the hand
From we alth in the chest The key is small like this. Happiness let it be with you.
The prediction is ready:
And it promises this:
Joy, happiness and success,
Peace and ringing children's laughter. You will have a family, You will shine with happiness.
Prediction now
I will open it for you at once.
You will be very happy.
Kind, smart and beautiful. And you will achieve everything You will himself a king.
Friend, I'll tell you
And show you the whole truth.
Expects you,
I'll tell you everything, not hiding.Hot, passionate Italian,
And you will be God in the kitchen,
You will bake a big pie.

Joy, happiness, peace and take-off awaits you this year.
At work - a promotion,
All desires - fulfillment. A high income awaits you,You won't be alone.
In the new year there is a prediction -
All wishes will come true. There is no end to the girls, You will live to a hundred years.
I want to tell you:
You will have to acceptJoy, happiness and success,To impress everyone.
You will soon become a champion
And a dream come true. You will always be happy, The years will save you.
You will be a hero in the new year,
Stand up for your family. You will be very happy, Your dreams will come true.
You will always be beautiful,
And smart, and very sweet. In the new year you will be happy, Joyful and loved.
I want to tell you:
You will win soon.You will be on top,You will fly to your dream.
You will have a good one
A beloved and handsome husband. Will be stately and tall.

Soon you will buy a car,
Conquer your peak.
You will win the lottery,
You will become better, he althier. It will all come to youcoming this year.
Will be with you in the new year
Joy, happiness and peace. And dreams will come true - You will get married soon.
You will be lighter than a light doe,
In a dress made of beautiful fabric. You will be happy in the new year, You are joyful and beloved.
In the coming year
Love will come to your house. And give ringing laughter, And success in your affairs.
I want to predict you
Joy in your destiny. Fulfillment of desires - The best of predictions.
Believe me, a miracle will happen -
You will be happy soon. with you,
After all, you are skillful in bed,
A clever guy, very brave.

Funny predictions by zodiac signs

Predictions by zodiac signs are a great way to congratulate a friend on the upcoming holiday. This option is suitable for both employees and friends.


In the new year, Capricorn
There will be a lot of money.
And he will be lucky in business
It will be, whatever one may say.
Let him follow him good luck walksLet him bring profit.


Aquarius is fine -
Shirts are clean and tidy.
He will be on top,
Happy and clean.
And also in his pocket Full wallet with money.


Do not be shy let the fish -
Vacation will be in the Caribbean,
There will be a full house of happiness,
Raise later.
Let the fish have fun -Sadness doesn't suit them.


Although you are very stubborn,
Let's say, rams, webluntly:
Don't be afraid of anything,
Get your way
And go ahead,
You will figure it out later.
The New Year will be successful,Profitable, quite funny.


We know about you, Taurus,
You are a great businessman -
Always share everything honestly,
You will explain it to everyone appropriately.
Profit, happiness will bring.
And dreams will come true,
Only believe in them.


Although the guys are not simple,
Gold of all trades.
Twins luck awaits,
Life has a new twist,
Profit and love to the grave,May you both be happy.


Prediction for you cancer
Can compose, master.
He will be successful,
Happiness, ringing children's laughter.
Promotion at workAnd pleasant worries.


This sign, it is not simple,
A lion with a golden skin.
His posture is regal,
The look is heavy, weighing from a tank.
But in the future awaits him
Joy and love all year long.
We need to believe in him - He will achieve his goal.


Although this sign is soft,
But in fact, everything is not so.
New Year judges victories,
A new home for you and your neighbor.
A more profit awaits you - In the coming year.


Everything is used to measuring,
Trust your feelings.
Know that you are at the gate
Joy and good luck awaits.
And also success in business,Believe happiness is in the little things.


A very difficult sign,
Strict, strong, businesslike.everyone.
Happiness will come to his house,
And good luck awaits him.


Although the character is explosive,
He is good and simple.
In the new year, let this sign
Wear together on hands.
Let his praise be sung , Care, love, cherish.

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