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Christmas forfeits for adults are suitable for any company of people, whether it is a close circle of friends or colleagues working together. Table forfeits for the New Year's company will help not only relax and have fun, but even the most unfamiliar company will get closer.

In this article:

  • Christmas forfeits for colleagues;
  • Assignments for friends;
  • Testing on the street.

Forfeits for colleagues at New Year's corporate party

Colleagues holding a corporate party in public places or in offices most often invite a host. But if they get bored or there is no host at the holiday, you can bring the time yourself in a fun and interesting way. Merry forfeits for adults will help you with this.

"Kiss the boss"

This player needs to kiss the boss, no matter if it's male or female.


This person needs to repent of his sins before the boss, think carefully before taking such a step.


Tell all colleagues about some professional secret.


You should give your boss a back massage orsenior in rank.


Working in the same office, people rarely hug and even exchange pleasantries. You have such a task: you need to hug each of those present with good words in the shortest possible time and say something good to everyone.


Declare your love to the most beautiful girl, woman (boyfriend, man) in the office and ask for a date.


Depict for everyone a pig in all its glory in his pigsty, show how she eats, how she rolls in a puddle.


Eating a banana is very sexy, without hands, you can squeeze it between the legs of an assistant or an assistant.

"Pop your booty"

The player needs to quickly inflate the balloon, tie it up and burst with his fifth point, leaning with all his weight.


A man needs to collect as many kisses on his face as possible. If the task went to a woman, then she should collect as many little things as possible that every man keeps with him, such as lighters, cigarettes, keys.

"Work makes a man"

A person needs to collect all the dirty dishes from the table and take them to the kitchen, so to speak, to help the kitchen workers.


This phantom should go to the kitchen of the institution (or to the kitchen where the event takes place) and bring (or organize) some tasty treats in two minutes. Guests should definitely try and appreciate the dish.


The player must give everyone present a compliment, by which the character of a colleague will be recognized. For example: youthe most modest, you are the most fashionable, you are the most insightful.

Guess it

A girl or a guy is blindfolded and employees of the opposite sex are put in front of him. He or she must guess by touch who is standing in front of him.


Those who drew this phantom must dance a slow dance on a paper napkin with a neighbor or table neighbor, regardless of their gender. You can’t get off the napkin during the dance.


Tell a funny joke, if the audience doesn't laugh you'll have to tell a second one.


In this task, you must apologize to those who offended you not so long ago. If there are none, due to your nature, apologize to the boss for different thoughts.


Name the non-deliveries of colleagues present at the New Year's holiday.


Praise your virtues publicly and make sure that every adjective is followed by a question, and the guests must confirm if it is.

"I'm a magician"

Wishes come true on New Year's Eve. You must make a promise to any of your colleagues on the first day of work to help them with their work.


Depict in a pose or in dynamics of anyone present here, whose character is recognizable by all.

Christmas Tree

You need to decorate any participant like a Christmas tree. Make toys using improvised materials, for example: insert stacks on legs between your fingers, and put napkins on snowflakes.

“Guess the tune”

Performverse and chorus of any song (or department anthem, if any) replacing the words in the verse with “yum-yum”, and in the chorus with “oink-oink”. The rest have to guess what the song is.

"Portrait of the boss"

Draw a portrait of the boss with your eyes closed and give it to him.

"Fairy Tale"

Tell the fairy tale "Kolobok" replacing all the characters with employees, including the bun itself.

"Je ne mange pas six jours…"

Go with hat in hand and collect as much money as possible from those sitting at the table.


In one minute, collect as much as possible from the guests on any item of clothing and put everything on yourself.


Imagine that you are a toad and squat to move around the room, all the time, croaking and eating flies.


Sing the song "I'm a chocolate bunny", offering guests a try.


Give the dates of the birthdays of those present, at least approximate.

Forfeits for friends in the apartment

Guests in the apartment at the New Year's feast will be happy if on New Year's Eve you please them not only with an excellent snack of the festive table, but also with entertainment events. For fun, you can play forfeits with them. Cool New Year forfeits will help to cheer up any company.


In one minute, remember at least 50 authors writing books in any genre. It can be prose writers, lyricists, historians, novelists, detective writers and even poets.


With the help of friends who will be yours"Actors-paints" you need to draw a picture of a famous artist, for example "Three heroes", if you want a picture "with peppercorn", you can try to depict the scenes of "Sodom and Gomorrah".


In a minute you must persuade at least three girls at the New Year's table and put on them the Can-Can dance, for 20 seconds.

"Without memory"

Go out onto the balcony and ask passers-by what century, year and date it is.


Depict the animal during molting, how it loses hair, how it reacts.

Lion Hunter

It is necessary to show a male lion during the hunting period for some weak, but very fast animal and "eat" him.


You need to show a male gorilla at puberty with all the ensuing consequences. For example, how he looks at females, how he feels at the same time, etc.


Show guests Adriano Celentano trampling grapes in the movie "Grump", but found under their feet instead of grapes, dung.


The dacha season will not come soon, but the images of ardent fans of this business are so vivid that they remain in memory for a long time. Depict the summer resident himself, let other guests guess what you are planting.

"The old" night butterfly "on the street" Red Light District "

Even if you've never seen this kind of painting, it's easy to show you an old "moth" offering itself on the street.

"Symbol of the coming year"

You will need to show the symbol of the New Year in all its glory, walk around the hall inthis image, produce an accurate voice sound that would be recognizable.


In one or two minutes you need to compose a poem, stand on a stool and tell everyone loudly and with expression.


Pick up any woman. (Choose a woman, of course, is light and thin.)


Organize a choir that will perform the chorus of the Russian folk song "Kalinka" (Kalinka-Kalinka-Kalinka is mine, in the garden there is a raspberry-raspberry berry…)

"Great singer"

Remember 10 songs about the New Year in a minute.

"I am a crow"

Scream out the window or balcony 5 times: "I'm a crow, kar-kar!"

"Fairy Tale"

From those around you organize the fairy tale "Turnip". To make it more interesting, prepare costumes in advance, for more laughter, you can mark the roles of men and women.


We should dress up as a gypsy and tell fortunes to the whole honest company.


Make a delicious cocktail out of any three ingredients and give it to your friends.

Phant "Transition of the move"

You are free from the fulfillment of desires, but to give the task to another person, and funnier.


Thrice enter the image of a celebrity and show guests who have to guess who exactly you "created".


Choose a partner and feed an apple without hands.


Ask 10 questions to guests in a minute and get an answer. If you made a mistake, drink a hundred without handsgram.


Eat fruit slices on a flat plate with eyes closed and hands off.


Choose an assistant and try to make him laugh, respectively, he should not laugh.


You must choose one or a group of people silently, without uttering a word, to create a sculpture of them that will be recognizable. For example, Peter I on horseback.


This person should give a ride on all fours to one of those present at the celebration, shouting “yigo.”


You are destined to be the toastmaster at the New Year's party all evening, spend a couple of games, make toasts. The only way to pay off is if someone at the table volunteers to take on the role.

Fants on the street

If an adult group of friends got bored of sitting within four walls, you can get dressed and take a walk on the street, pulling out funny forfeits. It should be remembered that New Year's forfeits for adults should not only amuse the company, but also be safe for all players.

"Loving Man"

You must confess your love to every passer-by you meet on the way. If the task went to the representative of the stronger sex, then the oncoming men should be hugged, and kneeling in front of the women. And if a lady, then vice versa.


We need to come up with a difficult riddle and for the sake of fun, guess it for three passers-by in turn.


You are the director, passers-by are your troupe, even if they are not yet aware. Ask strangerswith each other passers-by portray lovers. To do this, stop any man and any woman.

"Hidden Camera"

Play a passer-by, and then point to any place and say: "Smile, you were hidden by a hidden camera." For example, you can faint in front of him, or on your knees and ask for forgiveness for allegedly some misconduct.

"Not enough for a bottle"

Dress more modestly and stand in a crowded place with an outstretched hand. Without fanaticism, of course, but still you need to bring at least a couple of coins.


Today you are lucky, make a wish and indicate who from your company will have to fulfill it.

"I fell into childhood"

On the central Christmas tree or in a crowded place, recite a poem out loud or sing a song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest." The singer must definitely gather spectators, at least a couple.

"Round dance"

You need to organize a children's round dance around the Christmas tree in a crowded square. As a musical accompaniment, you can choose the song "It's cold in the winter for a little Christmas tree."


Drink with passers-by of the opposite sex champagne for brotherhood. Take the bottle with you.


Slide down the hill three times in a minute. To cope with the task, you should choose a smaller slide.

Pair Skating

Slide down the hill, take a person of the opposite sex with you or ask him for a bun or sled.

"How to quickly warm up"

We need to find our whole company for a cup of coffee, “to warm up.”


Play the role of the president under the Christmas tree, make a speech and congratulate everyone passing by loudly like him.

"Train Engine"

Arrange a train around the Christmas tree, first collect all of your own, then hook on unfamiliar "wagons" along the way. We need to gather as many people as possible on our New Year's train.


Interview 10 people you meet who should tell you about their plans and hopes for the next year.


Invite the men to pull the rope and, of course, the winner should receive a prize from you. If the player is a girl, then a kiss on the cheek is enough, and if the player is a man, then the winner cannot be released without 100 grams.


The player must ask at least 3 people they meet to tell a joke.


Arrange mass ball rolling for a snowman on the square or build a snowman yourself. If there is no snow, then you need to make a snowman from improvised materials.


You should stand on a hill and loudly predict to all Russians their near future for a year.


The way from the house to the square where the Christmas tree is located is to pass with your back. Friends, of course, should help you for the sake of safety.


For men: kiss the hand of 5 women you meet. For women, kiss 5 men on the cheek.


Rush on the neck of a passer-by, say his name, kiss him or shake his hand, depending on your and his gender, and then say: “Sorry, I misunderstood.”


Makestar from sparklers and, with the help of friends, set it on fire at the same time.


Depict drunk, swinging and singing songs. We must try not to offend anyone.


Scare 5 people with a loud, deliberate sneeze next to their ear. Then immediately apologize.


Give out sparklers to people with different wishes. There must be at least 10 lights.

Flash Mob

Arrange a small flash mob under the Christmas tree.


Meet a passer-by of the opposite sex.


Get a compliment from 10 passers-by in a minute and a half.

"Symbol of the Year"

Pretend to be the symbol of the year (with imitation of voice and gait and go around the street tree 3 times).

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