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A varied, beautifully decorated New Year's table is one of the most important decorations of the holiday. And it is on this holiday that we try to cook only the most delicious and favorite dishes, occasionally adding a couple of new salads, trying to surprise the guests. sometimes he tries to please the guests with "overseas" delicacies, but all the same, only parents of small children will have a special attitude to the festive table. For babies who have not reached the age of 5-6, a separate children's New Year's menu is required.

It has long been no secret to anyone that it is after the New Year and Christmas holidays that there is a noticeable increase in patients in the infectious diseases departments of the hospital, and it is especially sad that this percentage also affects young children.

In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to carefully check the freshness of the purchased products, not to shop in dubious supermarkets and small shops where the goods are usually stale. Particular attention should be paid to the heat treatment of products, and of course, do not give the child s alted fish ordried (s alted) meat. Firstly, he will not appreciate such a delicacy, and secondly, such a tasting can lead to unpleasant and dangerous consequences.

Of course, it is very difficult to forbid a child to try a small piece of sausage, herring or juicy s alted tomato during such an event. If the baby is he althy, and he does not have allergic reactions, then a small portion of "harmful" food will not bring him any noticeable harm. And so that the baby does not overeat mayonnaise salad for adults, it is enough to feed him before the feast with his usual food.

In addition to the usual salads, together with the children you can cook a simple children's dish, or bring it to visit with you. Instead of mayonnaise, you can use natural yogurt or low-fat sour cream in it, do not add spicy foods and spices. And the laid out salad in the form of a Christmas cracker or Christmas tree will really please the baby.

The child's attention can be switched to chopped fresh vegetables or a salad of them, he althy fruits, such as a banana, can be cut into ringlets on a plate and offer the child forks and a safety knife.

But as for mushrooms and seafood on holidays, it’s not worth the risk, it’s better to postpone the “sampling” for another time. These products are very allergenic, and can adversely affect the he alth of the child. This list also includes olives and olives, because they will also contain a large amount of s alt.

New Year's holidays are a great joy for the baby, and it is important that he remember the bright and iridescent tinsel, and not the hospital ward in the infectiousdepartment. That is why it is worth considering in advance the baby's diet during the holidays, so that the food is not only tasty, but also he althy.

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