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Christmas holidays are loved by children of all ages. And it's not just about gifts, but about the opportunity to have fun with a noisy company. Interesting games, funny tasks, funny forfeits - they are ready to take part in all this until the morning. New Year's forfeits for children are especially loved, which are both interesting, exciting and fun. Children's forfeits should be made taking into account age interests, therefore we offer tasks for both preschoolers and schoolchildren of primary and secondary grades.

In this article:

  • Assignments for children aged 5-8.
  • Assignments for children aged 9-12.

Fants for children 5, 6, 7, 8 years old

Preschoolers and younger schoolchildren are funny and playful kids who love different games, fun and contests. Table forfeits will help entertain both familiar and unfamiliar company. But even the easiest and funniest tasks always require the help of adults.

"Photo Portrait"

Merry forfeits invite you to look closely at the neighbor on the left, at the neighbor on the right, then blindfolded, describe how they look with full details of their appearance (moles, hair color, etc.). If the company is small, you can describe everyone.


Speaktongue twister (adults will enter the text, focusing on children).


Eat various fruits finely chopped on a plate without hands.

"I can do everything"

The leader pronounces the text, and the performer should repeat (show) it, but in motion. “I'm going to kindergarten, with my right hand I brush my teeth, and with my left hand I wash my eyes. With my left hand I comb my hair, and with my right hand I eat porridge. With my left hand I do exercises, with my right foot I swing, with my left hand I stroke my tummy after breakfast. With my right foot I wave, my left hand is charging again, with my right I comb again. With my left hand I drink milk, with my right hand I put on my pants, and with my feet I go to school, and now I have a ski on one leg and a roller skate on the other.”


Organize a train and ride all the guests through the rooms. Prerequisite: do not demolish anything in your path.


To beautifully describe today's children's holiday in 60 seconds.


Cover up with a blanket, choose a lion cub and sing the children's song "The Lion Cub and the Turtles".


In 60 seconds, share how you spent the week, describe the daily schedule, starting in the morning and ending in the evening.


Fulfill the wish of the player second from the left.


Friends have to hide some object in the room, and the player has to find it using hot and cold prompts.


Come up with harmless nicknames for everyone, including yourself, and call each other like that until the end of the eveningfriend.


Pantomime how a bear hibernates and sleeps in winter.


Tell a quatrain about the New Year holiday.


In the task of 5 words, come up with a fairy tale.

Words: "Forest, hut, boy, beast, Baba Yaga."


Blindfold draw a Christmas tree.


Laughing for two minutes for no reason is sure to make your friends laugh.


This participant of the New Year's holiday should eat a cake without hands, while the child should stand on his feet, and the cake should lie on a chair.


Stay on one leg for a minute, you can bounce, without touching the floor. In case of touch, 10 seconds are added.


Draw, holding a pencil between the toes, a portrait of any of the guests, pointing to it to the others.

"Signal interpreter"

Choose a partner who will tell any short fairy tale or poem, and the phantom will have to show him in silent language with different movements.

"Master of the Year"

Congratulate guests on behalf of the host of the year according to the Japanese calendar. Everything should fit and gait, and mannerisms, and voice.


Remember 10 any fairy tales, cartoons, films for children, where we are talking about winter, Christmas or New Year. Host example:

  1. "12 months",
  2. "The Nutcracker",
  3. "Winter's Tale",
  4. "Snow Maiden" (from the cartoon "Well,wait"),
  5. "The Snow Queen",
  6. "The Adventure of Vitya and Masha",
  7. "Morozko",
  8. "Last year's snow melted",
  9. Zimovie.


Remember 10 songs about winter, Christmas or New Year. Host example:

  • "Three White Horses",
  • "Tell the Snow Maiden where you were",
  • "Song of Santa Claus" (from the cartoon),
  • "If there was no winter",
  • "Snowflake",
  • "Ice ceiling",
  • "5 minutes",
  • Umka,
  • "A Christmas tree was born in the forest",
  • "Little Christmas Tree".

"Fashion Show"

Arrange a fashion show using the assembled guests. If they are not very elegant, you should stock up on various wardrobe details and dress them up. Talk about children's costumes, show all their beauty on the catwalk.


Come up with 5 new decrees on behalf of the President and announce them by entering the appropriate role.


Show the Snow Maiden or Snowman who began to melt with the arrival of spring and the first rays of the sun.

"12 months"

List the 12 months first from 1st to 12th and then vice versa.

"Christmas costume"

To make a cool New Year's costume from improvised materials.

Fants for children from 9 to 12 years old

Children aged 9, 10, 11 and 12 are very fond of New Year holidays and various fun games and contests. Connect them not only to the process of holding the event, but also to the preparation for it, and they will be happy.The children will be able to pick up cool details for children's New Year's contests, and perhaps even suggest interesting ideas. But leave the children's New Year forfeits as a surprise, because the children love them so much.


This player needs to show everyone how he juggles three apples or oranges.


Depict with the help of guests such plot tasks:

  • "Three heroes".
  • "Monument to the Janitor".
  • "Kitten from Lizyukov Street" (remember exactly how it is depicted).


Sing the song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest" in rap style, be sure to dance while doing it.


The player is given two minutes. In the first minute, he must tell how he spent the week, describe the daily schedule: from morning to evening. For the second - tell the same thing, only the opposite, you should start from tonight and end in the morning a week ago.


Design a short movie script with your friends, with a happy ending.


Come up with simple moves and show them to everyone, then dance together to the music.

"I love everyone, I praise everyone"

This phantom should be told the best about everyone present, making compliments.

"Pretty Woman"

Childly depict in front of an imaginary mirror how adult women put on makeup, from start to finish, and not just one eye or one lips.


In the task 5 nouns, 5 verbs, come up with a fairy tale.

Nouns: “Forest, night, sorceress, magic, princess.” Verbs “I hid, saved, ran away, cried.”


Show pantomime morning awakening and getting ready for school.


Cook for a certain period of time from what is on the table a fruit salad and treat your friends, waiting for an assessment of your skill. Remember to wash your hands before cooking.

"Caring friend"

Tie a towel to the neighbor on the left, instead of a napkin, and blindfold feed him.


Create a Christmas tree from any guest. Dress up with improvised materials, napkins, spoons, etc.


Within a minute, name 10 cities (you can also countries) with the letter "A".


Make all the guests laugh. You can show pantomime or come up with some kind of joke.


For a certain amount of time (depending on the guests), say the names of friends in reverse.

"Ball pop"

Place a balloon between your legs and pop it.


Tell your friends about your prank that you haven't told anyone about yet.

"Dance of the Little Swans"

Put on a tutu, a bonnet and dance the dance of the little swans. You can also wear butterfly wings or something else funny.


Choose a partner for two or three minutes to repeat the movements after him. For example, it can be a children's pantomime of dressing before a holiday or a dinner party.meals.


Walk around the entire apartment without turning around once. If the player has turned, then it is necessary to pass on a new one.

The Twins

Choose your partner. Children need to stand shoulder to shoulder, hug each other by the waist with one hand. With their free hands, they will have to eat, feed each other and walk around the room like Siamese twins.

"Chicken Ryaba"

Tell the story by showing and playing each character, including the author, yourself.

"Jolly Singer"

Sing any modern song with different sounds: "oink-oink", "be-be", "woof-woof".


Show how a chick hatches from its egg and how it takes its first steps.

Rope Walker

Depict a tightrope walker with his eyes closed, who passes through the room. At the same time, you need to do the same “pas” as a circus artist can supposedly do.


Interview an adult, like your dad or mom, asking questions about either of their childhoods.


Prepare 10 questions in a minute that will only have “yes or no” answers and in the second minute, ask them very quickly to your friends, for example, from right to left.

"Nesmeyan (a)"

Survive 2 minutes without laughing once. At this time, friends in every possible way should make the player laugh, but without touching him with their hands.


Eating half a lemon neatly sliced on a saucer, explaining to everyone how delicious, sweet and great it all is.

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