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New Year's fuss often takes more time and effort than the celebration itself. But how pleasant this pastime is, which has become almost the most dominant part of the New Year celebrations. After all, there is so much to prepare, and gifts, and the New Year's menu, and outfit, and, of course, to organize a worthy festive decoration.

Agree, flags, snowflakes and tinsel are standard and a bit in the spirit of past years. In order to dilute and diversify the already familiar atmosphere with something new and unusual, consider various modern variations of New Year's decor.

New Year attributes of modernity


Beautiful candles will serve as a cozy and warm decoration in the spirit of magic. The dim light and aroma of candles is always associated with a certain mystery and mystery, which, by the way, coincides with the general atmosphere of the New Year holidays.

They can be placed on shelves and even on the floor, with vintage holiday-style coasters or just homemade candle holders - it's all up to your imagination. However, there is a very fat but, which should be taken into account by all parents: candles pose some threat to small children.residents, so families with children may want to consider alternatives.

""Candle decorated with cinnamon sticks, christmas decoration set""

Wreaths on the door

This decoration in the spirit of Catholic Christmas has become popular with us. Agree, a door or a fireplace framed with a special Christmas wreath looks unusually cozy and especially festive. In addition, recreating this New Year's masterpiece with your own hands will not take much effort and effort, and if you make it from spruce branches, it will bring an unsurpassed aroma to the whole house. In the classic version, attributes in the form of red satin ribbons must be present. But despite the ever-fashionable classics, you can let your imagination run wild.



Another cute and cuddly way to bring a sense of tenderness and warmth into your home. Dolls in the form of angels are bought in a decor store, they can also be sewn on their own or blinded, and there are no privileges for a certain material. They can be hung throughout the house, and you can also draw images of curly-haired saints on windows or mirrors.


Window Decor

One of the mostinteresting pre-New Year's affairs - window decoration. They can be decorated with kid-made puffs, homemade snowflakes, store-bought stickers, or fake snow.


Stair decoration

You can also do framing stairs or other architectural elements in the house, such as arches and columns, New Year's garland and other paraphernalia. Then the total atmosphere of the holiday will reign in the house.


Holiday cookies

It's no secret that delicious decorations look very high quality and homely. Therefore, if you make New Year's cookies in the form of Christmas trees, stars and gingerbread men, you will not lose - it is not only beautiful, but also a delicious and incredibly fragrant surprise. In addition, it will be possible to save on Christmas tree decorations. The brightness of the same cookies is easy to add with the help of icing and fantasy.


Spruce branches

When space does not allow you to place a full-fledged spruce, do not despair - now it is very important to decorate a house with dry or artificial Christmas tree branches. They, like an ordinary spruce, look harmoniously with the correspondingembellishments.


Thematic collages

Wall decoration will also serve as an original solution. Easy to decorate with colored paper applications, such as fir trees, in combination with garlands.

Gingerbread house

Emphasis can be placed on the decoration and table setting. An incredibly original and, moreover, an unusually tasty version of this, will serve as a gingerbread house, which is most often made, nevertheless, as a decoration, rather than as a delicacy. If you place a candle inside it, then a clearly palpable aftertaste of a miracle will appear at the table.


Christmas garland

Another great room decor option is to create a garland from improvised materials, for example, from New Year's cards. This simple decoration is incredibly colorful and unusually memorable. During the celebration, they can indulge in a warm state of nostalgia.


Chair decoration

An unexpected, but at the same time very stylish decoration, will be the decoration of furniture. In particular, the chairs are easy to decorate using fabrics, with Christmascolor or pattern, framed with bows and spruce twigs.


Festive serving

Where else would it be so important to create a festive atmosphere, if not at the beautifully set table itself? To achieve perfect harmony in its decoration, you can only place a few fresh spruce branches, with or without decor, putting them on the table or placing them in a vase, depending on the space on the table. Green branches can be decorated using the currently popular silver or gold sprayers.


gift boxes

In addition to its intended purpose, gift wrappings can serve as a bright home decor if they are correctly placed in accordance with their size and color.


Without exception, all of the above New Year's attributes, they will help create an incredible holiday for the soul and a warm atmosphere for receiving guests.

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