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The New Year holidays, which adults and children love so much, are just around the corner. Not far off are letters addressed to Santa Claus, the choice of gifts and their presentation. Buying outfits and developing a delicious holiday menu are just around the corner. And, of course, plans to decorate the premises where this big and fun holiday is to take place are not far off. Most of all, educational institutions, especially schools, are preparing for the event, because their main contingent is children, and children, as you know, are waiting for this event for a whole year. They dress up corridors and classrooms, decorate stands and ceilings, create various toys and New Year's posters. The creation of the latter will be discussed in our article.


  • Ways to decorate;
  • Inscription on the poster;
  • Competition between classes;
  • Kaleidoscope of ideas;

How to decorate a New Year's poster for school

Despite the fact that today there are a lot of beautiful posters for school on sale, a congratulatory project created by yourself will not leave anyone indifferent. Pupils, young and old, take part in such activities with pleasure. You can cook it well in advance.expected event.

Beading and knitting

Many children are engaged in creativity, the results of which can be quite successfully placed on posters. For example, girls weave beaded crafts, and the New Year theme can be taken as a basis. Children can create snowflakes, Christmas trees, or even New Year's characters - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

It is difficult, but possible, to attach such products to whatman paper. Crafts can be clamped with a stapler, but the grip will be only from the edge of the sheet. Or you can sew a hand-made craft with a thread in any planned place.

Girls who are engaged in knitting can knit openwork snowflakes. They can be glued with PVA glue.


If a targeted project, for example, is donated from a class to a teacher, school, then it can be decorated with bright photographs. For each photo, come up with different frames, drawn, woven from the same beads. If a surprise is being prepared for someone, photos can easily be found on a social page. Retro style posters look great, with non-color photos that are also easy to print on a simple printer.


Various applications can be attached to the New Year's poster at school. As a basis, you can take colored or corrugated paper, leather, scraps of fabric.

For example, the whole class can cut out a mitten, place their photo in its center and sign, then stick it to the paper. To make the mitten look festive, it should be decoratedsequins, ribbons and sequins. Or, for example, in the center of the sheet, you can place a beautiful Christmas tree made by yourself from green paper. Cut out paper balls, paste your small photographs in their center, only the face, and decorate the Christmas tree with them. Each child can make such balls-portraits at a technology lesson together with a teacher.

Congratulatory inscription on the poster

The letters on the New Year's poster can be drawn, pasted and voluminous. Everything can be used, except for broken Christmas toys, today this material is strictly prohibited in working with children, but beautiful and shiny sequins can easily replace it. To create easy-to-stick letters, you can use either colored paper and glue, or self-adhesive material.

To create three-dimensional letters, you will need corrugated paper, a brush and PVA glue.

3D letters are made as follows. The desired inscription is preliminarily created with a pencil, corrugated paper is taken and cut into strips, which are then carefully twisted into flagella. Next, dip the brush in PVA glue and moisten the paper strip with plenty of it, applying it to the stencil of letters. Top with glue again. This must be done carefully, as the paper is dyed under the influence of glue.

If, nevertheless, the paint has spread beyond the letter frame, you can cover this place with a crumbly gloss that will stick to the glue. Shiny sequins should be attached to wet material in different places, slightly pressing them with the back of the brush. To paper wellfastened, gently press it to the sheet throughout the inscription. At the end of the work, the letters should be allowed to dry completely.

Through the same technology, three-dimensional letters can also be made with cotton wool, and then covered with watercolors and sparkles.

Project competition

To make it more interesting for children to prepare a New Year's poster for the school, the school management needs to announce a competition with the availability of places and final prizes. Let every class strive to be the best. As a prize, you can organize a trip to the cinema by connecting parents or a parent committee to this event. They will help organize prize production.

Be sure to include diplomas in the competition, today this is relevant. In addition, they will decorate any portfolio of students or a class teacher. Moreover, you can submit an idea to the district administration so that a competition of New Year's posters for schools is announced on their serious face.

Several poster organization ideas

Posters don't have to be standard paper format, they can be made more creative. New Year's poster at school can be in the form:

  • large felt boots or mittens, from which various gifts and lollipops are visible;
  • Christmas tree cut from a stencil or glued together;
  • big, beautiful snowflake, containing both an inscription of a congratulatory character, and various pictures of the New Year theme;
  • window, behind which everyone will see a room with New Year's preparations: a Christmas tree and gifts;
  • Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, congratulatory inscriptions can be placed around the entire perimeter of the white hem of the heroes' coats. On the fur coat itself, various patterns or plots of a festive theme will look great;
  • volumetric hours, the area of which will accommodate both congratulations and applications. And in place of the dial, photos of children will look great.
  • Snowman and Snowwoman, on whose tummies everything fits!

Your fantasy is your friend! Do not be afraid to fantasize and come up with whatever you want. New Year's holiday at school is a time of joint creativity, parents and teachers should not forget about it.

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