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While everyone is raving about the magical atmosphere, decorating the windows with red and green decorations and buying heaps of gifts, you would rather cross the New Year holidays off the calendar completely. Here are six main reasons why it's normal to dislike the New Year holidays.

1. Tons of unnecessary garbage

If you're even slightly environmentally conscious and have at least a basic environmental sensibility, you should definitely hate the New Year holidays because they produce tons of unnecessary garbage. According to the EPA, about one million tons of waste is generated during the New Year holidays.

2. Terrible Christmas Hits

Of course, a few New Year's hits were successful, and you can listen to them more than once a year. But this is a meager percentage that does not matter. Most sweet Christmas carols are so desperate that every culturally based cell of yours dies. And, if you remember the carols, your culture shock will only multiply.

3. Shopping frenzy

A visit to any mall before the New Year turns into an open struggle for survival. Before you can make it to the supermarket for tenbuns, milk and eggs, you must go through several levels of fierce battles with aggressive customers. Not to mention the financial attack on your wallet. You just buy a bunch of things that your loved ones are really unlikely to ever need, spend much more money on them than you can afford, and you don’t even care if they use them, because you are in a position to euphoria from the fact that everything is behind.

4. Christmas madness starts earlier every year

It seems to you that as soon as the summer holidays are over, sparkling decorations and flashing garlands begin to sneak into the windows of shopping malls. And before you realize that long before the day when there is any semblance of winter, everything is flashing, glowing and fluorescing in an attempt to convince you that the New Year is just around the corner. Although, in fact, it is still far beyond the horizon…

5. An attack on your mental he alth

It is widely known that the peak of depression and suicide is rapidly increasing during the New Year celebrations. When you consider the combination of family visits, New Year's Eve stress, constant movement, piles of greasy food and financial burden, it's no surprise that so many people survive…

6. New Year's menu

If you care about how you look and how many folds you have around your waist, New Year's must feel like hell on earth. A bunch of sweets, cooked, practically, their sugar and fat, a plentiful menu and continued gluttony can put onshoulder blades and experienced fitness enthusiasts. Not to mention all of us.

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