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Teenagers are also children, and they also love New Year's celebrations and holidays. Our script for the New Year's holiday for grades 7-8 was created specifically for young people aged 14-15 years old, and will help the organizers to make New Year's holidays fun, modern and interesting for children. The program was developed taking into account the peculiarities of the age and interest of the audience and participants, so the script is based on competitions, games, dances, and of course - humor.


  • Santa Claus;
  • Presenter 1 (Year 2023);
  • Presenter 2 (Year 2023);
  • Snow Maiden;
  • Snow Queen;
  • Baba Yaga;
  • Robbers.

And now… a modern New Year's scenario!

Q1: Good evening, hello friends!

We are glad to welcome everyone to this festive hall, which is filled with sincere smiles and New Year's mood - today we are seeing off a good and positive last year, the symbol of which I will be at the holiday!

B2: But do not be sad - after all, very soon a young and promising, like me, 2023 will enter our homes.

B1: Well, we'll see if it's promising or not… But the year 2023was really productive - new sports victories, new teachers who are just starting their teaching career, but have already managed to please high school students. And the best thing about 2023 is the new girls who have graced the already beautiful half of high school.

B2: So, it's clear that everything about girls is out of rhythm. Don't get distracted from the topic. We are serious guys. You are the symbol of the past year, and I am the symbol of the future. Therefore, our task today is to make our holiday as positive and fun as possible.

Q1: Well, if so, what are we going to do to make people laugh?

B2: As always, we will invite guests, well, Santa Claus. Let's meet loudly, get presents, and go home.

Q1: Yes, it's kind of boring. Let's invite unusual guests.

Q2: Unusual? Cool, come on.

B1: So, to your applause, dear friends, we welcome guests!

(A phonogram sounds, the Snow Queen comes out, Baba Yaga (dressed in modern costumes) with robbers, they dance a modern dance.)

Let's go! Let's talk!
The holiday needs to be postponed,
We've been here before, So we'll hang out!

SNOW QUEEN: Line up everyone! The Snow Queen is young, slender, beautiful, harsh and capricious. I can't stand happy holidays - I love snowstorms, ice. To be afraid of the cold, and tremble with fear.

Oh, the most powerful, the best subjects are in front of you!
Baba Yaga is a folklore element.
They curse me, hag, and
I do evil in one moment, Let them know about it right away.

robber 1: Hello, old wreck, and you queen of the cold. Oh, and we hurried to the party, oh, and we got cold on the road!

THE ROBBER 2: Yes, and here they are - finally arrived to spoil the holiday of youth!

YAGA: Your coldness! But we don’t only know how to celebrate - for a whole year we taught high school students the skill of rudeness and vulgarity, arranged a glass-breaking championship, an olympiad in the knowledge of bad words, and competitions in the number of parent calls to school.

Sn.K.: Oh, straight A's! So, shut up, everyone shut up! Think let's go! How can we disrupt the holiday here, and so that no one dares to interfere!

ROIDER 1: Stop! We didn't agree! I don't work for free. What will be our salary? I'm interested in the fee, and don't be stingy - I know you're a rich aunt!

Sn.K: Don't worry. I will cry. And for starters, let's warm up. I'll rock you hip-hop, it'll be like a workout.

(The members of the dance group come out, perform a hip-hop dance or any other dance.)

B1: Listen, gentlemen, can we somehow agree with you so that you both have fun and we don’t feel sad?

Sn.K.: And what can you offer us, little men?

Q2: Many things - the limits of youth talents are endless. Life at the school is in full swing. Meet the young talents!

(An artistic number is performed: circus or vocal)

(Snow Maiden enters)

SNOW MAIDEN: Oh, I see, I came on time. Fun in full swing.I wonder if they are waiting for me here?

S.K: And we, by the way, are fine here without you. Look, they came or flew in, they wanted to celebrate.

robber 1: I don't like snowflakes. And even more princesses. So, one-two, the hall was freed from her person, quickly!

HIV 2: Oh well done, well said!

robber 1: Whatever they say, I'll do it, the main thing is to get paid.

Sn.: And I'm not going to leave - I've been waiting for a whole year for the moment to demonstrate my new outfit and a new ensemble of creative snowflakes - meet!

(First, the melody of the song "Watch" by Valeria sounds. The Snow Maiden sings.)

Here, I'm coming to you for a holiday,
There will be many different surprises,
Again the hall is filled with miracles
And we will be together
I believe that in our fairy tale there will be magic again. the schoolboy will say tick-tock again -
New Year is on the doorstep, have fun all the people.

(The melody stops. Rhythmic music turns on. An ensemble of “snowflakes” runs out - guys dressed in white skirts and T-shirts, crowns on their heads. A fragment of modern dance is dancing. At the end, they approach the robbers, throw them over their shoulders and carried out of the hall)

Sn.C: Hey, we didn't agree on that. You, harm, kind should be!

Sn: That's right. But the modern Snow Maiden must be able to stand up for herself!

YAGA: Forgive us, Snow Maiden! We want to stay on holiday. And return the robbers, they aregood!

Q1: Listen, let's get together mode problem.

Q2: How is that?

В1: And to make it fun and cool for everyone - let's play a game!

Sn: Okay, sorry everyone. Bring in the robbers!

("Snowflakes" bring in bandits.)

Sn: Tell me why should I forgive you?

Sn.K.: Because we love the holiday too. Also, my kids are very talented! Like the coach, that is me!

Sn.: If so, demonstrate!

(Robber Parkour (or Acrobatics))

Sn: Wow, great! I'll have to leave you!

YAGA (offended): And I was also preparing - I came up with my own game. So, we invite the smart and brave to participate!

Balloon Dance Contest

(Pairs are formed - 5; each pair is given a balloon, which the couples need to hold without hands between their foreheads, then between their backs and dance to the music; the couple that lasts with the balloon the longest wins. Robbers also take part in game)

Sn.: Well done guys.

HIV 1: Didn't think it would be this fun to play.

ROBBED 2: That's because the game is a dance game.

S.K.: You guys didn't get it, did you give up?

NAUGHTER: What about S.K.'s money?

robber 1: We thought there are a lot of beautiful girls at the party, why do we need money? We'd better stay here, hang out together!

SK: Well, if so, then I will prove that I can spend the holidays. The Kings of the Dance Contest is Announced!

YAGA: This is the one with mybroom! Come on, we invite you to the contest!

Kings of the Dance Floor Contest

(Participants are assigned to the teams of the Snow Queen and the Snow Maiden. The Sn team invites 5 girls, and the S.K. team invites 6 guys; pairs are formed, one guy dances with a broom; a musical composition sounds, stops, the task is to change partners. Someone "as a partner" gets a broom. The one who danced with a broom three times is eliminated.)

SNOW MAIDEN: Well done, friends! And you, the Snow Queen, came up with really cool entertainment.

Sn.K.: The holiday is in full swing. A new year is already on the threshold. But Santa Claus couldn't come. A whole hall is waiting for him - he wants a real carnival.

Hurry up, knock on the window.
We've been waiting for you for a long time.
Hey, grandpa, old prankster You come come to us for a holiday!

Sn: Well, old woman, you give. Who calls Grandpa like that? Haven't you read fairy tales?

В1: All together, together, you need to call Grandpa.

B2: Welcome to the New Year 2023, D.M. calling!

(Together they call D.M. Call signs sound, D.M. “rides out” on a cool wooden deer, consisting of a head and a stick - a saddle)

DM: Take me, deer, according to my luck, lead me, deer, according to my command. Oh, wait, the GPS-navigator showed that the holiday will take place here. Then, welcome to all young people!

Sn.: Hello Grandpa. Where have you been for so long?

DM: Well, where, where? In a hardware store. Here, I bought a brand new speaker for my laptop.

Sn.K: What is it and why?

DM: We,modern D.M. we keep up with the times. Everyone thinks I'm old, but I'm not. For a whole year I taught modern dances - hip-hop, tin-tonic, break-dance, and today I brought a whole ensemble of my friends to you for the holiday.

The New Year is in a hurry to us, friends
Christmas tree and gifts, and, of course - I
I will sing songs, we will dance.The whole evening on the dance floor to rock!

(Artistic number - "Break dance from Santa Claus", performed by guys dressed in matching costumes.)

Sn.: Cool, grandpa, didn't expect from you!

Let's keep having fun,
It's a sin to be bored today.
Let them ring today Songs, music and laughter.

DM: Attention everyone! A Christmas surprise awaits you. The contest "Miss Crystal Slipper" is announced.

Competition for girls “Crystal Slipper”

Sn: Today there are many beautiful girls in the hall, dressed in beautiful New Year's dresses, with hairstyles, and waiting for beautiful princes. Girls will compete in the Miss Crystal Slipper tournament and only one will be able to win this crystal slipper.

(S. and D.M. choose 7-8 participants from the girls present.)

Sn: And the members of the jury will be the Snow Queen, Santa Claus., Snow Maiden

Z: The first nomination is called “La Solca”. Participants need to sing a song under karaoke.

(The competition is underway, the jury gives points.)

Z: The next stage is “Nimble Fingers”.

(Participants are brought small containers in which peas and beans are mixed, and twoempty small containers. The task is to separate the peas from the beans as soon as possible.)

Z: The next stage is "High Speed".

(As you know, in a fairy tale, Cinderella had to leave the ball while the clock was striking. Therefore, the task for the participants is to overcome the greatest possible distance in the allotted time.)

Z: The fourth challenge is “Find Your Prince”.

(Participants are given boxes with "jigsaw puzzles" - cut-up photographs of famous film actors, from which to make a picture.)

Z: Our participants successfully completed all the tasks. But there was only one winner. Let's give her a round of applause!

D.M.: And the Snow Maiden and I present the Crystal Slipper to the winner, and prizes for memory to all participants!

Sn: And now it's time to hold the "MR. PRINCE" tournament. The jury is our participants of the "Crystal Slipper".

(Rogues, Naughty pick some guys to participate.)

Mr. Prince Contest for Boys

Sn: The first task is for dexterity. But before that, tell me, what traditional outfit did Russian girls wear? That's right, sundress. Now you have to put on a sundress and a scarf for speed.

(A chair is placed in front of each participant, on which a sundress and a scarf are placed.)

Sn.: The second stage is dance.

(Children dressed in sundresses should dance to a cheerful Russian tune.)

Sn.: Third round - New Year's.

(Participants stand in a circle. One of them is given a staff of D.M., he is underparticipants should transfer music to each other. The music is over. The one with the staff left is out.)

A.: We ask the jury to determine the winner and name Mr. Prince 2023.

(Awarding ceremony for contestants and winner underway).

DM: Friends, everyone is happy and cheerful today. May the next year be just as active. I wish your age to be happy.

Sn: We wish you to meet new friends who will always support and help!

SN.K.: I sincerely wish that your hearts never embrace cold and ice!

YAGA: Let your thoughts be the brightest and most positive! Pranks and jokes will be fun!

Sn: May everyone be happy - princes with princesses, girls with boys.

Festive, cheerful, good new year.
This is a children's holiday of non-childish troubles!
And to meet the evening with dignity,
I want to wish everyone - Have fun without problems!

Let sorrows take away
The coming new year!
Luck in the lessons and good luck, Everything will be like this, and not otherwise!

D.M: And now, high school students, go ahead: I order everyone to smile, dance and don't be shy!

Sn.: Grandfather read his decree for everyone - I think it’s not a sin for us to dance now!

Q1: Exactly, our party is not over, the fun is just beginning!

B2: Good mood everyone, welcome to New Year's final dance!

(The holiday continues with artistic performances and ends with a New Year's disco).

Hopefullysuch a New Year's scenario will appeal to students in grades 7-8. We tried to make it not “just a matinee”, but really interesting, fun and exciting. And artistic directors using our developments will spend less time preparing the holiday.

Happy New Year to you, dear teachers and children!

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