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Happy people are those who in their hearts have forever preserved the children's joy of meeting the New Year holidays. Ways to celebrate the New Year - a large number. We invite you to spend this magical evening at home, with family and friends, in a cheerful company. To do this, we have compiled a script for the New Year at home with a family with children and adults. For the holiday, you will need to decorate your house with Christmas decorations, buy some attributes for games, elements of carnival costumes, and invite a friendly company. So, after the festive feast, we begin our New Year's action.

(The bells sound in the recording, then the recorded soundtrack with the text:)

Voice: We all believe in the New Year, and we know for sure that on this wonderful evening the Snow Maiden will definitely come to our house, and the good Santa Claus will give gifts to everyone …

(The Snow Maiden (Sn) comes out.)

From a good Russian fairy tale I came to your holiday.
I see the guys' eyes are shining.
I'm glad to see you all, friends!I know for sure, in our hall
You recognized the Snow Maiden!

Greetings to adults and very little ones - everyone who is looking forward to New Year's Eve. Tell me, are you allready to celebrate? Well, then answer my questions:

Did you buy gifts for everyone? (Guests answer)
Did they put balls on the Christmas tree?
Did you forget to make a wish?
Did you write a letter to Santa Claus? Good mood captured?

Great! Then, let's start! And for starters, let's go with you on a New Year's round-the-world trip, but not a simple one, but a dance one.

"New Year - by train!"

(All participants of the program become one after another. Sn. - at the head. Modern rhythmic music sounds, the dance train sets off on a journey.)

SN: First stop is Antalya, we are in Turkey. Dancing to cheerful Turkish music.

(Everyone dances, Sn. shows everyone the movements. Then they line up again in the train.)

SN: Friends, look around: we are in sunny Rio de Janeiro. Dance the Brazilian lambada!

(All participants dance lambada, then again - on the train. And further on the same principle.)

SN: New Year's train arrived in New York. And we dance American rock and roll!

SN: The next station is our native Moscow. Let's dance the Russian "Kalinka"!

CH: I would like to wish everyone that such a journey will definitely happen for all passengers of our train in the new year! Let this miracle happen!

And what is the New Year's miracle? A miracle is a forest, knee-deep snow, ringing bells and…

ALL: Santa Claus!

SN: Let's all call him together!

(Fanfare sounds, D.M. exits)

DM: New Year is coming to you, friends!Hello kids, hello adults! Do you know what year we will celebrate? That's right, the year of the Tiger.

SN: Grandpa, but we didn't invite the Tiger to the party with us.

DM: Oh, how embarrassing! How so, what to do?

SN: I know we need to hold a contest for our guests "Friendly Family".

Competition "Friendly Family"

(Sn and D.M invite 3 families to participate.)

SN: Guys, do you know that Tiger Cubs also have families? Tiger dads will be our dads. (He puts a hoop with cat ears on the head of the dads-participants). And the children of the Tiger are called … That's right, tiger cubs. We have formed three friendly families, let's applaud them!

DM: As you know, on New Year's Eve in all houses we put green, fragrant what? That's right, trees. And even in the Tiger families they also have them. The task for our friendly families is to fold the highest Christmas tree from an unusual designer, which we will now hand over to them.

(“Families” stand at one end of the room, they are given packages with a designer, cubes, and other objects of various shapes. At the command of Sn. dads, they take one object at a time, carry it to the opposite end of the hall, put it on the ground, return the next object is already carried by the mother, puts it near the object of the father, and then the child, etc. Thus, each "family" will build its own unusual Christmas tree. After that, D.M. will ask the "tigers" to sing their favorite New Year's song to “meow-meow.” Winners are determined by applause)

Scene "Unusual matinee"

(Children and parents will switch places here:children will be spectators, and parents will portray kindergarten students. Music sounds, mother comes out in the costume of a teacher (white coat, glasses)).

TEACHER: Hello, dear parents! We are glad to welcome everyone to our kindergarten "Orange Behemoth"! Today your children have prepared a New Year's program and want to please everyone with their talents. But before they leave, I want to ask: dear parents, do not jump up from your seats, do not shout out the names of the children, and do not wave your hands to them - the children may be frightened. So here we go.

(Musical accompaniment turns on, parents dressed in various costumes come out to the applause of the audience - dads in hares costumes (on the head - hoops with ears, dressed in shorts, on the neck - a butterfly); mothers with bows on their heads willows of colored puffy skirts. Moms and dads are built like a "train".)

TEACHER: Children, we are not afraid, we become beautiful, in the center of the hall. We don’t play around, remember that the audience is watching you! In front of you is the senior choir of our kindergarten!

("Children" with zeal, sing the first verse of the song about the Christmas tree loudly. The music is interrupted. A woman in a Christmas tree costume comes out (a Christmas tree cut out of cardboard or any other material is put on her back with fasteners for hands and a hoop for her head) ).

Christmas tree:
Everyone says that I'm not prickly - but I'm beautiful and slender,
In multi-colored toys, in silver tinsel,
I like to have fun, I love to dance But you can't snuggle up to me and you can't kiss me.

(The choir sings again)

Coward Bunnythe gray one rode under that tree,Poems and languid songs he hummed.

(The "bunny" comes out - one of the adult men, dressed in shorts, with "ears" and a "tail".)

You stand proudly in your native forest for so many years,
Alas, you don’t even look at the poor hare.
Every day I love more and more,But again you will refuse me - you are not my Christmas tree!

("Herringbone" strokes "Hare", consoles him. Bunny sits near the Christmas tree. Then he sings "choir")

While the enamored hare sang songs to her, The hungry wolf, the enamored wolf ran with the fox.

(Music, "wolf" and "fox" enter. Fox is a fashionista: in high heels, with a fox tail, with earrings.)

Fox, oh my dear Fox!
I've been suffering for many years - I love you all!
But again you're running away from me, Why don't you celebrate the new year with me?

I can’t answer your feelings,
You won’t understand my spiritual world.
I want to become a victim of art - The theater has become me home.

YELKA: Dear Lisa, how can you not respond to the love of such a gentleman?

FOX: I have no time to breed love here, I want to be an actress! Yes, and I'll see - the wolf is like a wolf, nothing special!

HARE: Fox, if you knew what a noble Wolf! How many times did you want to eat me - and never ate me!

Yolka: And how talented he is, what poems he composes!

Listen to me, dear Fox:
Your red tail comes to me in a dream.
I burn with love with fiery fire, When " yes" will you tell me?

FOX: Dear Wolf, you are a talent! And I love talent! Let's be friends!

ALL: Happy Holidays!

(Phonogram of the song about the Christmas tree, everyone becomes a round dance, the "Christmas tree" is in the center. The choir, dancing, sings.)

Here the green Christmas tree came to the matinee, Brought love and joy to the animals today!

(Participants of the "matinee" invite everyone to a round dance.)

Riddles from the Christmas Tree

YELKA: And now it's a quick wits game. I will ask questions about how the Christmas tree is decorated. If you agree, you wave your hands, and if not, squat down!

(Everyone stands around the decorated Christmas tree. She asks questions.)

Christmas tree:
Gold balls?
Glass toys?
Wooden horses?
Radiant stars?
Silver spoons?
And mother's perfume?
Wooden cones?
Cotton wool? ?
Colored ball?
Golden bell?
Colored balloon?

Great, friends! And now, rather, tell me, do you know the poems about the Christmas tree?

(Children and adults recite poems about the Christmas tree.)

Golden Egg

(This competition can be held for both children and families. Sn. chooses 2-3 teams, they are given baskets. A lot of tennis balls with inscriptions 10,20,30 are scattered around the house (room) - this is the number of points , which the participants earn. A few colored "gold" balloons are especially hidden. For such an "egg" the team receives 150 points.)

SN: All over the rooms the Cockerel and the Hen scattered testicles,they need to be collected in baskets. Points are awarded for each. But among them there are also special, "golden" testicles, they are especially valuable for the team. At my command, the participants start the game!

(After all the "eggs" are collected, everyone together counts the number of points that the team has collected and determines the winner. The winners receive prizes).

Family Contest

From those present, the Snow Maiden chooses 3-4 families: mom, dad, child. Dads and children stand at one end of the room, mothers sit on chairs opposite them. Each team Sn. gives 5-6 balls. Dad's task is to inflate the balloon. Twist it at the base, hand it to the child. The child must quickly bring the balloon to mom, the mother's task is to sit on the balloon and burst it. The first family to complete the task receives prizes from D.M.

gift Search

DM: Well, the hour has come when I will distribute gifts for you. But wait, where did my bag go?

SN: Grandpa, so maybe you came without him at all?

DM: I know - these are the tricks of the Old Woman Blizzard, she specially covered the roads and hid the bag. Who will help find him?

SN: And the titmouse brought me a note from the Snowman. I read: “The Old Woman Metelitsa hid the bag with gifts (in the house or in the yard). To find it, you need to declassify the first clue.

DM: Show her soon. (Looks). Here are some drawings.

CH.: The text is encrypted. But Snegovichok also gave us a mirror for reading the texts, and the alphabet of signs with which the firsthint.

D.M.: Without the help of guests, we cannot find gifts. Can you guys help?

(Children are given the first clue that leads to the next one, for example: go to the pantry, find the blue box, take the key, hurry to the bedroom, open the chest of drawers with the key. The most important thing is to encrypt each note in a different way: mirror letters, drawings , alphabet of signs, rebus, etc.)

SN: Well, we found D.M.'s gifts. Well done guys!

D.M.: It is with great pleasure that we present gifts for the most dexterous and skillful children, and for their wise but cheerful parents.

SN: May good luck accompany the whole year, and the joy of victories help to overcome new heights!

D.M.: And now our program includes a New Year's flash mob from Santa Claus!

(Further the holiday continues on the dance floor with cheerful New Year's compositions.)

We hope you liked our script for celebrating the New Year at home for children and adults! Have a happy holiday with your family!

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