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Traditionally, the winter holiday season is not only a series of celebrations and events when you visit and invite friends to your place. On long evenings, you especially want to add color and coziness to your home, dress it up for the New Year, please your family, impress your friends who have dropped in for tea and cookies. Yes, and free time during the holidays is added. You can spend free minutes for a pleasant and exciting activity - cross-stitching. This old style of needlework is now gaining popularity again.

  • Choosing a pattern for New Year's embroidery
  • Embroidery tools and materials
  • How to take care of the finished product

Vyshyvankas and schemes are devoted to many forums that unite lovers of creating beauty with their own hands. Patterns, schemes, color cards can be downloaded for free on the Web. Beginning craftswomen can purchase ready-made kits that include absolutely all materials, tools, diagrams and instructions.

Choosing a pattern for New Year's embroidery

Christmas-themed cross stitch can decorate almost anything:

  • festive tablecloth, and the picture can be placed on the border, in the center or completely closedpatterned tablecloth.
  • napkins in addition to the tablecloth;
  • aprons and potholders. Naturally, you won’t use such overalls every day, but a holiday is a holiday to be smart even in the kitchen;
  • Christmas embroidery will look great as a decor for walls, doors, curtains and bedspreads;
  • children's clothing, especially for babies, opens up limitless scope for creativity.

When we decided what to decorate with embroidery, we choose a motif for needlework. For the New Year's masterpiece, you can download and execute according to the scheme:

  • Santa Claus (or his overseas counterpart Santa Claus);
  • Snow Maiden;
  • sleigh full of presents;
  • snowmen with carrot noses;
  • snowflakes;
  • decorated Christmas trees with candles, balls, beads;
  • coniferous wreaths, bouquets with ribbons;
  • gingerbread men;
  • other sweets: sugar striped canes, candies in colorful wrappers, nuts;
  • clock approaching the New Year;
  • winter landscapes with houses, little men;
  • bells with bows;
  • winter fairies with surprise gifts;
  • winter birds: tits, bullfinches, etc.;
  • Christmas animals.
  • and here you will find embroidery patterns for the Tiger, the symbol of the New Year 2023.

Embroidery tools and materials

To create masterpieces and original gifts for the New Year you will need:

  • natural fabric slightly larger than the future product (so that later it would be possible to process the edge: hem or make a fringe). For tablecloths, use linen or a mixture of linen and cotton. The fabric for New Year's embroidery must first be washed and ironed, or decathrated - steamed and ironed. If a decorative panel is embroidered, you can use the canvas. There is now a plastic canvas available for sale that does not need to be hooped, making the creative process quick and easy;
  • hoop for stretching the fabric. They can be wooden or plastic, it doesn't matter;
  • threads - special for embroidery "mulina", woolen or cotton. For decoration, use yarn with lurex;
  • sharp scissors with short blades to make it easy to cut threads or undo bad stitches;
  • needles - better with a large eye to facilitate the threading process.

The most important thing, perhaps, in New Year's embroidery is inspiration and the desire to create!


How to take care of the finished Christmas product

Steam the finished embroidery, iron it from the wrong side. If you are embroidering a utilitarian product, i.e. you will use it in everyday life, remember a few simple tips on how to keep the embroidery bright and colorful.

  1. Wash embroidered tablecloths and napkins by hand or in the machine on a delicate cycle (cold water) with a detergent for colored laundry.
  2. Laundered item dry flat.
  3. Iron, without waiting for complete drying, from the wrong side.
  4. Store folded neatly to avoid moisture.

Christmas embroidery is a way to creatively spend winter time creating wonderful handmade gifts for loved ones or your own home! Happy New Year and happy crafting!

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