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The New Year 2023 is approaching. And, like all good things, it seems that it is still far away, but before you have time to look back, it has already arrived. If you want to be the queen of the ball on the most amazing, magical night, you may encounter a problem - how to choose a New Year's dress. From the torments familiar to many women, you need to get rid of in advance in order to approach the holiday in a great mood. Now let's figure out how to choose an image that will present you in the most favorable light, taking into account the type of event, type of figure, appearance, and even in accordance with the date of birth. We hope that there will be answers to all questions.

In this article:

  • for parties and corporate events;
  • selection by body type;
  • corresponds to the appearance color type;
  • horoscope dictates terms.

Each event has its own outfit

Don't be scared ladies, we're not asking you to buy everything and then open a fashion boutique. Just decide which event will be your main event and which will be secondary (if several are planned) and use the tips to help you choose an outfit that is appropriate in each of the situations. But first about color and shape.

The year of the Blue Water Tiger is coming and will soon come into its own. This means that all shades of blue and blue, gray, white, cream and beige are in favor.

Grieved by this or rejoicing, but you will have to choose from a mass of options. All shades of flowering meadows, forests and water surface are at your service. Something like this:

  • all range of brownish shades (from yellow to grayish brown and chocolate);
  • blue;
  • green;
  • orange;
  • pink;
  • cream and beige;
  • grey.

The only exception this year is red. If you don't believe in horoscopes and red suits you, feel free to choose it!

Black, white and their combinations are always relevant. Bright prints and combinations of several colors are welcome. As for the length, the Tiger likes it more on the floor, but he will not refuse to admire the female legs either. And now, directly about the outfits.

Corporate Party

Choosing a decent New Year's dress for a corporate party is perhaps the most difficult task. First, it depends on the venue; Secondly,I want to impress colleagues, but at the same time not look vulgar; thirdly, there is a danger of meeting your "twin" in exactly the same outfit.

If the last moment depresses you, do the following. Watch your colleagues carefully, think mentally what they can wear and go your own way. If you notice your competitors in style - carefully probe the soil for their New Year's toilets. Otherwise, proceed as follows:

  • restaurant - evening dress;
  • cafe, bar, bowling - cocktail;
  • quest - according to the theme;
  • country house - simple, comfortable, wrinkle-resistant.

Meeting the New Year in nature may require, as in the famous cartoon, concert boots and padded jackets. Take warm clothes with you, but such that they blend in harmoniously with the image as a whole.

There can be a lot of options for holding a festive corporate party. When choosing an outfit, be guided by the main idea - to match the place. It is ridiculous to have fun in the snow in a country cottage in an evening dress or to appear in a chic restaurant with live music in a comfortable oversize.

Office New Year

Sometimes a corporate party takes place within the walls of your own office. What to wear in this case depends on the circumstances. If you have time to go home and make yourself look good, you can put on a dress. Which one is up to you, but not too extravagant and defiant.

Often, employees stay to celebrate right after work, and sometimes they start this pleasant business during the day. In this case, you will have to dress in accordance with the dress code, but in a more elegant version. It can be a bright blouse for a suit, spectacular accessories or a classic sheath dress, but with a hint of coquetry.

Friendly party

Here you can set yourself free and choose any outfit. But sometimes there is a difficulty - it is supposed to appear in masquerade costumes. If the party is themed, in a certain style or color, you will have to adapt.

If you want to shine - don't give up, look for ways out. For example, dress up as the Snow Queen, Queen of Spades, Snow White, Cinderella at the ball.

In the family circle

If you are going to celebrate the New Year at home - this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of being beautiful. Undoubtedly, clothes should be comfortable, but forget about bathrobes, pajamas and other cozy charms. In 2023, the Blue Water Tiger will rule. He will not forgive such negligence and will leave you without protection.

Even to celebrate the New Year alone, you need to choose a beautiful outfit. And suddenly with the chiming of the chimes at the doorthe prince will knock and take you for the servant of the one he has been looking for all his life. Miracles happen, and you need to wait for them in full dress. Moreover, at home you can afford any option, from modest to absolutely frank (if the household does not mind).

Choosing a New Year's dress according to the type of figure

You have to fulfill the most important female task - to emphasize the dignity and veil some of the features. Almost everything depends on the choice of style according to the figure - mood, personal comfort and collection of compliments. If you do not know what type your appearance belongs to, stand in front of the mirror and determine.

There are only five types of figures:

  • hourglass;
  • pear;
  • rectangle:
  • inverted triangle;
  • apple.

The names quite aptly reflect the essence of female forms. You can’t determine visually, take a centimeter tape and measure the volumes - chest, waist, hips. The widest part of the body will show which type you are closer to.


The same size of the bust, hips, narrow waist - this is the ideal body type. Its owners are lucky. Even gaining weight, they maintain proportions. If your figure is an hourglass, then you can choose absolutely any model of the New Year's dress 2023.

Avoid baggy styles and layering. For the rest - choose what you like more:

  • tight and tight models;
  • mermaid silhouette;
  • sheath dress;
  • skew and flowyfabric;
  • narrow belts, belts, chains.

There are no shortcomings, you need to be wary of another - by mistake or ignorance, choose what will hide the advantages.


Small neat top, narrow waist, wide hips - such is the pear. Your task is to make the figure more harmonious. Ruffles, ruffles, flounces will help in this. It is easy to guess that all this will be in the upper part of the figure. In no case should you hide the waist, as well as over-tighten the hips with a tight skirt. Your styles:

  • high waisted corset type;
  • semi-adjacent;
  • robe dress;
  • Empire style;
  • The neckline is not V-shaped, but completely open shoulders.

Pears tend to have beautiful necks, arms, and busts. Accentuate them with eye-catching accessories.


Almost the same width of the shoulders and hips, the volume of the chest may be different - this is a rectangle. Of the advantages - proportionality and slender legs, and there is only one drawback - a weakly defined waist. It is very easy to fix it with skillfully chosen clothes. Looks perfect on this figure:

  • geometric prints;
  • oblique cut lines;
  • high waist sheath dresses;
  • tulip and flared skirts;
  • wide belts;
  • textured materials.

Avoid fitted and tight silhouettes, thin fabrics, tight belts.

Inverted triangle

T-shaped silhouette or an inverted triangle is approximately equal volumes of the chest and hips, not pronounced, but noticeable waist and fairly broad shoulders. A European figure, which, in the Russian opinion, is a little lacking in femininity. Correcting the imbalance is easy.

The bottom can be anything - narrow, flying, lush, with deep cuts. Slender hips and legs allow this. And the top in the shoulder area will have to be slightly narrowed. Styles will help:

  • low waist;
  • cut with tulip skirt, pleated, sun;
  • Greek style;
  • Princess type - corset and puffy bottom;
  • straight loose fit;
  • deep V-neckline or scoop neckline.

Open shoulders visually look narrower, balancing the proportions. Use this little trick.


Hips and shoulders are approximately equal, a wide chest, bust and waist volumes often coincide, the stomach is noticeable - an approximate portrait of an apple. The sweet fruit lacks refinement, but there is no reason to hide in a nondescript gray bag, especially on New Year's Eve. Suitable outfits:

  • strict straight cut without sleeves;
  • A-line;
  • Empire high waist;
  • length just below the knee;
  • relatively slim - semi-fitted with full skirt.

Choose softflowing fabrics, avoid rough, textured materials. The waist in your case should remain a mystery, do not try to emphasize it.

Christmas dress and appearance color type

With the matching of the outfit to the situation and style, we figured out the last step on the path to complete harmony - color. The criterion "like-dislike" is not quite suitable. There are a lot of New Year's shades, and each perfectly complements a certain color type. There are only four of them:

  • autumn;
  • winter;
  • spring;
  • summer.

To choose an outfit by color type, a mirror will come in handy again. Only now the object of study is a face without makeup and jewelry. Winter and summer are cold color types, autumn and spring are warm. It remains to determine their characteristic features, favorite shades and texture of materials.


Bright appearance will not allow you to make a mistake in belonging to this color type. Autumn is red, rich brown, blond hair; peach or golden beige skin with light freckles; light blue, green, amber, dark cognac eyes.

Warm, natural colors are suitable - brown, green, red, purple, gray-beige. It is not necessary to use the tone in its purest form. Experiment with shades, choosing warm ones:

  • brick;
  • emerald;
  • navy blue;
  • rich turquoise;
  • terracotta;
  • lingonberry;
  • apricot;
  • vanilla;
  • orange.

Black and white are undesirable. It is better to replace them with ivory and cognac. Of the fabrics, soft, fleecy ones are preferred - velvet, velor, suede, angora, as well as delicate cambric and lace.



Quite rare, but very effective color type. Cold appearance without halftones fascinates with catchy contrasts. Blue-black, dark brown, platinum hair; snow-white or olive skin; blue, brown, completely black eyes - this is winter.

Such beauties are assigned the role of vamp women. Favorite colors:

  • black;
  • bitter chocolate;
  • rich red;
  • cold blue.

Shade options:

  • crimson;
  • ice pink;
  • purple;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • indigo;
  • silver;
  • cold yellow.

Absolutely not suitable pastel colors. The choice of winters is spectacular, smooth fabrics: taffeta, satin, silk, leather, brocade. For romantic natures - chiffon, knitwear, lace.



Exquisite color type with a charming, soft appearance. Warm tones are present in everything: straw, wheaten blond, light brown hair; velvety peach or slightly yellowish skin; gray, changing color from blue to green, sometimes amber eyes.

Spring is very lucky. She can choose any color scheme in clothes (neutral, warm, cold), and she will still charm, shine, and attract attention. New Year's dress for spring is complete freedom of self-expression in a rich, bright or light tone. But it is better to refuse white, black, too dark and faded shades.



The most common color type. These girls do not shine with bright contrasts, but with a calm, slightly cool beauty: blond, blond, brown hair with an ashy tint; aristocratically white, slightly pinkish or olive skin; gray-blue, blue, brown eyes.

The main colors of summer are devoid of pure colors. They should be combined, complex, with a gray undertone:

  • graphite;
  • smoky-blue;
  • steel;
  • khaki or olive;
  • purple;
  • burgundy;
  • beige-pink.

Light tones opposite are clean:

  • pale blue;
  • mint;
  • pale pink;
  • vanilla;
  • lemon yellow.

White is best replaced with ivory and avoid black in favor of gray or deep purple.

"""Oscar de la Renta collection (Spring-Summer 2013, New York Fashion Week)"

Christmas dress according to the horoscope

It is believed that the outfit, selected in accordance with the nature of the totem of the year, will bring good luck and prosperity. Whether this is so is hard to say. But the tradition was born and safely exists. And the fulfillment of desires helps, most likely, faith. Although, who knows what is going on in the subtle worlds. It's even interesting to comply with the requirements of the invisible guest etiquette.

Whether to choose a New Year's dress according to an individual horoscope is a matter of personal preference. If you believe in predictions, you are used to comparing your life with the recommendations of heavenly bodies, then it makes no sense to refuse their support on the most magical night. How to choose an outfit for the New Year according to the horoscope - read this article.

So, it's time to take a breath, decomposeread on the shelves in your head, create a mental image and go for the New Year's dress 2023. The choice will certainly be successful, and the wonderful holiday will be the happiest.

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