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We bring to your attention a New Year's fairy tale for adults. It is designed for performance on stage, the target audience is adults, students, teenagers. You can use this scenario for a university production for another New Year's pageant.

Our fairy tale is a musical one, it contains a lot of favorite New Year songs- alterations. Therefore, it is perfect for demonstrating the creativity of any musical and vocal group.

So… the fairy tale begins…

On the stage, two presenters sing to the Factory song "Light the Lights".

The New Year is coming.
The holiday beckons and calls!
Snow sweeps the street, And the soul sings!

A Christmas tree is waiting for everyone at home
The night is coming with miracles
Everyone is waiting for happiness
And the soul sings again, To dance and live calls!

Congratulations to everyone!
We give happiness to everyone!
There is joy and warmth in this hall! Only good things are being done here now!!!

The music breaks and a modern, beautiful kikimora enters the stage and speaks with malice to mystical music:

Good-good evening… If I may say so!
And your expectations are good, I'm in a hurrydisappoint!
Today you were invited to notify!
And this time I can cancel the new year!
And today everything will be legal for me! Everything is captured … Ah, you are my dear friends!

The judge enters the stage and continues:

Stand up, the court is coming, I will ask everyone to be quiet!
Hero of the occasion, go to the dock!
I advise you to admit your guilt,
supposedly pious!
Starting today, I propose the New Year
Do not call, do not celebrate, so that there is no hassle
Why all the fuss and extra costs, Remove new year from the post of honor, enough is enough!

A lawyer (modern Santa Claus in a jacket) comes out:
I have good reasons to protest,
And to defend the New Year on behalf of the people! Kikimora: You , sir, who's sorry?

Lawyer: I'm Santa Claus, Madame mind!

Kikimora: Of course, Santa Claus!? Where is the staff, beard? Everything else?

Lawyer: After all, the 21st century, and the meeting is serious!

Kikimora: Where are the presents then? Give the judge a chocolate?

Lawyer: Yeah, now! And you will put me in jail for a bribe!

Kikimora: How can you prove that you are Santa Claus? Well, everything is good!

Lawyer: Here is my ID! Well? Similar? Judge allow you for a second?

And while Santa Claus and the judge faded into the background, two sisters (stupid) approach the kikimore from behind the scenes:

- You said you had everything under control!???

- Who knew? What will this Santa Claus show up here???? And modern too! FROMcertificate! Ha. Where were you looking?

- Well, he’s without… (Shows with gestures!) What are we going to do?

- I'll try to cast a spell on the judge! Well, so that she obeys us!

- You???! Hahaha (laughs) Don't make me laugh!

- I'm a 3rd generation witch with a 4th rank! Acting Class 5!

And then they were interrupted by the judge and Santa Claus!

Judge: I invite the defense and the prosecution to come forward and bring arguments, evidence, witnesses in relation to this case!

And then the song turns on and the kikimora sings to the song of Zhanna Aguzarova "In my city" :

So the judge, I didn’t want to
In a bad way your choice!
But it so happened that witchcraft, My great experience!

There is silence in the hall, look at me
I want to enchant everyone!
I am very glad, even you judge My spell cannot be avoided!

I can cancel the New Year soon
Reduce the position of Santa Claus!
You can spoil the mood for everyone It will be bright, good and wonderful only for me!

Santa Claus interrupts her and sings a song based on the soundtrack of Gazmanov's "Sailor"

I'm in a hurry to tell you, there's not even anything to dream of
Don't try to upset everything and don't need to conjure!
Your authority now, through the whole wide world
Like over Peter's plywood straight flies into a ditch! The sisters are all tipsy, I don't envy you!

I see they are happy, because you are on a par with them.
So follow the broom, it's time for you to go home.
We will continue to resolve issues with Madam Judge!
You are a witch, I am Frost,I mean it to you Get outta here like a fast steam locomotive!

You are a witch, I'm Frost, I'm telling you seriously Get out of here like a fast engine!

The sorceress whimpered and said:

- Steam locomotives do not develop fast speed!

- Do you have some kind of rank there? Nashaman a little!

- You know what it is (I look around, whispering something in my ear).

- AAAA. Tell me, why are you doing all this? Are you trying to ruin the New Year?

- Yes, we do not remember.

-What do you mean?

- Well, here's the thing. Our great-grandmother no longer remembers this. We firmly know that this is our duty, but why no one knows!

- Well, you give! Do you know what the danger of such cases is?

- What? What?

- What-what? Romeo and Juliet should have been read!

- So laughter, jokes and good mood in the bag quickly!

Then the music turns on, to which they quickly walk around the hall and the rest of the Frost and the Sorceress are talking:

- Who is this? Your retinue?

- No. It's the laugh thieves!

-Who???? This is the first time I've heard of them!

- They don't have a good mood, they don't produce it in their body, and they always steal it, it's New Year, it's hunting season!

- Do you know what to do?

- Yes, there is one song, this is a spell, if you sing it, they will get better!

-Come on, sing along! Well!!!!

And the minus of Nikulin's song “But we don't care!” Turns on:

In one state
People lived peacefully.
They raised laughter in a greenhouse, And smiles in the garden.

They night and day
Mowed joy in the field,
And bred he alth In a fabulous pond!

Crex Pex Chufara,
Krex Pex Chufara.
Incomprehensible strange words.
Erik Perik Khra,
Erik Perik Khra Hummed those villagers always!

They drink in the morning
Laughter and joy with a cocktail.
And a smile is always served for dinner.
Their magic words
We will trust boldlyAfter all, their words are not in vain
Diligently sing.

Krex Pex Chufara,
Krex Pex Chufara,
Incomprehensible strange words.
Erik Perik Khra,
Erik Perik Khra Hummed those villagers always!

Santa Claus:

- Look how happy they are, smiling, you helped them, how do you feel?

- Great.

The judge comes out and says:

- I see you from the side agreed among themselves on a truce? Well, since everyone is so good, shall we allow our dear presenters to congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year and continue the concert? By the way, you seem to be a sorceress in some generation and with a rank? Tell me, please, some remedy or an elixir of youth, otherwise I'm going to a reunion, well, I would like to impress everyone.

- Yes, we have something like that, a recipe, write it down.

In cedar tincture feel free
2 carrots chopped.
And when the mixtureboiled
Put onion and soap.
Add Vishnevsky's ointment,
Exactly in 2 hours.
Fry everything in a frying pan,
Pray and drink then.
This remedy will help you…Maybe…

Santa Claus: That's enough, I think for today good things from you, well, so that by the evening the picture is not smeared, and Madam Judge, it's better for you to go to a beauty salon. For safety.

Two presenters enter the stage and continue:

- It's good that they agreed among themselves, otherwise I already thought our New Year was covered! Dear viewers We offer to plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday. Here we are all adults, the session-institutes are behind us. And how do real students celebrate the New Year in a student hostel?

And they leave. The phonogram of the Factory "I'm not guilty" is turned on.

Olivier is already on the table, we have been doing it all day
And the exam is in the yard, oh, what laziness!
The New Year is already coming, my head is spinning. And the champagne is playing, oh wow!

I came here with the guys, I came with the guys!
But you shouldn't meet me with a debate ah!
I came with the guys, I came with the guys,And if you girls knew how glad I am!

Let's go to the balcony. Why is that?
And we'll take all the gradebooks! What are you talking about?
To catch a freebie now, oh wow! Well, what do we have the right, I already took it!

And tonight this night Miracles can help!

I came here with the guys, I came with the guys!
But you shouldn't meet me with a debate ah!
I came with the guys, I came with the guys,And if you knewgirls oh how glad I am!

Oh, if everyone knew how rich we are,
Because we have the best friends!
We are all such cool guys, Like one friendly family!

I decided not to look for a freebie, to look for this night.
But I want happiness, that's what to guess!
And we'll pass the exams somehow. From congratulate the souls of the whole world, we are in a hurry.

And let this year bring you a lot of happiness

Presenters: Interesting students have fun, carefree, youth-like! And factory workers wonder how they celebrate the New Year. Well, okay, those who are at home, in the family circle. And who is on shift, on New Year's Eve at work! Let's see.

Sing a song to the soundtrack of Maxim Leonidov "Student".

31, at night at work
We celebrated the New Year, it happened like.
We don't care about melancholy, we joke and laugh, Stop work, wait, and we will break through to you.

Our team is just class, the table has already been set,
About their worries, they immediately forgot about their own.
Not enough, anyway, we have something today.The table has been set for a long time, the weather is good.

Fairytale music plays and Baba Yaga appears.

- Eh, you young people decided to celebrate the New Year? What about work? - Baba Yaga.

- The whole night is still ahead, we'll make it. And who are you exactly? It is strictly forbidden for unauthorized persons to stay with us.

- And I am almost dear to you, children, at least today. - Baba Yaga

- And who are you, sorry? - He asks, squinting at the table and smiling at Yaga.

- Don't you recognize me? - Baba Yaga sarcasticallysmiling

Start talking to each other.

- Who do you think she is? - One pokes a finger at Baba Yaga, smiling at her and looking sideways at the second with fear.

- Too frivolous to check, as if she escaped from the cage with tigers yesterday, having previously been in the dressing room.

- Stop!!! Che tensed then? I'm Baba Yaga, and I don't care if you sleep Are you here, or are you walking? I'm coming to you on another issue!!!

- Who??? Baba Yaga? Will you just look? Yeah, and I'm a frog princess on skates!!!

-I accidentally pressed some button here.- Says one.

- What? What have you done? You have launched a time machine! What will happen now? Baba Yaga says in horror, holding her head.

- It's just an ordinary button- Twisting a finger at the temple, said one.

- It's usually normal, but not today. Well, now what to do, flew !!!! - Baba Yaga.

- Where to? - Choir

- To a fairy tale, and which one we will find out now. And by the way, I’m not with you, I need to go to court, I took a loan from a bank to restore my hut, but I refuse to pay. Well, that's all for now.

Music plays, lights turn off, then back on. Cinderella comes out. She sweeps the floor, sings a song about the Beetle and dances with a broom. Three grandmothers jump out: mother, daughter and granddaughter in turn.

-Mom!!! yells the granddaughter.

Mom runs in.

- Mom!!!- yells Mom. Grandma jumped out.

- What??? - granny.

And they start dancing to the music of grandmas hedgehogs.

- She's singing songs here!! - Granddaughter says - messing around!!!

- She has nothing to do!!! - mom.

- Come on, go clean up!! Wash the floor, the dishes in the second round. In general, put things in order here, you see how everything is scattered.- They begin to scatter things.

- In the meantime, we will prepare for the ball, - mom, - Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are having a ball.

- Yeah, I still have to get married. - Straightening her hair, the granddaughter says, - and there will be his nephew, Ivan - Tsarevich.

- You're not going anywhere!!! (Cinderella)

Cinderella leaves, they laugh out loud and start singing to the song of the robbers from the cartoon "The Bremen town musicians".

We say bad-ass,
How the earth makes us.
Gathered to the ball out of boredom. Choose the groom's daughter…

Oh la la, oh la la,
Choose the groom's daughter…
Oh la la, oh la la, EH-MA Tomorrow is Santa's ball,

And the snow maiden will be there.
Need urgently, while it is possible.
Get the groom's hands.

Pick up the groom.

Grandmothers ran away, Cinderella came out, sang a song, and began a monologue.

- Oh, how I want to go to this ball. And they are lucky… Wow. And I have no New Year's dress, no shoes, no transport … I almost cry, says Cinderella. And so you want magic to happen in your life, or at least a small miracle.

The Snow Maiden came in.

- In vain you are sad Cinderella. - Snow Maiden.

- Who are you? - Cinderella.

- Fairy, don't you know me? - Snow Maiden.

- No, I don't go to various holidays. -Cinderella.

- And this year you will definitely go to the ball. And you know, okay, I won't tell you in advance. - Snow Maiden

-Don't I even have anything to wear?

-I recently flew to France here…

-Yes? And on what? On a mortar or on a broomstick?

- By plane. So, I bought a dress in one boutique, very beautiful, from Madame Bouturier, and it will fit you just right.

-Oh, how cool, but what am I going to ride? On a pumpkin?

- Well, my dear, well, of course not. A limousine will come for you, I'll take care of it, don't worry.

- Oh, how cool. - Cinderella.

Unexpectedly for everyone, a daughter flies in.

- Mom, woman - yells in a bad voice.

They came running.

- She's here for the ball!!! On a limousine. - Granddaughter whimpers hysterically.

- Don't worry, you're my sugar, how did this slut get a limousine. Get out of the way you are mine. - Grandma.

-Who are you? - Mom points her finger at the Snow Maiden.

- Yes, I'm from next door, I was passing by.

- Get out of here, don't hang around here.

- Ugh, how rude!

- What am I going to ride, huh? - the granddaughter lit up.

- First, not you, but we. Yes, you can ask a neighbor, a blacksmith, for a tractor. - Mom said.

- What??? - Granddaughter

- Everything, everything, quietly. Let's come up with. And they leave.

Cinderella sings a song after them to the music "And let's go and rush."

And I will go, and I will break loose for the New Year's holiday,
And I will also dress fashionably
You will see then,
What can I smile, have fun and laugh,Dance andwonder
It will always be like this now.

Cinderella leaves. The music is solemn, New Year's ball. Father Frost, Snegurochka and nephew Ivan Tsarevich come out.

Allegrova's song "Happy Birthday".

The arrows are spinning faster and faster,
Hurry up the New Year,
After all, all the guests came to the ball, To raise a glass to you.

We are glad to see you today.
In this bright and bright hour.
And we have no strength to wait any longer We suggest you start the ball.

- Well, shall we have some fun? - Santa Claus

- It seems that not everyone has come yet. - Snow Maiden

- You are absolutely right!!! - Granny flew in.

- I think someone was talking about fun. - Mom

- Oh, how beautiful everything is here, floors, European-quality repair, probably, recently done. - Granny. Knocks the wall with his hands and kicks the floor - The walls are solid.

- And how smart you are!!!

Santa Claus exchanges glances with the Snow Maiden.

- What do you say? - Snow Maiden.

- Peculiar people! - Santa Claus.

- They say you are the same Ivan, right? - the granddaughter asks in a simple way, - and I'm Fyokla. And roar. And tries to approach him.

- Very nice. - Smiling, shakes her hand.

- But my guest hasn't arrived yet! - Snow Maiden.

- Somewhere I saw you, - mom says, pointing at the Snow Maiden.

- Isn't she the one we sent out yesterday? - hahaha granddaughter.

- Stupid, - mother pokes her in the side.

And their conversation is interrupted by beautiful music, Cinderella and the prince come out to the song Midshipmen forward, Yaguzhinskaya sings.

-Who are you? - prince.

-My name is Cinderella.

-Why have I never seen you before?

-I rarely went outside.

-I'm glad you made an exception today.

- We have one wonderful tradition, - Santa Claus intervened.

- Every year on December 31 to go to the bath? - granddaughter.

- Not really. Once a century, when my close relative turns 16, and Ivan has a birthday today. Any girl at the ball can try on the shoe that I got from my great-grandmother, and if the shoe is in time, then she can safely become his wife. Only one girl can fit a shoe.

-It's me, I'm me. - Yelling granddaughter. - Put me on.

- Yes, yes my daughter, now we will put it on you.

A funny song plays, to which they try to put a shoe on my daughter. The scene must be funny. Then the prince takes the slipper and put it on Cinderella.

- Can I ask you to dance? - prince.

- Oh, it fits.

- And I had no doubts about it… - Snow Maiden.

The dance is beautiful. The prince and Cinderella are dancing. The melody "chimes" sounds. And they sing a song to the soundtrack "Three White Horses".

We hasten to congratulate you with all our hearts,
Happy New Year and we want you.
Where we will turn your life into happiness.

Happy New Year friends, Happy New Year friends,
We wish you to dream and love.
And may your family, and may your family, Be friendly and funlive.

Speech of Santa Claus:

Miracles and happy events do not always visit the way we want. Some more often, some not. Many people are happy with their lives, and some people find it mundane. I want to wish everyone many bright days, good mood and faithful people nearby. Be happy… Strive to believe only good things…

The lights go out, the atmosphere is working, they yawn, and fall asleep … The voiceover sings a song to the soundtrack of a song from the cartoon Umka:

The night was dashing, everyone was already tired,
They went to sleep, to whom, where they had to…
It's only today, on New Year's holiday Sleep for everyone, a welcome guest here…

Alarm clock rings, staff woke up.

- Oh, I had such a dream, can you imagine, I was Cinderella … - one stretches.

- And I was the prince at the ball…

- And I had such a strange family, and don't remember… - different.

- Oh, what's this? - one

- Shoe…

- Oh my, work… . another says.

Kipish, worn, create a working environment. A check flies in, with a sign.

- What are you doing here?

- Working. - One speaks boldly.

Sing a song to the soundtrack of the song "Cherry Nine".

You lived quietly before her, ate calmly, and danced.
And you came too late, the ball was over, you were late.
Work is in full swing with us, and we are not afraid of checking . It's almost past 7 o'clock, and it's time for us to turn in our shift.

Your cherry nine, prevents everyone from living at night, And your lens is very strict, interferes with oursweet dreams.

Representative from the check to the soundtrack of the song "Ice Ceiling".

Everything is clear to me here, I'm leaving now,
And I won't bother you at this early hour.
Goodbye friends Happy New Year everyone. This May happiness and success await you for a year…

The hosts come out and say:

That's something like this and or maybe not quite like the night shift at work. But this, probably, happens only on New Year's Eve, because that's when miracles happen. Once again, Happy New Year everyone! Let dreams come true and life gives a lot of good people! He alth to you.

Final song

We'll sing a song for you about the new year!
Miracles and joy the holiday calls to the house!This song is about the New Year!

New Year! New Year!
Tangerines smell bright!
New Year! New Year! Give gifts all around!

In the New Year, in the New Year
There will certainly be a miracle!
The arrows are ticking forward, So happiness will come soon!

In the New Year, in the New Year
Joy and warmth everywhere,
There will certainly be a miracle! The Year of the Snake is not over yet!

Give us joy, give us too!
The Horse is in full swing to us
Rushing to Happy New Year And congratulate us with all my heart!

New Year, New Year.
Everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere,
It's snowing outside,Yes, and we need to hurry!

New Year! New Year!
The bells will ring!
New Year is coming, Let's start the feast!

BNew Year! Happy New Year!
The bells will ring! We wish you good he alth!

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