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From the favorite holiday of adults and children, the New Year, everyone is waiting for interesting experiences. Unfortunately, home conditions do not always allow for something exciting. In addition, the different age of the company requires a different approach. But, the New Year's quiz for the whole family is a great opportunity to have fun in any space and with any company.

Questions and answers for the quiz

  1. The first ice sleds of Soviet children. (Briefcase).
  2. Youlupukki, Per-Noel, Babbo Natale is (Santa Claus).
  3. Not only Grandfather is wearing a fur coat, but also (salad "Herring under a fur coat").
  4. What did plastic windows lose in winter? (Patterns).
  5. Winter fun. (Snowballs).
  6. Winter phenomenon whose component is never the same? (Snowflakes).
  7. Country of the first decorated Christmas tree (Germany).
  8. Sign: if you celebrate the holiday alone, what should you do? (Insert empty appliance).
  9. In which country is it customary to kiss at midnight (in America).
  10. In which country New Year's festivities are associated with garbage (in Italy they throw out old trash).
  11. Why don't they serve birds to the New Year's table in Hungary? (Because happiness canfly away from home).
  12. A country where the New Year light the way? (China, they light a lot of lanterns there).
  13. The first glass toys for the Christmas tree appeared… (in Sweden).
  14. Where are Senka, Sanka and Sonya in winter? (All in a snowdrift).
  15. Modern sled. (Snowmobile).
  16. A summer phenomenon on a winter holiday night? (Rain).
  17. Record holder for New Year's greetings? (President).
  18. Dress code for New Year's event? (Costume).
  19. The birthplace of the Snow Maiden? (Kostroma).
  20. Snow Maiden's birthday? (April 2, born with the last snow).
  21. Who is the "Divine Father" of the Snow Maiden among the Slavs? (Snowman).
  22. What is the name of the two-faced party? (Masquerade).
  23. What kind of people allowed the Snowman to have a woman next to him? (Only the Slavs sculpted and sculpt a snowman).
  24. The festive antipode of the New Year. (Old N.G.).
  25. What kind of bribe should be given to D.M. for the present? (Poems or song).
  26. What holiday is celebrated twice a year? (Old Year and New Year).
  27. What tradition was canceled by the Soviet government? (The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree).
  28. In France he is a father or a parent, in Germany he is a saint, but here? (Grandfather).
  29. Who lived in an ice hut, by the forest on the edge? (Winter).
  30. Before Peter the Great, the New Year began… (in September).
  31. A winter phenomenon that drops people even with warnings. (Ice).
  32. What is the name of the blizzard, all the time getting underfoot. (Drifting).
  33. New Year's Kremlin tower? (Spasskaya Tower).
  34. This item attracts the most people onany holiday (Table).
  35. Continue the phrase: “Every December 31st we… (go to the bathhouse with friends).

Yes or No Family Quiz

  • Is it true that the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree came to us from Germany? (Yes)
  • Is it true that on New Year's Eve, under the chimes in Spain, you have to eat 12 grapes for good luck? (Yes)
  • Is it true that the Japanese Santa Claus has eyes in the back of his head to see and know everything? This brings up obedience in Japanese children. (Yes)
  • Is it true that before the New Year, Italians throw away old furniture and clothes to get rid of negativity? (Yes)
  • Do you agree with the statement that in India they decorate a mango tree for the New Year? (Yes)
  • Is it true that in Italy it is customary to wear white clothes on New Year's Eve so that good luck will accompany the whole year? (No, they definitely wear something red)
  • Is it true that Argentines on New Year's Eve throw away piles of unnecessary papers, magazines to get rid of old last year's problems? (Yes)
  • Is it true that in Denmark there is a tradition of throwing broken dishes at the doors of friends and neighbors, which causes joy and hope for good luck in the New Year? (Yes)
  • Is it true that in Greece there is a tradition: on New Year's Eve to go on a visit with a stone, which symbolizes the weight of the wallet. The more stone will be given to the owners, the more money they will have in the New Year? (Yes)
  • Is it true that the symbol of the New Year in the United States is a baby in a diaper, who, according to legend, grows up and passes on to another baby next year? (Yes)
  • Is it true that people all over the world celebrate the New Year on January 1st? (No)
  • Do you believe that the New Year can really fulfill your dream? (Yes)

Family Horoscope Quiz 2023

  1. Every New Year has a heavenly patron. Name everyone (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep (Goat), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig).
  2. Now think about what animals of our country could become totems for each year. Only, chur, do not repeat Chinese! (Such as wolf, bear, fox, sparrow, woodpecker, etc.)
  3. The Chinese have a saying "Dragon and Tiger will never get along." Translate it into Russian. (Two bears don't live in the same den.)
  4. Name the elements that protect each animal. Hint: there are only 5 of them (earth, fire, water, wood and metal).
  5. Attention, difficult question! What year is the Chinese calendar based on? (2697 BC).
  6. What is yin and yang in relation to a horoscope? (masculine and feminine).
  7. New Year according to the Eastern calendar never comes on January 1st. Moreover, this date changes every year. The question is, how to calculate when the Chinese New Year will come? (the second new moon after the winter solstice, the holiday takes place between January 21 and February 21).
  8. What does the hieroglyph "Wang" mean on the forehead of the Tiger? (The king - and this is symbolic, because the Tiger is the king of the beasts in the jungle).
  9. In ancient China, parents did not allow their sons to marry a girl born in the year of the Tiger. Why?(it was believed that the young "Tigress" would push her husband around).
  10. Which plant corresponds to the sign of the Tiger in the Chinese horoscope? (bamboo).

Who is more?

The goal of the game is to name as many words as possible. You can split into two teams and answer in turn. The team with the most answers wins. There are no wrong answers! Let's go!

  1. Single-root words with the word snow (snowy, snowman, snowflake, Snow Maiden, snowball, etc.).
  2. Adjective epithets for WINTER (cold, long, snowy, etc.).
  3. Associations on the theme of the New Year (holiday table, confetti, elegant, Christmas tree, drunk Santa Claus - who has what).
  4. 2023 is the year of the Blue Water Tiger. Come up with epithets for the owner of the year (strong, brave, striped, powerful, handsome, smart, etc.).
  5. Name the relatives of the tiger, close and distant (you can start with a domestic cat, you can list for a long time: puma, cheetah, leopard, lion, jungle cat, Amur tiger, snow leopard).
  6. What is the tiger's eye - is it the eye of a predator? (striped ornamental stone).
  7. List the things Santa Claus did (cover trees with snow, draw frosty patterns on windows, bring gifts, wish Happy New Year).
  8. What phrase can replace the word icicle? (Snow Queen lollipop, winter carrot, ice wand).
  9. Winter fun (playing snowballs, building fortresses, skiing in the forest, going to the skating rink, playing hockey, walking in the snowy forest).
  10. How can you decorate a Christmas tree (balls, gingerbread, tinsel,rain, beads, a star on top, sparkles, ribbons, toys from a grandmother's chest).

Tiger Quiz 2023

  1. What do tiger python and tiger shark have in common (striped coloring).
  2. By the way, why do tigers and other animals need stripes (for camouflage in the jungle).
  3. Shere Khan from Mowgli was fierce and fearless. He was only afraid of… (fire).
  4. Name the author of The Jungle Book (Joseph Rudyard Kipling).
  5. What are tiger hunters called in our country? (poachers, because hunting for these predators is prohibited by law).
  6. Can tigers swim? (yes).
  7. When is International Tiger Day celebrated? (July 29).
  8. Tiger Hodori was the mascot of the 1988 Summer Olympics in this city. What city is this? (Seoul, South Korea).
  9. How many teeth does a tiger have? (30).
  10. How is the word "tiger" translated from ancient Greek? (fast).

New Year's quiz for the whole family will not only help to have fun and useful time, but also unite its members. And if, for example, two families gathered at the table, you can split into teams and play for the winner.

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