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Even the smallest inhabitants of our country are looking forward to the winter holidays, the heroes who help them meet them and, of course, gifts. And so that they do not get bored, adults come up with an entertainment program for them. The New Year's quiz for preschool children is suitable for events in kindergartens and other educational institutions, as well as for festivities at home. Simple but interesting questions will help you have a great time.

Questions and answers for the quiz

  1. Who comes to the children on New Year's Eve? (D.Moroz).
  2. What grows on the Christmas tree? (Cones and needles).
  3. What do children write to the main grandfather of the country? (Letters).
  4. The most elegant person at the party? (Herringbone).
  5. Whose eyes does Santa Claus have? (Daddy).
  6. Winter lollipop you can't eat? (Icicle).
  7. Star in winter and water in spring? (Snowflake).
  8. Starfall in summer, and in winter… (snowfall).
  9. The most famous granddaughter? (Snow Maiden).
  10. Winter grandfather's magic wand? (Staff).
  11. Favorite color of Santa Claus? (Red).
  12. The figure that greets the Christmas tree? (Circle (dance)).
  13. The tale of a boy with a piece of ice instead of a heart? ("The Snow Queen").
  14. Birthplace of the Christmas tree? (In the forest).
  15. Green beauty leaves (needles).
  16. Where can you see rain in winter? (not herringbone).
  17. Winter fun? (Skiing and skating).
  18. What lights up the Christmas tree at the count of three? (Lights).
  19. A New Year's tradition that both adults and children adore? (Giving gifts).
  20. Where do Christmas gingerbread grow? (On the Christmas tree).
  21. Volley in honor of the New Year's holiday? (Salute).
  22. Burning, sparkling sticks in the hands of adults? (Sparklers).
  23. Children's champagne? (Lemonade).
  24. Where does Santa Claus hide gifts? (In a bag).
  25. Soft, cold, winter pillows? (Snowdrifts).
  26. Who steals the heat? (Cold).
  27. Winter artist painting on glass? (Frost).
  28. Winter month of winds? (February).
  29. White season? (Winter).
  30. Not only the dog has it, but also the spruce. (Paw).
  31. Who will congratulate the largest number of people on New Year's Eve? (President).
  32. How many days are there in December? (31 days).
  33. What does the Christmas tree like? (Round dances and songs).
  34. What gift do the kids prepare for the main grandfather? (Poems, riddles, songs).
  35. Condition for visiting the New Year's holiday? (Costume).

New Year's quiz for preschool children should be compiled taking into account the general preparation of the children, so that it is easy for them to navigate the intellectual game. For such children, the presenter is allowed to make various tips.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!