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Margarita Alexandrovna and Pyotr Ilyich lived together for 30 years. They managed to meet most of the New Year's Eve together, if business trips or other circumstances did not interfere. When it comes to old age, it is difficult to understand whether to give each other gifts and how to create a holiday atmosphere in general.

The theme of the New Year began to be discussed in advance. Together they decided that they would not go anywhere, that they would stay at home and sleep. On January 1, they planned to go to their children and grandchildren, and there they would drink for the New Year.

Margarita Alexandrovna always preferred to buy gifts in advance, so in the last week of the outgoing year, she and her husband just walked a lot. There were no other concerns. Pyotr Ilyich, as always in recent years, asked his wife if she would like a gift. She joked that she needed a he alth bag.

On the last day of the year, his wife prepared the usual dinner for Pyotr Ilyich, and made Olivier for dinner. This added a New Year's mood to their calm measured life. Closer to 10 o'clock in the evening, Margarita Alexandrovna began to get ready for bed. Her husband suddenly began to dissuade her, offering to at least watch New Year's television shows. Margarita Alexandrovna did not succumb to this activity, she changed into a nightgown.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Margarita AlexandrovnaI thought that the neighbors needed s alt or matches, as is often the case. The husband rushed to the door, opened it, and his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, son and wife burst into the apartment. Margarita Alexandrovna shouted: "Oh!" She immediately disappeared behind the bedroom door. “Father,” said daughter Anna. "Are we having a pajama party?".

It turned out that Pyotr Ilyich had prepared a surprise for his wife, calling his family to them. But he set the condition that they bring food and gifts to them themselves. New Year's Eve traffic jams did not allow to get to the conditional hour. Therefore, they found their mother and grandmother in such a strange New Year's outfit.

Wishing to atone for his guilt, Pyotr Ilyich took a large bag out of the closet and handed it to his wife.

- Here, the he alth bag, as requested! - said Pyotr Ilyich.

Margarita Alexandrovna looked inside: there were dozens of different packages with vitamins.

- We will heal ourselves with laughter, and there will be enough vitamins for all of us! - said Margarita Alexandrovna and raised her glass for the first New Year's toast.

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