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My aunt Masha is an amazing woman. She always knows everything, about everyone, knows everything, manages to go everywhere. It is amazing that she retains her energy despite her decent age of 64 years. You can not hope that Aunt Masha will forget about some holiday. Moreover, a call or sms will not work. Aunt Masha always comes to everyone.

Everyone is used to it. But this year, my husband, with whom we got married in the summer, did not get to know Aunt Masha well enough. By a happy coincidence, Aunt Masha could not be at our wedding, because at the same time there was another one with another niece, where more people were invited. So for my aunt, the choice was clear.

But the long New Year holidays allowed her to visit almost everyone.

I prepared Kostya for their acquaintance as best I could. In colors, she described various stories about her aunt, trying to prove her recklessness.

Day "X" came, as always, unexpectedly. On the first of January at around 10 am the phone rang. There was no doubt in my mind that she had come. After all, it would not even occur to others to wake up at this time.

I slowly trudged towards the door, already feeling like she was about to start scolding me for my indecent appearance, the pile of dirty dishes and the confetti from the firecrackers on the floor.

- Happy New Year, youth!

Aunt Masha's cheerful voice began to spread throughoutthe whole apartment. Everything went according to the scenario familiar to me, except for one. Aunt Masha still hasn't given her gift. It was usually also always a surprise. When Kostya came out of the bedroom with sleepy eyes, he quickly sobered up from my aunt's activity. She bombarded him with questions like "How long have you been dating?", "Are you sure you got to know each other well enough" and so on. It seemed odd considering we're married.

Then Aunt Masha said:

- I have a present for you. I'll leave it in a box in the hallway, just open it as soon as I leave. It's time for me to run, because I still want to look at Dianochka. And here's something else. I will take this gift from you only on one condition, when children's laughter sounds in your house.

After this phrase, while we still did not come to our senses, she left. We stood for several minutes in bewilderment, and then rushed to unpack the box. To our surprise, there was a Husky puppy. Realizing how much trouble is now additionally formed, we wanted to have a child as soon as possible. Oh, already this aunt!

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