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Mom is the very first and most important person on earth. Especially tender relationships connect mothers and their girls. Wish your mom a Happy New Year 2023 with a beautiful poem, and don't forget to say that you love her very much!

Dear mom, just look
How magic triumphs over us!
After all, the New Year is about to come And reward us with miracles with you!

I wish you to rejoice and laugh,
And enjoy life from the heart.
Always wake up in a good mood,And smile and dream hurry!

I am your daughter, and I wish you,
May this year bring a special gift,
May happiness await this holiday, Side by side next to you always coming.

Mom, mommy, you are the best!
I will always keep your kindness in my heart. all dreams come true.

My mommy, dear, dear!
On the eve of such magic, we stand!
With all my heart I wish you To make this year fabulously unique!

Let the New Year knock together
Good and joy, happiness and good luck!
Let the plan come true,All important tasks are realized!

Let the hands of the clock take outmy sentence:
Living in prison with happiness is inseparable!
With luck, I wish you to conclude an agreement, May everything be safe for you, dear!

Let kind, helpful people be there!
Adversity and sadness go away!
Love and happiness, I repeat, will be a reward, I wish you all the best, with your love daughter!

Mommy, my love, from the bottom of my heart
I'm in a hurry to congratulate you on the holiday!
After all, the New Year is about to open the door, I'm so looking forward to meeting you, mom!

I wish you a world full of miracles!
May luck and luck protect the house!
Let there be a significant preponderance of happiness, After all, everyone knows that there is never too much happiness!

Let joy and kindness be free, without obstacles
Follow you wherever you are!
Let what you consider we alth In there will be great abundance, in full!

Let the crystal chime give a clear signal,
And all good things will happen, no doubt!
Let there be capital of prosperity, Joyful and extraordinary events!

Dear mom, that moment is coming,
And soon the New Year will be approved for its post!
Let the negative component of your life In the process of magic, dissolve without a trace!

I congratulate you, mom, Happy New Year!
Let the warmth wrap in your arms,
Always let the weather be colorful, And the cherished dream will come true!

Happiness is always waiting around the corner,
Good luck sings good songs!
Success lifts the mood, Ajoy is always waiting for you at home!

Let your he alth always dance tango,
Let love protect women's happiness with dignity!
Your responsiveness and kindness will return like a boomerang!May, mother, all this come true in the New year!

Dear mom, from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you
Happy New Year's miracle.
After all, you, dear, keep the family! And I wish you all the blessings of the earth!

She always supported me, encouraged me!
Gave me her smile and love!
Do not hesitate, mother, she raised her daughter, I dedicate many kind words to you!

Only good people meet,
And festive success awaits at work!
Luck, joy, happiness, let everything be, You will please everyone with your well-being!

I love you so much, mommy dear,
You are the best friend of all my friends!
I wish you everything this year, everything, And a lot -many bright bright days!

My mother, dear, kind and dear!
The atmosphere of magic is still enchanting!
I congratulate you on the New Year, I want to say good words!

Stay so unique!
Let every moment turn into joy!
Love and be always, mother, beloved! Let the mood be sunny!

Let happiness please with its touch!
Luck persistently pursues everywhere!
Let love not be stingy with inspiration! And everything bad, somewhere far away, is crying softly!

As a daughter, I want to wish more!
In nothing, and never lose heart!
Fly towards happiness, smile! And life sincerely, with all my heartenjoy!

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