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New Year is a big holiday not only for people, but also for their pets. We bring to your attention original ideas for a photo shoot with your pets.

Winter, snow, some decorations and the original New Year's photo is ready.

Background is very important for any photo. Put your dog on a soft sofa or bed and she will pose with pleasure.

A wonderful angle for a New Year's photo.

These dogs bear little resemblance to deer, but they will “fly” for sure.

Your dog also has something to say to Santa.

Children and dogs in the form of deer will definitely not miss the arrival of Santa Claus.

These guys deserve long-awaited Christmas gifts.

You can arrange a New Year's photo session outdoors, your cute animals will add some warmth on this cool day.

If your pet is small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking, then the original photoguaranteed.

An example of a great New Year's card. It remains to decorate it with wishes.

Pajamas and Christmas are inseparable, so everyone will like this photo option.

Does your dog help you decorate the Christmas tree? Time to take a picture of it.

Every child wants to find a box with this content under the tree.

Chic New Year's photo, which contains almost all the attributes of the New Year's holiday - a Christmas tree decorated with many lights, a beloved child and an affectionate pet.

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